Battle for the Diamonds Started: December 24, 2013

Battle for the Diamonds Ended: September 1,2014

Show owned by: Cedricblocks

Season 2 will be starting soon

Season 2 Link:

Details of the Show

Names of the Contestants: (In Alphabetical order non bolded and underlined names are names of contestants that have been eliminated) 

Backpack'8-Ball, Boxing GloveBubbleFlower, Golf BallLeafy, Marble, Pearly, Pencil, Top Hat

'How Challenges Work: 'Like in LOKA (lights objects camera and action good show by the way) Episodes are split up into 3 part and the challenge would be the second part. And the contestants will do a fun or hard challenge.

How Episodes Are Split Up: 'There split up into 3 days (Day 1) Talking Portion (Day 2) Challenge Portion (Day 3) Elimination Portion:

How many Days: 23 days

Whats LOKA season 2 (it's amazing)

The Contestants

Episode 1: Wheres my Flower ? (Christmas Special)

All the contestants arrive by a boat and and stand on a dock. The contestants are confused because they cant find the host. Marble stands there in a awed face. No one can find the host

Day 1

Marble: ummm wheres the host ?

Pearly: I don't know

Flower: he has to be somewhere

Golf Ball: why is it a he it could be a she

Pearly: true


Bubble: well he or she has to be somewhere

  • an orb falls from the sky
  • an explosion happens
  • everyone dies

Bucket: and that's the end of the book children

Little Girl: but it can't be who one the show

Pearly: really were making it the Christmas special

Bucket: yes duh oh hi my name is Bucket and I'm your host

Leafy: ok

Bucket: now that your all here and hopefully the viewers are not confused anymore you can all start talking because its the talking portion

8-Ball: we don't have teams yet

Bucket: oh really ok here are the teams

Team Awesome Really Cool Guys A.K.A Team 1 Team Smart Popular People A.K.A Team 2
Backpack 8-Ball
Boxing Glove Bubble
Flower Golf Ball
Leafy Marble
Pearly Pencil
Top Hat

Pencil: why do they get a extra person on there team

Bucket: because there is a odd number of people so deal with it

Bubble: that's not fair

Backpack: life's not fare

Leafy: ughhhhhhh

Top Hat: so whens the challenge

Bucket: tomorrow so get some sleep

Boxing Glove: awwwww

That's the end of day 1 see you tomorrow

Day 2

The contestants all had a good sleep but flower because of Top Hats annoying sleep talking and walking. Flower got mad and she stormed out and fell asleep in the woods.

Flower: *wakes up* hello where am I

  • Flower hears rustling

Flower: whose there ?

  • a little tree comes out and says

Tree: hello my name is tree and I'm here to propose a challenge

Flower: I'm not the host you have to go ask Bucket

Tree: ok well where is he

Flower: back at the camp

Tree: can you take me there

Flower: I don't know where it is ?

Tree: Awww

Back At The Camp

Bucket: ok it's time for the challenge

8-Ball: umm there's only 10 of us shouldn't there be 11

Bucket: your right who are we missing ?

Leafy: I think were missing Top Hat

Top Hat: I"M HERE YOU IDIOT !!!!

Leafy: hurtful

Bucket: hmmmmmm wheres Flower

Pearly: I haven't seen here since last night I think she wonder off somewhere

Bucket: ok well  your challenge is to find here so go

Pearly: lets look in the woods

Backpack: good idea

Marble: Ok guys we should go look in the pond

Golf Ball: no that's stupid we should look in the woods like the other team

8-ball: I agree

Bubble: me to

Marble: fine the woods it is

Back In The Woods

Flower: I hope someone finds me

Tree: ya me to

Flower: so what was your challenge idea

Tree: did I say challenge idea I meant to say join the contest

Flower: Oh

  • Flower sees someone coming

Flower: someone is coming yay

  • Flower noticed its Golf Ball

Flower: Golf Ball you found us

Golf Ball: yay we won the challenge

Flower: CHALLENGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marble: ya the challenge was we needed to find you

Flower: well at least I'm found

Back At The Camp

Bucket: Ok so Team Team Awesome Really Cool Guys are up for elimination tomorrow good night

That's the end of day 2 see you tomorrow

Day 3

In Team 1's Cabin

Pearly: wake up........... wake up

  • Pearly starts to shove Backpack

Pearly: ughhhh wake up

  • Pearly slaps Backpack

Pearly: really *pearly says really loudly* WAKE UP

  • Backpack stays a sleep

Pearly: ughhh fine

  • Pearly starts to walk back to her bed but drops one of her coins on the ground
  • Backpack wakes up

Backpack: Pearly why are you up ?

