Big Tree is an obstacle in OBJECTion!


Big Tree is a tree with green leaves and brown bark. Two small eyes are carved into the bark. Branches connect his leaves to his core.


Big Tree is a grumpy, sad, and usually angry tree. He hates most contestants (Battery the most) and destroys one everytime he sees one.


Big Tree, since he is an obstacle, has killed many contestants. Here is his kill count:

  • Battery: 2
  • Basket: 1
  • Bouncy: 1
  • Can: 1
  • Gargoyle: 1
  • Himself: 1


Big Tree was killed when he tried to kill Dragonfruit. Big Tree was going to swing himself into Dragonfruit, but accidentally hit Axe instead, which chopped him in half. People congratulated Axe for his victory afterwards. Big Tree became a house later on.


  • Big Tree's branches look like fingers, with small claws on the end.
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