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August 16, 2016



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Battle of the Sweets is a camp and the 4th ever camp created by Novakobx22. There are 20 contestants, which are well-known sweets and candys. It was announced on August 16th, 2016, as the replacement for both The Object Crossover Camp: The Reboot and Competition of the Koopas. BOTS officially started on September 5th, 2016.


Cotton Candy: Lord Powerpoint

Bubble Gum: Ellijah - ChaoProductions

Gelatin: friend of everyone

Chocolate Cake: Roblox King the Gamer

Cake: Cole Tracey

Yoylecake: xX_Dat_Boi_Xx 5000

Pop Tart: 123DejaVu

Popsicle: Object Galaxy Official

Cookie: Kaigan Ryouchi AUTTP AVGCP

Marshmellow: Yoshi Cool

Candy Cane: CottonCandyistheBest

Lollipop: Dallas Denning

Oreo Shake: TheAverageAnimator

Ice Cream: Brock Johnson

Mint Candy: That One Guy Rubix

Himshey's: ThatKeyboardGuy

Oreo: Shaunradcliff Plays

Jelly Bean: Marble Mania Productions

Jawbreaker: Snowy Productions

Candy: De Nv



The episode begins with Milkshake, the then-co-host, panicing and trying to find DVD. He finds DVD's host observation room and opens the door. DVD is not in there. Milkshake finds a note from DVD explaining he went to Yoyle City to try to join IDFB and won't be back for a very, very long time. Milkshake is now responible for being the main host for the whole camp. The first challenge is a team-name challenge, where the contestants must come up with a team name. The two people with the most creative names judged by the viewers gets to be that team's captain.


As of this time, there are no aliiances yet.

Episodes (Video)


Battle of the Sweets - 1A "And so it begins."


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