Pearly: really a coin wow, oh ya i wanted  to ask you who your going to vote for in the elimantion

Backpack: oh uhhhh probibly that Top Hat guy

Pearly: oh cool me to he sucks

Backpack: ya he does

  • they high-five each other

Pearly: k well night

Backpack: good night

  • Bucket gets up and does a really loud syrine to wake avery one up

Bucket: *saying on a mege phone* WILL TEAM 1 COME TO THE ELIMANTION AREA

Top Hat: Already!!!!!

Leafy: awwwwwwww

At The Elimination Area

Bucket: welcome losers

Boxing Glove: Do you  have to call us that

  • Boxing Glove turns around and accidentally punches Flower

Boxing Glove: sorry


Boxing Glove: oh awwww *starts to cry*

Bucket: ok so no when its your turn to vote go into the voting chamber so Flower

Flower: grate

  • everyone votes

Bucket: ok since i'm evil i'm going to show who voted who

Everyone: WHAT!!!!!!!

Contestant Voted
Flower Boxing Glove
Pearly Top Hat
Top Hat Flower
Backpack Top Hat
Leafy Pearly
Boxing Glove Flower


Flower: what Boxing Glove I  under stand but Top Hat

Top Hat: Your fat and ugly idot !!!!!!!!!!

Bucket: well since its a tie its time for a tie bracker

  • Flower brakes her tie first

Flower: wow easy

Top Hat: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bucket: time to go to the Cage O' Paine or C,O,P for short

Flower: ha cop I get it

Bucket: no pune intended

Top Hat: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bucket: till next episode now go to bed you idiots its 12 oclock at night jeez stay up late why don't you

That's the end of day 3 see you tomorrow

Episode 2: Ski or be Skied

Last time on Battle for the Diamonds all 11 contestants arrived at the empty no island with no host. They were all confused. Then a orb falls from the sky and kills all off them. Then you realized it was a story and that it was the Christmas Special. So then you see all of them back on the island. Where they soon find out Bucket is there host.They talked for there talking portion. They to sleep. Flower wakes up and randomly walks of into the middle of the woods and finds a little tree named Tree. They talked. The contestants woke up found out Flower was missing so they had to find her. Team 2 finds her. And Team 1 eliminates Top Hat. And he gets sent to the Cage O' Pain or COP for short no pun intended. What will happen now find out here on Battle for the Diamonds.

Day 4

Flower: hmm with Top Hat gone I'm probably next, I need some allies but who

  • Flower turns her head and looks at Backpack who sleeping soundly

Flower: perfect

  • She creeps up to his bed

Flower: Backpack wake up

  • he dose not wake up

Flower: ughh forget you

  • She looks a Pearly who is also sleeping Soundly

Flower: *says from acrose the room* Pearly

  • Pearly wakes up

Pearly: huh what oh hi Flower

Flower: Pearly be in an alliance with me

Pearly: ok

Flower: really

Pearly: ya sure what ever as long as I can go back to sleep

Flower: Great I have an alliance

(In The Afternoon)

Flower: so Pearly who are we going to eliminate

Pearly: what do you mean

Flower: remember were in an alliance

Pearly: oh ya umm we should vote Leafy if we have to vote someone out

Flower: Ok

(At The Messhall)

Bubble: ewww what is this mush

Match: I don't know

Leafy: it looks like guts

Bubble: thanks alot Leafy now I lost what ever appitite I had left

Match: me to

Leafy: sorry

(In The COP)

Top Hat: i'm so lonely

(On the Beach)

Boxing Glove: hi 8-Ball hi Marble hi Backpack

All threee of them: hi

Marble: ummm so why are you here

Boxing Glove: cause your my friends

8-Ball: we are

Backpack: umm no Boxing Glove we hate you

Marble: ya your very accident prone

Boxing Glove: awww

That's the end of day 4 see you tomorrow

Day 5

All the contestants are in there cabins and sleeping but Pearly. Who got hungry and went to the mess-hall for food. Finding nothing she goes back to her cabin

At 4:30 a.m.

  • Bucket sounds off the fire alarm

Pearly: whats going on

Flower: I don't know

Leafy: i'm scared

Backpack: me two

Boxing Glove: Ahhhhhhhh fire

Pearly: RUNNNNN!!!!!

