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Show Started: 9/4/2014

Show Ended: TBA

Created by: Cedricblocks

Read Season 1: Battle for the Diamonds

Read Season 3: Battle for the Magic (Coming Soon)

12 contestants battle for 100,000 and 5 Emeralds for 29 days.

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The Remaining Contestants


Episode 1: Welcome Back! 

Episode 1: Welcome Back

Day 1:

(1 month after Battle for the Diamonds)

[At Pencils House]

Pencil: *sigh* I can't believe after 23 days almost a month of hard, physical work to win the diamonds and money, and Flower just takes it, then Golf Ball destroys flower and my money and diamonds, so I leave with nothing

Match: Oh Pencil come on, it's been like a month or whatever, be glad you and Bubble are Bff's again

Pencil: I suppose your like right

Bubble: Wait didn't Bucket say there would be a season 2

Pencil: Huh I don't recall, maybe?

  • Doorbell rings

Pencil: Who could that like be, Bubble go see who it is

Bubble: Okay fine

  • Bubble answers the door to find nothing but a gray tube

Pencil: Who is like there

Bubble: No one

Match: What?, what do you mean?

Bubble: There's no one there just a gray tube

  • The tube starts to suck Bubble into it

Bubble: AHHHH!! HELP!!

Match: Whats like goi....

  • Match starts getting sucked into the tube, Bubble gets sucked in all the way


Pencil: I'm com...AHHHHHHH!!!

  • Pencil and Match both get completely sucked into the tube

[On a random Island]

Bucket: Well, it's been a month maybe it's a good time to start season 2

Camera Man: Um were rolling

Bucket: Oh you are okay, Welcome back to Battle for the Diamonds, or now it's Battle for the Emeralds, 'cause we had to do some budget cuts so, we can't afford money and diamonds, we can only afford some money and Emeralds. But anyways welcome back last season had it's ups and downs, lefts and rights, diagonals and straights, well you get what I'm saying. Now on Battle for the Emeralds we're bringing back 6 veterans from season 1, and 6 new contestants, they will have to battle in challenges. Escape from eliminations, and survive there teammates. 35 days, one prize. This is Battle for the Emeralds!!!!!

{Theme starts}

{Theme ends}

Bucket: Welcome back, it's time to bring back all of the Season 1 contestants

  • Bucket presses a big red button which brings up a bunch of gray tubes

Bucket: Here they come

  • All the contestants from season 1 and Match come out of all the tubes

Golf Ball: What the heck I'm back her


Leafy: Huh oh yea forgot about season 2

Bubble: Oh my gosh, Pencil we're back :D

Pencil: I know :D

Match: Why am I here 

Bucket: Welcome season 1 contestants 

Pearly: Yay we're back

Marble: Yay

Bucket: It's now time to meet the 6 new contestants, they are Cloudy

Cloudy: This place is weird

Bucket: Soap


Bucket: Test Tube

Test Tube: Calm down you can't clean everything it's physically impossible

Bucket: Cupcake

Cupcake: Oh man I watched season 1 I can't believe I'm on season 2

Bucket: Megaphone

Megaphone: HI PEOPLE!!!!!!

Golf Ball: Your to LOUD!!!! >:(

Bucket: Finally Dora

Producer: Um sorry Dora's manager said Dora can't compete

Bucket: What where will I find another contestant

Match: Wait whats going on

Bucket: Match your new right

Match: Um yea

Bucket: And are final new contestant is Match

Match: What!?!

Bucket: These are our new contestants

Match: I did not like sign up for this

Golf Ball: Wait if your adding 6 new contestants, wont that mean there's going to be 17 contestants, again with the uneven numbers

Bucket: Nope

Golf Ball: What do you mean

Bucket: That only the top 6 contestants last season will be in season which are, Pencil, Boxing Glove, Backpack, Marble, Leafy, and Flower

Marble: But um Flower died last season

Bucket: Oh yea I forgot I now have a new recovery center

  • Bucket pushes a button that turns on the RC and flower pops out

Flower: Grrr I can't believe it took you all a month to recover me, and you *points at Golf Ball* How dare you kill me

Golf Ball: Not my fault you became more evil and almost got the money and diamonds

Pearly: Wait what about the other 6 who didn't get in

Top Hat: Wait here is the rules of the game, rule 1 all eliminated contestants must be flung to the C.O.P.

Pearly: Aw man

  • Bucket flings 8-Ball, Golf Ball, Pearly, Top Hat, and Bubble to the C.O.P

Bucket: Now that's done it's time for the teams, to choose teams were having a race. When you finish, you will be put into the teams going from 1 to 2 if you finish first your on team 1 second team 2 third team 1 and so on. There are 3 areas of the race area 1 forest, 2nd desert, and 3rd is a mountain.

Cloudy: Seems stupid

Bucket: I did't ask for your opinion, just GO!

Pencil: I can't believe Bubble didn't make it in season 2

Match: I can't believe I did

  • In the forest



Soap: Don't yell at me

Test Tube: It's not her fault she probably has mysophobia

Megaphone: WHATS! THAT!

Cloudy: Your so loud

Megphone: Sorry whats that

Test Tube: It's a fear of germs

Pencil: Come on where almost out of the forest

Match: I don't want to be here

Pencil: Oh stop like complaining

  • In the desert

Marble: *pant* *pant* I....can't....go....on...

Backpack: You have to continue

Boxing Glove: Yea *paint*

Megaphone: COME ONE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pencil: OMQ SHUT UP!!!! D:<

Match: Yea like your so annoying

  • On the mountain

Test Tube: Where almost done

Cupcake: I hope I'm on your team Test Tube your smart

Flower: I hope non of you are on my team

Leafy: I wish I was not a leaf the wind makes it hard to run

  • At the finish line

Bucket: Where are those contestants

  • Bucket sees Match, Pencil, and Test Tube running to the finish line
  • Match crosses first
  • Test Tube crossed second
  • Pencil crossed Third

Bucket: Well Match, Pencil over there, and Test Tube there

Test Tube: Okay

Match: What ever

  • On the Mountain

Cupcake: Oh man I'm falling behind

Leafy: Almost *pant* done

  • Bucket sees Cupcake, and Leafy running to the finish line
  • Cupcake comes in fourth
  • Leafy in fifth

Bucket: Cupcake go stand by test Tube and and Leafy by Match and Pencil

Cupcake: Woohoo yay

  • On the mountain

Cloudy: This is lame

Soap: Clean Clean CLEAN!!!!!

Megaphone: GUYS WERE ALMOST DONE!!!!!!

