Ice Cube: welcome back to amazing brawl for the universe. last time, pencil got eliminated. i would have asked if i wanted to be in a alliance but someone zapped me with a game-host gun. lets not waste anymore time. Banana: i wanna spin. * spins the wheel and it lands on Handstanding above lava* Ice cube: the challenge is to handstand on a platf9rm above lava. armless people cant compete. if you fall, you will die. go. match: i must win this for pencil. *pushes chili pepper, balloon and bomb off* Juice box: you knocked 3 people off. balloon dezerved it. Match: i dont care. *spits boogers at juice box, causing him to fall* Ice cube: match wins immunity. Balloon, Bomb, Cone, Chilli Pepper, Juice Box, Tapey and Starry are up for elimination. i have 6 pieces of paper. if you get no paper, you are eliminated. safe at 3 votes is cone. so are juice box and chilli pepper at 6 and 12 votes respectivly. Tapey has 15 votes. hes safe. balloon has 23 votes. he is safe. bomb and starry, 1 of you will go. with a 45 to 90 vote, leaving the game is BOMB! Bomb: N-n-n-nooooooooooo. *explodes before he could get sent to the toilet of dispair*

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