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Morgana seems to be a red dress as she laying on bed and looking out the window.

  • Morgana: *Starts humming*

A futuristic-like phone rings.

  • Morgana: *Calls a phone* Hey. How was your day?
  • MePhone4: (In phone call) Good. I assume yours was also good?
  • Morgana: Yeah. I'm also good. So, I was feeling an idea. So you know that I had to do it.
  • MePhone4: hm, hm. Listen, there are going to be more reinforcements coming.
  • Morgana: I know.
  • MePhone4: So. I know you where came from the Araxadroidian base.
  • Morgana: Of course i am.
  • MePhone4: Well, i know you we're on bed.
  • Morgana: Yeah.
  • MePhone4: But these martians are hunting and finding us.
  • Morgana: I agree with that.
  • MePhone4: All we need to do as you have for the rest of them.
  • Morgana: Rest of them?
  • MePhone4: Yes. Rest of them..
  • Morgana: Well, i hope we should be best friend.

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