Marble: Ahhh shush

Boxing Glove: Oh I'm so *pant* tired

Backpack: Well i have no legs so yea

  • Bucket sees Cloudy,Soap,Megaphone,Marble,Boxing Glove, and Backpack running to the finish line
  • Cloudy takes sixth
  • Megaphone in seventh
  • Marble in eighth
  • Backpack in ninth
  • Soap in tenth
  • Boxing Glove in eleventh

Bucket: Wait who remains

  • On the mountain

Flower: Why a race not not a beauty contest

(2 hours later)

Flower: Finally

Bucket: Finally your all done now that you have teams it's time for names, but first since Match finished first for her team she's the team captain

Match: Woohoo *saying sarcastically*

Bucket: And Test Tube for her team so she's team 2s team captain

Test Tube: Amazing

Bucket: Now Match's team will be Team Tipping Ships

Leafy: Um okay

Bucket: And Test Tubs team will be Team Rocking Boats

Cloudy: Um stupid

Bucket: Now it's time for you guys to go to sleep because your having your first real challenge tomorrow

That's the end of Day 1

Day 2:

(At twelve P.M.)

|With Team Tipping Ships|

Match: Okay Team it's time to practice

Pencil: Practice what?

Match: Winning

Backpack: I'm not doing that

Match: I'm like the Team Captain or what eve's and what I say GOES!!!! 

Leafy: Okay we get it don't shout

Megaphone: YEA DON'T SHOUT!!!!!!!!!

Backpack: AHH I'M DEAF!!!

Megaphone: Opps sorry heh heh heh *saying awkwardly*

Boxing Glove: If we all work together we can win the challenges

Match: Who like gave you permission to talk in my presence

Boxing Glove: Oh I just *gets interrupted by Match*

Match: Stop like talking and listen for once

Boxing Glove: :"( sorry

|With Team Rocking Boats|

Megaphone: LIKE GUYS WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cloudy: What the heck!? Why are you shouting!?

Megaphone: Opps sorry

Soap: Clean, clean, cleaning, clean, it's not clean till I clean it *singing*

Test Tube: Okay team we need a plan so we never have to send a teammate to the C.O.P

Cloudy: Um I'm not sure about that I want to loose at least 3 times to get rid of the Clean Freak

Soap: Hey

Cloudy: Loud mouth

Megaphone: WHAT!!!!????

Cloudy: Ouch... and the idiot plant

Flower: Grrrrrrrrr!

Test Tube: We're a team guys we need to work together

Marble: I agree

Cupcake: me to :D

Cloudy: 4 times I want butt kisser gone too

Cupcake: Aww D:

|With Bucket|

Bucket: Contestants it's time for the first elimination challenge meet at the beach

  • Everyone goes to the beach to see Bucket and 12 platforms

Cloudy: Uh what

Bucket: Welcome to your first elimination challenge, the winning team will not have to vote of a team member

Match: Okay

Bucket: Your challenge is to stand on those platforms and knock of the other contestants with these bowling balls

Cloudy: Stupid


  • Test Tube explodes

Cupcake: Oh no you killed Test Tube :(

Cloudy: And my eardrums >:(

Soap: What a mess *starts to clean up Test Tube*

Bucket: She'll be recovered

  • Test Tube comes out of the RC

Bucket: Now GO!!!!!

  • Pencil: Guys we can like do...*gets interrupted by Match*

Match: Pencil SHHHH I'm like about to talk

Backpack: Wow, rude

Match: I know

Backpack: I was talking about...*gets interrupted by Match

Match: No one cares :/

Test Tube: lets just throw the bowling balls at them

Cupcake: Okay

  • Cupcake picks up the bowling ball, but it was so heavy she fell backwards off the platform

Bucket: Only 5 remaining on Team Rocking Boats

Cloudy: You butt kissing weakling

Cupcake: Oh, ow, ouch, oops sorry

Pencil: Oh I got the evil flower

Flower: What

  • Pencil throws a bowling ball at Flower, but Flower caught it and threw it back at Pencil an hits her and Pencil knocks of leafy in the process of her falling off

Flower: Ha ha and ha

Match: How clumsy can you like be you knocked of one of your team members and yourself

Leafy: Grrrr >:( *looks at Pencil*

Pencil: Oops heh heh

Match: Come on like team were down 1 person

Backpack: Oh man i can do this

  • Backpack picks up a bowling ball and throws it at Test Tube

Test Tube: Oh my scientist

  • The bowling ball breaks Test Tube and goes threw her and knocks of Cloudy

Match: Yes

  • Test Tube gets recovered

Test Tube: Oh no

Bucket: It's right now Team Tipping Ships 4 and Team Rocking Boats 3

Flower: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Pencil: Match like throw a stupid bowling ball already don't just stand there

Match: *distracted while talking to Pencil* I'm like team...*gets hit by a bowling ball thrown by flower*

Bucket: Now tied 3 to 3

Cloudy: Oh my gosh my team sucks so much

Marble: Hey

  • Marble takes a bowling ball and throws it at Cloudy

Test Tube: Guys hit the members of the other team

Bucket: 3 to 2

Soap: Oh man this bowling ball is dirty dirty DIRTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • While soap is cleaning her bowling ball Megaphone throws a bowling ball at Soap and hits her

Bucket: It's now Megaphone, Backpack, and Boxing Glove vs Marble who will win

Test Tube: Oh no our team stands no chance

Cloudy: Choke looser

Match: Go team

Pencil: Yea go... *gets interrupted*

Match: Shush Pencil I'm like trying to cheer

Marble Oh man

  • Marble grabs a bowling ball and throws it will his feet, which made a boomerang path, and the bowling ball cam back and knocked Marble off

Bucket: So team Rocking Boats Loose and Team Tipping Ships win

Team Tipping Ships: YAY!!!!!

Team Rocking Boats: NO!!!