Leafy: were going to die

Flower: I had so much to live for

Pearly: really ? just really ?

Flower: what I did

Boxing Glove: If your done with your conversation can we get out now

Pearly: ya goooo

Outside Team 1's Cabin

Pearly: we lived

Flower: barely

Leafy: ya

Bubble: Hi guys

Pearly: did your cabin burn down to

Pencil: yep

8-ball: it was terrible

Golf Ball: ya

Bucket: hello Teams

Bubble: what happened

Bucket: I burnt your cabins down

Pearly: why ?

Bucket: because now that you've you got heat its time for not heat

Boxing Glove: you mean cold

Bucket: ya whatever

Flower: so whats the challenge

Bucket: the challenge is Ski or Be Skied

Bubble: what


Bubble: I know but how do we do the chalange

Leafy: ya how

Bucket: easy the team to get down the hill with all there members win

Backpack: piece of yoyle berry cake

Bucket: oh ya you only get two skies

Backpack: oh great

8-ball: so do we go

Bucket: oh ya gooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Pencil: lets go team

Pearly: come on guys

Golf Ball: run you idiots

Bucket: there off it seems Pencil and Golf Ball are in the lead for team 2 and Pearly for team 1

8-ball: so much running and and I have no legs

Marble: me neither

  • a weird ticking noise starts

Leafy: whats that noise

Flower: I don't know

  • Flower and leafy gets blown up

Flower: a bomb really

Bucket: oh ya there's a few traps on the way

Boxing Glove: ahhhhhhhh beeeeeeees

Pencil: finally I made it

Golf Ball: me to

Pearly: me three

Bucket: ok contestants at the top you must wait for the rest of your team

Golf Ball: awwwwwwwwwwww

8-Ball: ya I'm up

Marble: me to

Golf Ball: finally slow pokes so are we now waiting for

Marble: ummmmm Bubble

Golf Ball: of course

Flower: ughh gosh finally here

Pearly: yay finally someone on my team

Flower who's left

Pearly: Backpack and Boxing Glove and ummmmmm Leafy

Leafy: here I'm here

Pearly: ok now just Backpack and Boxing Glove

Flower: ughhhhhhhh

Bubble: i'm never going to get up there

  • Tick Tick Tick

Bubble: uh oh

  • Booooom Bubble gets blown back to the start

Bubble: ughhhh noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Backpack: here

Boxing Glove: me to

Pearly: yay ok on the two skies

  • Team 1 starts skiing down the mountain

Golf Ball: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! wheres BUBBLE!!!!!!!!

Pencil: she's comeing

Marble: ya

Leafy: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Bucket: Team 1 wins

Flower: ya

Bucket: ok so Team 2 you're sending someone to the COP

Golf Ball: ugh thanks to Bubble

Bucket: good night people

Pencil: we don't have cabins

Bucket: oh ya well to bad till' tomorrow

That's the end of day 5 see you tomorrow

Day 6

At Team 2's Area

Bubble: Pencil

  • Bubble pokes Pencil

Pencil: whats Bubble

Bubble your not voting me right

Pencil: Bubble for the 20th time I said no so please go back to sleep

Bucket: she doesn't have to cause its time for the elimination

Pencil: ughhhh

At The Elimination Area

Bucket: ok so ummmmmm when it's your turn go to the voting chamber so Marble you can go first

Marble: ok

  • everyone votes

Bucket: ok so since im a horrible mean host im going to show the votes

Everyone: what!!!!

Bucket: yep here they are

Contestant Voted
Marble Golf Ball
Golf Ball Bubble
8-Ball Bubble
Bubble Golf Ball
Pencil Golf Ball

Golf Ball: WHAT!!!!!!! I'M ELIMINATED!!!!!!

Bucket: yep 3 to 2

Bubble: wait 8-Ball why did you vote me

8-Ball: you did cost the challenge

Golf Ball: I hate you ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

Bucket: see ya Golf Ball

  • Bucket flings Golf Ball to the COP

Golf Ball: AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Bucket: we'll goodnight guys you have to be prepared for the challenge in 2 days

That's the end of day 6 see you tomorrow

Episode 3: The Lucky Clover

Last time the 10 contestants slept quietly but flower who decided to wake up Pearly so she could ask her to be in an alliance. Pearly was really tired so she said yes probably not knowing what she said yes for. Then they all went to bed but woke up in the middle of the nigh because Bucket there awesome host burnt down there cabins getting them ready for the cold challenge. Which was to get your whole team to the top of a mountain and ski back down with only two skis. Team 1 acutely won, because Bubble got sent to the bottom. Golf Ball got mad at her. During the elimination the awesome but evil host showed the votes. And Golf Ball was eliminated with 3 votes most likely because she's mean and bossy. And she was directly mean to Bubble. Bubble on the other hand got 2 votes one by Golf Ball and the other by 8-Ball. 8-Ball voted her cause she cost the challenge. Now only 9 remain in the show for Diamonds. What will happen next find out here on Battle for the Diamonds.

