battle of the abominations is an object show created by vaughan smith where 23 contestants battle to win a free credit card with an unlimited amount of money



  • 4th wall
  • bleach
  • blue ball
  • cereal box
  • dog collar
  • f-bomb
  • grape
  • ink bottle
  • kim jong un
  • liquid nitrogen
  • max
  • mask
  • pickle rick
  • sonic screwdriver
  • trump
  • void
  • zombie bleach


  • bally
  • comment
  • heart
  • poker chip
  • trench coat
  • tiara


4th wall pose
Bleach pose (2)
Bally pose-0
Blue ball pose
Cereal box pose
Comment pose
Dog collar pose
F-bomb pose
Grape pose-0
Heart pose-0
Ink bottle pose
Kim jong un pose
Liquid nitrogen pose
Max pose
Mask pose
Pickle rick
Poker chip pose
Sonic screwdriver pose
Trench coat pose
Trump pose
Tiara pose
Void pose
Zombie bleach pose
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