Cloudy: My team *saying sarcastically*

That's the end of Day 2

Day 3:

|With Team Rocking Boats|

Test Tube: Okay Team we have a hard decision to make 

Marbke: Yea *rolls eyes* Hard decision

Cloudy: Oky guys I feel bad for saying some mean things the first 2 days

Marble: Your just saying that so we won't vote you but it's not working

Cloudy: GRRRRRR!!!! >:(

Soap: Hmm I'm voting the one who's the most dirty

Flower: What does that mean

Soap: AHH Flower you have dirt on one of your peddles

Flower: So I'm a Flower see

Bucket: Stop the chit chat it's time for elimination

^Duuuuuun Dun Dun whoooooo's goin' hoooome Duuuuun Dun Dun it wohoooent beee meee Duuuuun Dun Dun If youuu get you out you haave to cryyy alooone Duuuun Dun Dun Alllll I know is it woho woho wohoooent be meeeeeeeeeeeeee^

Flower: That....was...aweful

Cupcake: I thought it was okay

Bucket: Now you may all vote 

\Everyone votes\

Cloudy: Oh man I hope I'm not eliminated

Bucket: Cause I'm evil >:D, I'm gonna show the votes

Soap: Shocker *saying sarcastically*

Contestant Voted
Test Tube Marble
Cupcake Cloudy
Cloudy Marble
Marble Cloudy
Soap Flower
Flower Soap

Marble: Why would you vote me Test Tube

Test Tube: because you threw the ball at your own team member even if he's mean

Bucket: So Marble and Cloudy are tied at 2 votes each

Marble: let me guess tie breaker

Bucket: Correct but since both of you have no arms your tie breaker is to spell this word who ever spells it faster wins, ready

Cloudy: Sure

Bucket: The word is "Ball"

Cloudy: Um B- uhh A- umm *gets interrupted by Marble*

Marble: B-A-L-L ball

Bucket: Marble is safe and Cloudy is eliminated

Cloudy: What NOOO

Marble: Serves him right

Bucket: To the C.O.P with you

  • Bucket flings Cloudy to the C.O.P

Cupcake: Now what

Bucket: Um go... to um sleep?

Test Tube: Yea sure whatever

That's the end of Day 3

Episode 2: Fight of the Pokemon!!!!

Episode 2: Fight of the Pokemon

Recap of Episode 1: Last episode with the power of gray vacuum tubes Bucket brought back the 11 contestants from Season one to the cursed island for another season. It did unfortunately bring Match a non season 1 contestant with the season 2 contestants. Bucket also through the power of gray vacuum tubes brought 5 new contestants (meaning to bring 6 newbys to the island, Dora being the 6th but her agent said Dora could not compete) which were Cloudy, Soap, Cupcake, Megaphone, and Test Tube. When Bucket realized the 1 short newby he decided to let Match join. Match was so thrilled *sarcasm* but she was "forced" to but he couldn't use that word by law. Then Bucket chose the final 6 in season 1 to join and the other 5 were sent to the C.O.P. That same day they did there Team challenge to decide teams. Test Tube (the captain of Team Rocking Boats) and Match (the captain of Team Tipping Ships) were team captains. The next day the contestants did there first Team challenge which was dodge ball with Bowling Balls on pedestals, after a fight between Marble and Cloudy happened which cost their team the challenge. Team Tipping Ships won and Team Rocking Boats went to elimination. The next night there was the elimination, which not surprisingly there was a tie, but between Cloudy and Marble, their tie breaker challenge was a spelling bee of one word, the word was Ball. Cloudy started to spell it first, but Marble spelled it faster. And Cloudy was flung to the C.O.P. And that's what you missed last time on Battle for the Emeralds

{Theme starts}

{Theme ends}

Day 4:

|With Team Rocking Boats|

Flower: Well guys we lost a Team member but what matter is it wasn't me

Test Tube: Whats your problem!?

Flower: My what?

Test Tube: Problem, all you do is bicker and whine and when the team looses the contest you blame us then if you get eliminated you bicker and whine and I say to you why do you think everyone here hates you!?

Flower: >:( GRRRRRRRR *flower walks away*

Cupcake: Wow

|With Team Tipping Ships|

Pencil: Ugh Match you've been really bossy

Match: What.... NO I HAVEN'T

Pencil: Uh yea you have

Match: GRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Megaphone: I AGREE!

Match: You're to loud

Megaphone: Sorry, I agree

Pencil: Anyway, Match you're to bossy

Match: Well um you're to...stupid

Pencil: Huh I can't believe you *walks away*

Boxing Glove: Um not interrupt but whens um lunch

  • Match looks at Boxing Glove angrily

Boxing Glove: Oh um never mind

(About 2 hours later)

[At the Dock]

  • Flower is crying near the water
  • Test Tube walks by and sees her crying and sobbing

Test Tube: *Sigh*

  • Test Tube walks up to Flower

Test Tube: Ok *Sigh( I'm...sorry...for....yelling at you

Flower: What

Test Tube: *Sigh* I'm Sorry for yelling at you

Flower: Huh


Flower: Fine I'll forgive you if you say I'm the hottest hotty in the world

Test Tube: Ugh your the hottest hotty in the world *Saying really quickly*

Cupcake: Yay you 2 made up now we can start winning challenges 

[In the Forest]

Boxing Glove: *Sighs* Why doesn't anyone like me

Backpack: I still like you Boxing Glove

Boxing Glove: Really, we're still friends 

Backpack:  Yeah why wouldn't we be

Boxing Glove:  I don't know maybe since we're on a new season

Backpack: I was friends with you because you're nice and cool

Boxing Glove:  Thanks

Backpack: No problem, I hope we make it to the finals again

Boxing Glove: Yea me to

That's the end of Day 4

Day 5:

Bucket: Welcome back people of the internet, it is time for our next challenge for these sad, pathetic contestants

Pencil: Hey we can hear you

Bucket: So what

Test Tube: Just get on with the challenge

Bucket: Anyways. Question who knows what Pokemon is?

Test Tube: It's a card playing game.

Bucket: Correct, which means today's challenge is to fight with Pokemon

Megaphone: YAY!

Leafy: Ouch, you don't have to scream Megaphone, were 3 feet away

Megaphone: Sorry, it just happens, hehe

Bucket: Anyways, 1 person from each team will fight with Pokemon, the winner in the Battle earns a point for their team. First team to reach 5 points win

Cupcake: Seems simple

Bucket: Now when it's your turn you will be randomly assigned a Pokemon.

Flower: Hope I get charmander

Bucket: Now first match-up will be Leafy and Cupcake

Leafy: Your going down

Cupcake: Okay :D

Bucket: Leafy you get cherubi and Cupcake you get pikachu

Leafy: No fair mine is just a cherry with a face

Cupcake: Yay! Pikachu :D

Bucket: 3....2....1...FIGHT

Cupcake: Pikachu do something, stop sleeping!

Leafy: Uhh use bite cherubi

  • Cherubi bites the sleeping pikachu and knocks it out

Bucket: leafy wins, 1 - 0

Cupcake: Aww

Bucket: Next, Match vs. Marble

Match: Oh I'm so going to dominate

Bucket: Match you get flabebe and Marble you get torchic

Marble: Oh...um okay

Bucket: 3...2...1...FIGHT!