Day 7

(12:00 in the morning)

Pearly: OMG Backpack will you please shush up

Backpack: sorry i'm just exited for today

Pearly: why all we can do is socialize nothing really cool

Backpack: sorry I just love to socialize

Pearly: I like to sleep now please wait to the morning

Backpack: technically it is morning

Pearly: great now wait till the clock says 7:00 a.m.

Backpack: what clock we don't have one since are cabin was burnt down and everything in it remember Bucket gave us all old sleeping bags to sleep in

Pearly: oh ya well wait till the sun rise then

Backpack: ok fine

(7:00 in the morning)

Leafy: hmmmm what will I do today

Flower: I don't know

Pearly: we can go talk and stuff

Leafy: ya ok

Flower: about what

Pearly: I don't know

Leafy: how about we talk about yoyle berry's

Flower: no

Pearly: ya that's boring

Leafy: awwwwwww ok

Pearly: sorry

Flower: I'm not

(down at the docks)

Boxing Glove: hi guys

Marble: hi Boxing Glove

8-Ball: oh hi Boxing Glove I guess

Boxing Glove: do you want to play catch

Marble: no sorry

8-Ball: ya no

Boxing Glove: why not

Marble: you punch people to much

8-Ball: ya

Boxing Glove: oh ok *saying sadly* i'll go ask Backpack

8-Ball: you go do that

(at the mess-hall)

Boxing Glove: Backpack do you want to play cetch

Backpack: umm I don't know you wont hurt me right

Boxing Glove: yes I won't hurt you

Backpack: fine

Boxing Glove: yay :D

(down by the beach)

Bubble: hey Pencil

Pencil: ya

Bubble: if we loose again we should vote 8-Ball out

Pencil: no i say Marble

Bubble: 8-Ball is useless

Pencil: ya but Marble is more useless

Bubble: no 8-Ball

Pencil: no Marble

Bubble: fine if you want Marble out you'll need someone else to help you then

Pencil: fine *rages and walks off*

Bucket: we'll that's it for today tomorrow will be the challenge

Flower: what is the challenge

Bucket: why would I say you must wait till tomorror

Flower: fine

Bucket: now go to sleep

Leafy: it's only 2:00 in the afternoon

Bucket: I said sleep

Leafy: ok

That's the end of day 7 see you tomorrow

Day 8

(in team 1's area)

Flower: omg when will the chalange start

Pearly: it's only 3:00 in the morning so there alot of time left

Flower: ughhhhhhhhhhhh fine

Leafy: Flower how does is feel to be here and not be out


  • slaps Leafy

Leafy: hey that hurt why did you slap me

Flower: you deserved it

Leafy: why ?

Flower: you made fun of me

Leafy: sorry

Pearly: please I'm trying to sleep

(7:00 am)

Bucket: ok wake up people and meet at the mess-hall

Pearly: ughhhhh

8-Ball: are we getting food

Marble: I hope

(at the mess-hall)

Bucket: ok as you know its challenge day

Leafy: yay

Bucket: today's challenge is called the lucky clover

Glover: Hi guys I'm clover

Bucket: oh ya clover is our judge

Boxing Glove: whats the judge for

Bucket: well first let me explain the challenge

Pearly: ok

Bucket: so Round 1 you have to find a 4 leaf clover in that clover patch and there's 9 of you and only 5 clovers so 4 will be out in the first round. Round 2 you have to choose a key and go through one of the doors and do the maze. 3 of the doors will get you out 2 won't. Round 3 then the final 3 will run and jump over the hurdles and the first 2 to get past the finish line move to the final round. Finale round here's where Clover comes in the final round the final 2 must guess clovers favorite number closes wins the challenge for there team. If all the members of a team get out before the final round the people left on the winner's team will keep going to get a prize got it

