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See this link for the non-FF/semi prediction! BFTOI Non-FF Version

Skuntank (The Underdog) SAFE
Sawk (The Silent) SAFE
Yanma (The Nerdier Friend) WIN TOKEN
Gabite (The Tough Bully) SAFE
Floatzel (The Cool Guy) B2
Flareon (The Evil Triplet) SAFE
Jolteon (The Neutral Triplet) SAFE
Vaporeon (The Nice Triplet) SAFE
Deino (The Nerd Friend) OUT

Red: Team Silence

Blue: Team Shade

Yellow: Team Rainbow

Episode 1a: Team Competition

Announcer: Welcome to Battle for the Orange Islands. We had to sell the original contestants due to budget cuts. Now, we're using Pokemon.

Yanma: Uhhh... we're not real, wouldn't we just be more expensive?

Announcer: Shush. Let's go to the team building competition. Whichever three wins gets to pick the teams. Your challenge is to run around in circles trying not to be killed by meteors, and try not to be shoved by the cliff. Go.

Deino: Uhm, wha--

Deino gets hit by a meteor, and falls off the cliff


Deino gets caught by a net where he is scooped into the Tiny Spectator Chamber

Vaporeon: Look, I can absorb meteors and throw them at people!

Yanma, Jolteon, and Skuntank all get shoved off the cliff by Vaporeon's meteor and put into the Tiny Spectator Chamber

Sawk: ...

Sawk kicks a meteor about to fall onto him into Flareon and Gabite

Announcer: Sawk, Floatzel, and Vaporeon win.

Episode 1b: Team Assignment

Vaporeon: I'm choosing my friends, Jolteon and Flareon to be on my team!

Announcer: Ok.

The captains, Sawk, Floatzel, and Vaporeon were standing in boxes that had the color Red, Blue, and Yellow on them.

Jolteon and Flareon were scooped into the yellow box, joined by Vaporeon.

Sawk: ...

Floatzel: Since Sawk can't answer, I choose Gabite and Deino.

Announcer: Ok, that leaves Sawk with Yanma and Skuntank. Team Names?

Sawk: ...

Announcer: Sawk is Team Silence. Floatzel?

Floatzel: TEAM SHADE!

Announcer: ...Ok.

Episode 2: Narnia

Announcer: New challenge. Go to Narnia.

Jolteon: Isn't that a fictional place?

Announcer: Too bad. Do it now.

Yanma absorbs into the book she was reading, teleporting her to Narnia.

Announcer: So, Team Silence wins.

Episode 3


Announcer: Team Shade, Team Rainbow. You are up for elimination. I will list the safe contestants now.

Gabite: HURRY UP!

Announcer: Gabite, you had no speaking lines until now. People didn't know what to feel about you. So you got 3 votes. You are safe.

Gabite got a slice of cake.

Vaporeon: Am I safe, announcer?

Announcer: Yes, along with the rest of your team.

Team Rainbow all got cake.

Announcer: Deino, Floatzel. Each one of you got at least 50 votes. And the eliminated contestant, with 125 votes is...

Deino. Floatzel, you got 58 votes.

Deino is flung to the Tiny Pokemon Chamber.

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