Marble: Torchic use ummm...slash I think

Torchic looks at Marble with a wtf face

Match: Flabebe use peddle blast

  • Flabebe shoots peddles at the weak Torchic
  • Torchic faints

Bucket: Match wins now it's 2 - 0

Test Tube: Guys we need to start winning some matches

Bucket: Next Soap vs Megaphone

Soap: Oh I'm going to clean the dirty, dirty round with you

Megaphone: OH YEAH!

Soap: Ow, uh, yeah! >:D

Bucket: Soap you get tynmo and Megaphone you get trubbish

Soap: AHHH! It's just trash

Megaphone: Hahaha, well only if you could be the Pokemon in the battle

Bucket: 3...2...1...FIGHT!

Soap: Uhhhh use splash?

  • Tynmo splashes the trubbish, but it has no effect


  • Trubbish pounds tynmo and tynmo faints

Bucket: Megaphone wins it's now 3 - 0, Team Tipping Ships only need 2 more wins to be safe from elimination. Come on Team Rocking Boats pick it up

Flower: Agreed, we need to stop loosing

Bucket: Next up Flower and Backpack

Flower: Oh I will win this

Backpack: Um hehehehe :/

Bucket: Flower you get jynx and Backpack you get Abbra

Bucket: 3...2...1...FIGHT!

Flower: Jynx use mind-tricks

  • Jynx uses mindtricks, but it has no effect on Abbra

Backpack: Abbra use desperation

  • Jynx becomes sad and faints

Bucket: And Backpack wins, not it's 4 - 0, well then

Bucket: This might be the final match, Test Tube and Boxing Glove

Test Tube: With my science of Pokemon, I can't loose

Boxing Glove: Um alright

Bucket: Test Tube you get ratata and Boxing Glove you get driffbloom

Bucket: 3...2...1...FIGHT!

Test Tube: Use bite ratata

Boxing Glove: Dodge it driffbloom

  • Ratata goes to bite driffbloom, but driffbloom dodges

Boxing Glove: Use sneak 

  • Driffbloom sneaks up on ratata and scares it, ratata faints

Bucket: Boxing Glove wins for his team, with a score of 5 - 0 

Bucket: Team Rocking Boats will be at the 2nd elimination, a.k.a. again

That's the end of Day 5

Day 6:

|With Team Rocking Boats|

Bucket: Welcome back to you're second elimination

Everyone: *Groans*

Test Tube: I'm actually having a hard time deciding who to vote

Marble: Well not me

Bucket: Okay, roll the theme

^Duuuuuun Dun Dun whoooooo's goin' hoooome Duuuuun Dun Dun it wohoooent beee meee Duuuuun Dun Dun If youuu get you out you haave to cryyy alooone Duuuun Dun Dun Alllll I know is it woho woho wohoooent be meeeeeeeeeeeeee^

Flower: Wow I hope I get eliminated so I don't have to hear that song again

Soap: I agree

Bucket: Okay you may now all vote

\Everyone votes\

Bucket: Because I like being a terrible person, here are the votes

Test Tube: Stop with the terrible person thing, we already know that your going to show the votes

Bucket: Rude, anyways

Contestant  Voted
Test Tube Soap
Cupcake Flower
Marble Flower
Soap Flower
Flower Soap

Marble: Yay no votes this time

Flower: What!? I'm eliminated!?

Bucket: Well yeah you received 3 votes and Soap received 2

Soap: Aww, well at least I'm still here

Flower: Last season I did so well, I can't believe this

Cupcake: Sorry Flower

Marble: I'm not

Bucket: Flower you will now be sent to the C.O.P

  • Bucket flings Flower to the C.O.P

Cupcake: I'm so ready for bed

Test Tube: Me to

That's the end of Day 6

In the C.O.P (After day 6)

  • Flower flys into the C.O.P

Cloudy: Well, well looks like your were eliminated

Flower: Well at least I made it farther then you

Cloudy: That makes no difference, you were eliminated so now your like us

Bubble: Hi Flower

Top Hat: Another one

Pearly: Few I'm glad it wasn't Marble

9-Ball: Why did I sign up for this show the first time

Flower: Well now that I'm back at the C.O.P I better get used to seeing more pople show up

Bubble: This place get's crowded easy

Flower: Yeah I figured >:(

Episode 3: Death by Fire!

Episode 3: Death By Fire

Recap of Episode 2: Last episode 2 fights broke out. One fight between Test Tube and Flower and the other by Match and her team mates. All though Flower and Test Tube became friends when Test Tube and Flower made up, Match didn't really make it up with her team. The next day challenge 2 started with a Pokemon fight, how fun. After many Pokemon fights some pokemon being 'Jynx' and 'Pikachu;. Team Tipping Ships won and Rocking Boats went to elimination again for the second time in a row. Flower who thought was safe was not and was second eliminated with 3 votes. Flower was then flung to the C.O.P where she met up with previously eliminated Cloudy and non rejoiners of season 1. That's all you missed last episode of Battle for the Emeralds. 

{Theme starts}

{Theme ends}

Day 7:

|With Team Tipping Ships|

Leafy: Wow no eliminations yet

Match: OMG! You just jinxed it

Pencil: Or you jinxed it by saying Leafy jinxed it 

Backpack: Are you two still fighting

Match: No, and it was all of you


Match: OMG BE QUIET!!!!!!

Pencil: There you go again, you being bossy

Match: OMG! I wish I was never part of this

Pencil: So were nto good enough

Match you know what I quit!

Leafy: What

Boxing Glvoe: You can't quit

Match: No I'm done, where Bucket? I'm going tell him I QUIT!!!

Bucket: Woah I heard the Q word

Megaphone: Quiz

Bucket: No q...q....qui...*struggles* quiiiiitttte

Match: Yep I'm done

Bucket: Are you sure Match

Match: Yep, bye

Bucket: Well then we need your replacement

Match: Um I don't care Pearly

Bucket: Ok

Match: Bye!

Pencil: What!?

  • Bucket presses a red button
  • Pearly pops out of a gray tube
  • Match gets sucked in

Bucket: Pearly welcome to the contest

Pearly: Wha'! I'm back...yay I get to see Marble

Pencil: Wait who is the knew captain

Bucket: Um...Leafy! You seem like you have no story line yet...you can be the new team captain

Leafy: Wha'!?

Bucket: Well I gotta' go. I have to set up the next challenge and by I, I mean my workers. 

Marble: PEARLY!?

Pearly: MARBLE

Marble: What? How are you back

Pearly: Well I guess Match quit and I'm taking her spot.

