Big Orange Chicken, as her name implies, is obviously a round chicken that is large in size and orange in color. She has a gold yellow beak. Her limbs are sticking out and his comb is red.


Debuting six episodes in the game, no one quite knows what goes on in that big orange head of hers. Despite being the only contestant who isn't an object, she still manages to make a few friends during his short time in the game, when she's not laying eggs that is.


Big Orange Chicken is a contestant on Brawl Of The Objects (BOTO). She was one of the few picked cute recommended characters to be voted to join the game and won and so debuted in Episode 6. However, she was eliminated 2 episodes later.

In episode 9, when the eliminated contestants got to vote someone out, B.O.C and Boombox voted for Popsicley because she tried to separate their friendship in episode 7.


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  • BOC was recommended by XanyLeaves, a person who has his own show, Object Overload.
  • She is the only contestant in BOTO who isn't an object.
  • People think BOC is a male, despite them laying eggs.
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