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Battle for The Stars Is a camp created by Rhinobuddroblox on Youtube. 30 Contestants Fight For The Stars in the sky.

Challanges and stuff

Challanges, eliminations,etc


The name game! Make a team name. However, Rhinobuddroblox changed it to something else (Unknown) Where Team 1, "The three star Team" lost.

Winners: The Robos, The Hidden treasures.

Eliminated: 9 Ball. (6 Votes)

Elimination Note: Not much to say, but if you did the challange, you would have been in the game longer.


Dodgeball! Choose who to hit per round!

Winners: Omega Symbol (Robos), Christmas Hat (Hidden Treasures)

Eliminated: Can (3 Votes)

Elimination Note: Well Can, viewer choices.

CHALLANGE 3: Defuse a bomb! Red, yellow and green wires!

Winners: N/a

Eliminated: N/A

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