Marble: Well I'm glad your back

Pearly: I just hope I don't go home soon like last time

Marble: Me too

|With Team Rocking Boat|

Marble: Guys! Look who's back

Test Tube: Pearly!?

Marble: Yeah

Pearly: Hi

Soap: Why is she back?

Marble: Match quit and she chose Pearly as her replacement

Test Tube: Wait, she's on the other team

Marble: So

Test Tube: You know my rules

Marble: No?

Test Tube: Well rule 5 states no members from my team shall speak to members of the opposite team until merge or challenge.

Marble: When was that created.

Test Tube: Earlier today. Now tell Pearly to leave

Cupcake: I think Pearly is fine.

Soap: Well, I have no input

Test Tube: NOW!

Marble: Ok *saying sadly* Pearly you...you have to go

Pearly: But I barley got to speak to you

Marble: Sorry

  • Pearly walks away

Marble: Hope your happy

Test Tube: Very

That's the end of Day 7

Day 8:

Bucket: Welcome back viewers to the challenge. The next challenge the lost souls have to participate in is a Castle war challenge.

Pearly: That sounds fun

Test Tube: Not fun. Deadly >:)

Bucket: Now each team will be given a castle, cannons, and catapults that shoot flaming rocks.

Cupcake: Uhhh flamin rocks?

Bucket: Yes

Megaphone: HOW DO YOU WIN!!!!!

Bucket: Okay I'm officially done with you. One more loud out burts and I'll eliminate you

Megaphone: Ahh sorry :c

Test Tube: *thinking* Well, well looks like I found a way to get rid of a team member from team Tipping Dipships. Hah that's a good one.

Cupcake: *thinking* hmmm It seems that Test Tube has gone a bit crazy

Bucket: To win all you have to do is destroy 80% of the other teams castle. Rules. You can't leave your castle unless you die. If you kill all the team members of the opposite team you also win. If you die you're out. Clear?

All: Yes!

Bucket: Good, now it's time for a WAR!

~Team T.S.'s Castle~

Leafy: Ok guys as new captain of the team I say we start with some cannons

Pencil: Okay... :c

Leafy: Is everything alright Pencil?

Pencil: Yeah, I'm fine come on let's win

Leafy: Okay, good. Let's do this

~Team R.B's Castle~

Test Tube: Alright if were gonna win we have to take down every member of Team Tipping Dipships

Marble: Or we play nice and just destroy the castle

Test Tube:  We have 2 less members then them. They'll be faster at it.

Cupcake: Uhhhh I don't like killing people, but she may be right

Soap: Yeah it might be our only option

Test Tube: Alright guys. LET'S MURDERLIZE THEM >:D

  • Cannons begin flying at the team members of Team Tipping Ships

~Team T.S's Castle~


Pearly: Um that's the point

Megaphone: No they are actually aiming towards us. They want to kill us!

Pencil: Oh no. Leafy what do we do?

  • Cannons fly in the air back and forth

~Team R.B's Castle~

Test Tube: Okay...they wanna play hard. Well two can play at that game. SOAP, CUPCAKE MAN THE FLAME CATEPOLTS.

Soap: On it

Cupcake: Okay boss

Marble: What can I do?

Test Tube: Nothing, you're useless. Just stay put

Marble: Oh...okay


Soap: Uh how does this even work

Cupcake: You have to cut the rope to fling the catapult

Soap: Oh

  • Soap cuts the rope

Cupcake: Just make sure it's- *gets interrupted*


Soap: Uhhh guys the Castle is on fire

Test Tube: Soap! HOW COULD YOU!?

Soap: I'm sorry. I don't use catapults on a daily basis

Marble: Uh- *gets interrupted*

Test Tube: Shush! Now we have to put out this fire before it spreads. Cupcake, Soap get water! Marble sit there...don't move

~Team T.S's Castle~

Leafy: It seems that the other team set themselves on fire

Pencil: Uh do we keep shooting

Boxing Glove: We destroyed 50% of their castle. Either they all burn to death or we destroy 30% more

Pearly: :c Poor Marble. Getting bosses like that

Leafy: I guess we could. Sure why not were gonna win anyways. Let's have some destruction fun

Team T.S.: YEAH!

~Team R.B's Castle~

Test Tube: The is THE WATER!

Marble: Uh there's no pluming. Where do you expect them to find water

Test Tube: I don't need your sas!

Cupcake: *breathing hard* No....water

Soap: *breathing hard* Dry

  • Soap and Cupcake fall on the ground

Soap: Tired -_-


Bucket: Correction. You did lose. Team Tipping Ships win

Leafy: Alright team!

Bucket: Team Rocking boats I guess you're sending another team member to the C.O.P

Test Tube: >:C

That's the end of Day 8

Day 9:

|With Team Rocking Boats|

Bucket: Welcome...again.

Test Tube: Well we wouldn't be here if Soap didn't set our castle a blaze

Soap: I said I was sorry :c

Bucket: Well, sucks. Now play the theme

^Duuuuuun Dun Dun whoooooo's goin' hoooome Duuuuun Dun Dun it wohoooent beee meee Duuuuun Dun Dun If youuu get you out you haave to cryyy alooone Duuuun Dun Dun Alllll I know is it woho woho wohoooent be meeeeeeeeeeeeee^

Marble: I get's worse everytime

Bucket: Now it's time to vote

\Everyone votes\

Bucket: As usual the votes. To stir up drama.

Cupcake: I really hate the showing of the votes

Contestant Voted
Test Tube Soap
Soap Test Tube
Marble Test Tube
Cupcake Test Tube

Test Tube: How could you vote your team captain

Marble: The power gone to your head Test Tube. You were a jerk the past few days

Soap: You didn't have to be mean

Test Tube: You three won't survive without me. Guess this is goodbye team Rocking Boat. Your just going to lose again

Marble: We'll be fine

Test Tube: AHHHHH D:<

Bucket: To the C.O.P

  • Bucket flings Test Tube to the C.O.P

Cupcake: Finally we can go to sleep peaceful

Soap: You can say that again

Marble: So now who's the captain

Bucket: Well the new captain of your team can be....Marble

Marble: :D Yay. I can see Pearly now

Soap: Well better the Test Tube

That's the end of Day 9

In the C.O.P (After day 9)

  • Test Tube flys into the C.O.P

Flower: Well well look who was eliminated

Match: I'm not surprised

Test Tube: I can't believe those idiots saved Soap

Bubble: Well you were a jerk

Test Tube: Don't you talk, you didn't even get to be apart of the competition!

