Welcome to Bigawesome2000’s BFB Episode 2.

Last time, Free Food lost the competition. Let’s see who got eliminated.

Bell, Eraser and Foldy got 0 votes.

Fries, Marker and Puffball also got 0 votes.

Yellow Face also got 0 votes.

Stapy has been eliminated with 1 vote.

Let’s get to today’s challenge.

Challenge: Stay on a bridge as long as you can. The first team to have all team members off of the bridge is up for elimination.

Let’s begin!

1st The Losers!

2nd Bleh

3rd A Better Name Than That

4th Team Ice Cube!

5th iance

6th Beep

7th Death P.A.C.T.

8th Free Food

Free Food is up for elimination for the second week in a row.

Vote in the poll below. Voting ends on July 11 at 4:00PM EST.

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