Match: Woah, don't yell at Bubble. If we want to survive the time period were stuck here we have to be calm and nice

Top Hat: She's right

Cloudy: So now it's three to six

9-Ball: Yeah your team Test Tube won't make it far

Test Tube: I hope each and all of them get eliminated one after the another

Episode 4: Old Fashion

Episode 4: Old Fashion

Recap of Episode 3: Last Episode we saw our first Contestant quit. Match finally got fed up with the game. So she decided to quite and chose Pearly as her replacement. Leafy then became the new Team Captain for team Tipping Ships. Test Tube also became more mean. In the challenge the teams had to have a Castle fight using cannons and flaming catapults. Team Rocking Boats was not doing so well as Test Tube did not seem like a good leader and Soap accidentally set their teams castle on fire. This gave Team Tipping Ships the chance to beat Team Rocking Boast. Team Rocking Boats went to their third elimination. Where the vote was 3-1. Not surprisingly Test Tube was eliminated. With her final words " You three won't survive without me. Guess this is goodbye team Rocking Boats. Your just going to lose again" She was sent to the C.O.P. and Marble took the new spot as Team Captain for Team Rocking Boats. That's all you missed last episode of Battle for the Emeralds.

{Theme starts}

{Theme ends}

Day 10:

|With Team Rocking Boats|

Marble: Well team Rocking Boats officially has 100% more people then us

Soap: Yeah kind of depressing

Cupcake: Come on guys we can't give up now

Marble: What if Test Tube is right. We were bad with her, but now were worse :c

Cupcake: I bet we will win the next challenge

Soap: I wouldn't

Cupcake: Come on we can do it

Marble: :) Yeah!

Soap: Sorry, but I feel like our impending doom is soon

Marble: I bet if we can survive 2 more eliminations merge will happen

Soap: I hope

Cupcake: I just hope we can survive that long

Soap: Guys, what if we lose again?

Cupcake: What do you mean

Soap: Well there's only 3 of us.

Marble: We would all vote for one another and each get a vote to tie it and make it fair

Soap: You promice?

Marble: Yes I promice. One of us would go out fair if we lost again

Cupcake: Come on guys we can win!

Soap: Yeah :/

Bucket: *speaking over megaphone* Teams meet me at the dock. NOW!

Leafy: What's going on

Bucket: As you notice team Tipping Ships has exactly 3 more members then team Rocking Boat

Pearly I don't like where this is going

Bucket: You will now be split into 3 teams of 3!

Soap: What!?

Bucket: Your new teams will be randomized now

  • Team 1: Soap. Pencil. Backpack
  • Team 2: Boxing Glove. Marble. Pearly
  • Team 3: Cupcake. Leafy. Megaphone

Bucket: Team 1's name will now be Team Dancing Fairy. Team 2's name is Team Hopping Unicorn. Team 3's name will be Team Flying Dragon. Also no more captains. You will now be all equal.

Megaphone: Woah!

Bucket: Eliminations will be a bit different. 2 teams will be up for elimination. The 2 teams will both vote of one member. Those 2 voted off will do a mini challenge to stay in the game. The loser will be eliminated. The winner will stay on their team

Backpack: So much information!!!!!

Bucket: Good luck

Pencil: Hey whats with that button

Bucket: DON'T PUSH THAT!!!!!!

  • Pencil pushed the button

That's the end of Day 10

Day 11:

Bucket: DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

Pencil: Uh no....but why am I fading

Bucket: Pencil you've doomed us all

All the contestants disappear into nothingness

They all reappear but in black and white

Bucket: Great, just great now were stuck back in time

Soap: Uh back in time where many diseases were incurable. Ajadgladgjeklgbalgbal

Bucket: Since Pencil messed up the whole game I'm doing a mandatory double elimination

Marble: Oh great

Bucket: 2 teams will be losing a team member.

Boxing Glove: So whats the challenge

Bucket: Well originally we were going to have a paintball war, but now....I guess...the first team to bring me back nuclear waste wins the challenge

Pearly: Question!

Bucket: Yes Pearly?

Pearly: What time are we win

Bucket: According to this newspaper....1923

Pearly: Where the heck are we going to get nuclear waste in 1923

Leafy: Well no wasting time....get it....T-T

Megaphone: Heh...

Leafy: Come along you 2 we have some searching to do

Soap: We're all going to die

Pencil: Probably

The long search for nuclear waste begins

|Team Hopping Unicorn|

Marble: Well I say we look for a science lab

Pearly: We don't even know what town...or country for that matter

Boxing Glove: Well it's somewhere where they speak English since everything is written in English

Pearly: That narrows it down a bit

Boxing Glove: Aha! Right here were in Otslowatta? Otletwetto? Owatoawa?

Pearly: Give me. T-T Where in Otlosthoa. The most dangerous Obejct Country in the world...

Boxing Glove: Uh....guys whats that.

Pearly: A tank of coarse  < _ >


|With team Dancing Fairy|

Soap: Oh God...I can't breath

Pencil: You have to breath sooner or later


Backpack: Or your eliminated

Soap: Hey!

Backpack: Just stating the facts. If we don't find nuclear waste first we will be up for elimination

Pencil: We can look... maybe someone in town would know where to find some?

Backpack: Not a good plan, but it'll do for now

|With Team Flying Dragon|

Leafy: Okay so, we may be stuck in a unfamiliar time and place, but we can win

Cupcake: Were doomed

Megaphone: *sigh* Why are we trying

Leafy: Come on guys we can still win

Megaphone: Well sitting and moping wont help us

Cupcake: At least we can try

Leafy: Yeah!

|With Team Dancing Fairy|

Soap: Okay so basically we found this science lab. All that's in them is this grene sludge and water.



Bucket: So it seems you found me some nuclear waste. Hooray

Soap: Do we win?

Bucket: Mhm sure whatever.

That's the end of Day 11

Day 12:

Back in the normal time and place

Bucket: Phew were back thanks to Team Dancing Fairy. Which means the bottom 2 teams will be voting off 1 person each

^Duuuuuun Dun Dun whoooooo's goin' hoooome Duuuuun Dun Dun it wohoooent beee meee Duuuuun Dun Dun If youuu get you out you haave to cryyy alooone Duuuun Dun Dun Alllll I know is it woho woho wohoooent be meeeeeeeeeeeeee^

Cupcake: This is going to be scary

Leafy: Uh, this episode seemed lazy

Pearly: Not to seem rude. But seriously it was lazy...heh...sorry

Bucket: Vote losers

\Everyone Votes\

Bucket: And becau-

Megaphone: Your evil...blah blah....get on with it

Contestant Voted
Marble Boxing Glove
Boxing Glove Pearly
Pearly Boxing Glove
Contestant Voted
Cupcake Leafy
Megaphone Leafy
Leafy Megaphone

Leafy: WHAT!

Boxing Glove: What!

Bucket: Sorry you two are eliminated

  • Bucket flings Leafy and Boxing Glove  to the C.O.P

Bucket: Well this was a short episode

Marble: Well this type of episode better not happen again

Bucket: Yeah I promice no more short stupid episodes. :)

That's the end of Day 12

In the C.O.P (After day 12)

  • Bloxing Glove and Leafy fly into the C.O.P

Flower: Oooo It's Leaving and Punchingbag

Boxing Glove: Boxing...glove :c

Top Hat: Joy more terrible people I hate

Leafy:  I can't belive that episode....it was awful

Bubble: I agree

Match: Hard to even watch

Test Tube: EH I want this season to be over. So then I can be in season 3

9-Ball: You wish

Test Tube: I hope they all lose

Flower: Agreed

Leafy: I'm rooting for Marble or Pearly

Boxign Glove: Go Backpack

Episode 5: Present Your Presents

Episode 5: Present Your Presents

Recap of Episode 4: Last episode Bucket split the teams into three teams. Team Dancing Fairy, which consisted of Soap, Pencil, and Backpack. Team Hoping Unicorn, which consisted of Marble, Pearly, and Boxing Glove. Finally Team Flying Dragon, which consisted of Cupcake, Megaphone, and Leafy. After Bucket specifically told the contestants to not push a button, Pencil pushes it. It sent them all back in time. The original challenge was going to be a paintball war, but then it became finding nuclear waste. First team to find it would be safe. The other two had to vote one team member to battle in a mini challenge. But because of this time switch Bucket changed it to be a double elimination. After Team Hoping Unicorn found the waste Bucket was able to send everyone back to their time. In the elimination Leafy and Boxing Glove were voted from their teams and sent to the C.O.P. That's all you missed last episode of Battle for the Emeralds.

Day 13:

Bucket calls everyone for a meeting.

Bucket: It has come to my attention that we are down to the final 7

Soap: Correct

Bucket: 6 have flown off, and now we are down to the finals. This means there are no more teams. Welcome you lucky 7 to the merge


Pearly: Hooray!

Bucket: But be warned. Tonight is a double elimination!

Pencil: Sorry, what!

Bucket: Last season we had an untimly elimination.

Megaphone: Uh!!??

Bucket: Welcome back BUBBLE!

Pencil: BUBBLE!!!???

Bubble: Hiiiiiii I'm baaaack

Bucket: Because of her return, I must do a double elimination to compisate for the debute

Backpack: Dun dun duuuuuun!!!!!

Pencil: DOUBLE!

Megaphone: WHYYYYY!!!!

Bucket: Sorry it's to keep this season on track!

Marble: Oh great, a double elimination...yay

Bucket: I wonder who will go to the C.O.P. next?

That's the end of Day 13

Day 14:

Everyone is talking when Bucket interrupts them.

Bucket: Now on to the challenge. Today's challenge is not deadly!

Everyone: YAY!

Bucket: You will all be given 5 items. All you have to do ir wrap them. The winner is who ever can wrap their presents the fastest and brings them back to me first. But if your present is not wrapped to code you will be sent back to redo it. Understand?

Cupcake: Yes!

Bucket: Alright on your mark, get set, GO!

Pearly: Ooo I love wrapping presents!

Backpack: Well I don't love it, but it's fine

Pencil: This challenge is just so boring

Soap: Better then you know dying!

Megaphone: True

Cupcake: Come on guys it can still be fun, right?

Marble: Maybe the next challenge will be more...deadly

Pencil: Just we had to do so many fun things, but now it's just wrapping presents

Pearly: But it's fun!

Pencil: No, it's just boring, and lazy

Backpack: Bucket, proabably has to get the next challenge ready for us

Pencil: Maybe...

Backpack: Now let's not waste time we have to finish wrapping these presents

The contestants spend the next couple of hours perfectly wrapping presents

Pencil: Okay seriously this is just awful

Cupcake: What's wrong Pencil?

Pencil: This present is to circular and impossible to wrap!

Cupcake: Hmm maybe put it in a cardboard box then wrap the box?

Pencil: Ohhhhhh

Cupcake: ^v^

Soap: I agree with Pencil now this is boring

Pencil: Told you

Megaphone: We can sing while we wrap

Marble: No, please no

Pearly: Yeah..just no

Magephone: Okay :c

Bucket: How's the wrapping going?

Pencil: Great! *saying sarcastically*

Bucket: Perfect!

Megaphone: I'M DONE!!!!!!!

Bucket: Hmm.... perfect! Megaphone wins

Pencil: Is their a reason why you decided to make this challenge so easy?

Bucket: Yeah because next episode the people who remain do THE HUNGER GAMES!

Pencil: Oh god!

Bucket: Here we go first merge elimination...double elimination!

That's the end of Day 14

Day 15:

Pearly: Hmm..who to vote

Bucket: Welcome to the first merge elimination which is a double elimination. As you know Megaphone won the challenge, so she is immune. Now you might say this challenge was boring.

Pencil: It was!

Bucket: Hush! It had to be something calm and relaxing because the next challenge is the hunger games. So prepare for that! Now the elimination theme!

^Duuuuuun Dun Dun whoooooo's goin' hoooome Duuuuun Dun Dun it wohoooent beee meee Duuuuun Dun Dun If youuu get you out you haave to cryyy alooone Duuuun Dun Dun Alllll I know is it woho woho wohoooent be meeeeeeeeeeeeee^

Marble: Even 5 episodes in the theme is still awful

Bucket: Doesn't matter, you're only here to vote and hope that people don't vote you! Now vote!

\Everyone votes\

Now let's see which unlucky 2 will be going to the C.O.P. tonight

Contestant Voted
Pearly Pencil
Cupcake Soap
Soap Bubble
Pencil Marble
Bubble Marble
Backpack Pencil
Megaphone Soap
Marble Pencil

Bucket: Interesting! Pencil is eliminated with 3 votes. But Marble and Soap are tied with 2 votes each

Pencil: Ugh I can't beleive I'm eliminated

Bucket: To solve this tie everyone will revote. Except for Marble, Soap, and Pencil. The rest can only vote between Marble and Soap

Contestant Voted
Pearly Soap
Cupcake Soap
Bubble Marble
Backpack Soap
Megaphone Soap

Bucket: With only Bubble voting Marble

Bubble: Sorry Marble

Bucket: Soap will be the second person leaving

Soap: Why me what did I do

Cupcake: You get a bit crazy, sometimes

Bucket: Au Revoir Pencil and Soap! To the C.O.P. with you

  • Bucket flings Pencil and Soap to the C.O.P

Bucket: Now for the rest of you, you need the rest. Because tomorrow is the first ever Battle for some type of gems hunger games. And it will be tough

Cupcake: Yay T-T

That's the end of Day 15

In the C.O.P (After day 15) 

  • Soap and Pencil fly into the C.O.P

Test Tube: Oh...welcome. 

Soap: Ugh....I thought I was doing good :c

Flower: This whole competiton is rigged >:c

Leafy: Why are you so mad?

Flower: Because Bubble got to debute. 

9-Ball: Oh suck it up, at least you got to be in this season. I was stuck here with the always complaining Top Hat.

Top Hat: Hey!

Flower: It is just not fair. 

Soap: At least we're let out...soon

Pencil: I heard that if a 3rd season is made...Bucket will make a luxery house for the eliminated contestants.

Cloudy: Yeah right.

Episode 6: Hunger Games (9/11/2016)

Episode 6: Hunger Games

Recap of Episode 5: Last episode Bucket officially announced the merge! No more teams. He then brought back Bubble, a contestant who participated in Battle for the Diamonds. A double elimination was also announced. The challenge was simple. They had to wrap 5 items the fastest, wraped to code, and brought to Bucket first would win. Megaphone was the winner. In the elimination Pencil was eliminated with 3 votes. Marble and Soap tied with 2 votes each. Another vote happened between Marble and Sope. Sope was then eliminated with 4 votes. She was then flung to the C.O.P. That's all you missed last episode of Battle for the Emeralds.

Day 16:

Cupcake: Wow final 6!

Pearly: Yeah. :D

Marble: Don't act so happy guys, this episode is the hunger games remember.

Pearly: Oh no :C

Bubble: That is so unfair. I die easily.

Cupcake: I just want to have one win. :C

Pearly: You will do fine. :)

(With Backpack and Megaphone)

Backpack: So we cool on the alliance?

Megaphone: Yeah of coarse!

Backpack: Great, I really want us to be safe.

Megaphone: Me too. It seems like the other four are in an "alliance", They would vote us out as soon as possible.

Backpack: Wait, but if one of use wins they other might be eliminated.

Megaphone: We have to get one of them to vote our way.

Backpack: Smart.

Megaphone: Thank you ^^

In the C.O.P (After day 18) (9/11/2016)

Episode 7: Enchanted Forest (9/13/2016)

In the C.O.P (After day 21) (9/14/2016)

Episode 8: Extreme Four Corners (9/16/2016)

In the C.O.P (After day 24) (9/17/2016)

Episode 9: Tri Trials (9/19/2016)

In the C.O.P (After day 27) (9/20/2016)

Episode 10: Finally the Finale (9/22/2016)

Elimination Table


Contestant Merge or Non-Merge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Pearly Merge Debuts in Ep. 3 SAFE RISK SAFE
Bubble Debuts in Ep. 5 SAFE
Boxing Glove Non-Merge SAFE SAFE SAFE OUT
Flower UFE OUT
Cloudy OUT
Item What it Means
Debutes in ... This person debuted in said episode.
SAFE (Before Merge) This person was safe from elimination. (Merge) This person was safe in the elimination.
UFE (Before Merge) This person was up for elimination (Merge) *No longer in effect*
RISK Person with the second most votes or tied for most votes and stayed.
OUT This person was eliminated from the competiton.
QUIT This person quit the competiton.
WIN (Before Merge) *Not in effect* (Merge) This person soley won the challenge and immunity
3rd Place This person took 3rd overall in the competition.
Runner Up This person was runner up in the competition.
Winner This person was the winner of the competition.

Reason for Elimination

Contestant: Cloudy| Episode Eliminated In: Welcome Back!| Reason: Cloudy wasn't really a jerk until day 2, then he got on people nerves, after his team lost they went to elimination and voted. See Cloudy got 2 votes and so did Marble for hitting his own team mate in the challenge. Since they both didn't have arms, so their tie breaker challenge was to spell the word ball. Cloudy started to spell it, but got interrupted by Marble who spelled it really fast, resulting in Cloudy's elimination and being sent to the C.O.P. What a shame.

Contestant: Flower| Episode Eliminated In: Fight of the Pokemon!!!!| Reason: Well Flower was doing okay. She made a friend being Test Tube and she did okay in challenges, well the 2 that has happened so far. Yet when her team lost and was sent to elimination the tables turned. Marble who never liked Flower, Cupcake who only voted Flower to not vote a nice person, and Soap who thought Flower was dirty all voted Flower. So with a vote of 3 - 2, 2 being votes towards Soap, Flower was eliminated and sent to the C.O.P. She will be missed by 1 person.

Contestant: Match| Episode Eliminated In: Death by Fire!| Reason: Match was doing fine, but she kinda lost it in Episode 2. She got into a fight with 'her team', but really just Pencil. The next episode she finally decides to quit the show. Everyone astonished in her decision. Pearly then took her spot in the show. 

Contestant: Test Tube| Episode Eliminated In: Death by Fire| Reason: Test Tube started getting more an more mean as the days gone bye. Refusing Marble from seeing Pearly. Laughing when others got hurt. And calling the other team mean names. What set her off really good was when Soap accidentally set their teams castle on fire. With no water to put it out Test Tube raged. This gave team Tipping Ships the chance to win. At the elimination it was almost unanimous on the votes. Only Test Tube voted differently. With a vote 3-1 Test Tube was sent flying to the C.O.P.

Contestant: Boxing Glove| Episode Eliminated In: Old Fashion!| Reason: There wasn't really any reason, but maybe since Marble and Pearly are friends they wouldn't have voted eachother. Outvoting Boxing Glove. Also the reason this epispode was super lazy

Contestant: Leafy| Episode Eliminated In: Old Fashion| Reason: Again not much reasoning. But Leafy was a tough competitor so it would make sense.

Contestant: Pencil| Episode Eliminated In: Present Your Presents| Reason: Pencil complained throughout the whole challenge that it was "boring" which it was. Plus she slowly became a less liked character by the other contestants resulting in her elimination .

Contestant: Soap| Episode Eliminated In: Present Your Presents| Reason: Soap was tied in a 2 - 2 vote with Marble. So bucket had revote bewteen the other 5 contestants. Bubble was the only one to vote Marble out. Pearly would not vote Marble so she voted Soap. Megaphone and Backpack kept their same vote of Soap. In the end Soap was eliminated 4 - 1.

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