Flower: yes

Bucket: Round 1 starts now go

Bubble: must get 4 leaf clover

Pecil: me to

Bubble: well ya you to

Bucket: only 5 may move on

8-Ball: got one

Flower: what already ughhh

Bucket: four spots left

Bubble: ya got one

Bucket: 3 spots left

Flower: ughhhhhhh

Marble: hmmmmm where would I be if I was a 4 leaf clover

Pearly: yes got one

Flower: what

Bucket: 2 spots left

Leafy: yea got one

Bucket: 1 spot left

Pencil: got one yes

Bucket: ok so going to Round 2 is

  • 8-Ball,Bubble,Pearly,Leafy,and Flower

Bucket: not moving on is

  • Marble,Pencil,Backpack, and Boxing Glove

Boxing Glove: awwww

Backpack: dang

Marble: well go team

Bucket: Round 2 starts now

Flower: I choose key 2

Bubble: key 4

8-Ball: key 5

Pearly: key 1

Leafy: so I got key 3

  • all 5 opens there door and starts the maze

Bucket: remember only 3 will move on he other 2 wont be able to get to the finish

8-Ball: ughh this would be faster if I had legs

Pearly: hmm which way to go left or right

Flower: I want that prize and win

Bubble: yea got out

Bucket: only 2 spots remain

Flower: what nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Pearly: ya made it

Bucket: 1 spot left

Flower: what

Leafy: omg why are there so many choices

Flower: ugh ugh ugh where is the finish

Bucket: remember only one more of you choose a maze door that will finish \

Flower: yes finished

Bucket: ok so moving on is

  • Bubble,Pearly,and Flower

Bucket: not moving on is

  • 8-Ball and leafy

8-Ball: aww what

Leafy: hmmm *looks sad*

Bucket: ok Round 3 start

Flower: running and hurdles noooooooo!!!!

Bubble: done

Pearly: done

Flower: what, what no this can't be

Bucket: Flower dose not move on

Flower: noooooooo!!!!!!

Bucket: ok Final round ok guys guess Clovers favorite number

Bubble: ummm 2

Pearly: 320

Bucket: Clover whats your favorite number

Clover: my favorite number is............................ 4 cause of 4 leaf clovers

Bubble: yay!!!!!!

Pearly: awwww

Bucket: Team 2 wins thanks to bubble

Pencil: ya Bubble

Bucket: that means someone from Team 1 is going to be eliminated thanks to Pearly

Pearly: hehehe sorry guys *speaks in an embarrassed voice*

Bucket: we'll gets some sleep in your sleeping bags

Backpack: when will we get actual cabins

Bucket: hmmm I don't know well till tomorrow when we have a awesome elimination

That's the end of day 8 see you tomorrow

Day 9

(In Team 1's Cabin)

Pearly: *sighs* i'm going to be eliminated

Flower: no your not

Pearly: yes I am

Flower: she might be

Leafy: hey thats your teammate

Flower: just saying the truth

At The Elimantion Area

Bucket: ok Team 1 or I should say Team Awesome Realy Lame Guys

Boxing Glove: awww were lame

Bucket: yes yes you are

Backpack: I wonder who's being eliminated 

  • Backpack looks at Pearly

Bucket: we'll find out so um you know the drill vote oh and Pearly can vote first

Pearly: ok *looks sad*

  • everyone votes

Bucket: ok since I'm mean I'm showing the votes

Backpack: so surprising *saying sarcasticly*

Contestant Voted
Pearly Backpack
Flower Pearly
Leafy Boxing Glove
Boxing Glove Flower
Backpack Pearly

Pearly: what I'm elimanted

Leafy: Flower how could you

Flower: hey she did cost the challenge

Pearly: Backpack you to

Backpack: really you did not catch my i'm voting for you signs

Bucket: sorry Pearly you have been elimanted

Pearly: ughh

  • Bucket flings Pearly to the COP

Pearly: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Bucket: well till tomarrow now go to bed 

Backpack: we have no bed

Bucket: oh ya sleeping bags go to sleeping bags

Thats the end of day 9 see you tomorrow

Episode 4: Can't Out-stare Me

Last time the final 9 talked and stuff. But then Leafy joined Pearly and Flower allience. For the challenge Clover was a judge. They had to do this really fun elimination challenge sort of thing. In the end Pearly and Bubble made it to the final part it was to guess Clovers favorite number. Pearly choose a random number 320 and Bubble choose 2. The number was 4 sericly 4 leaf clover 4 wow. In the elimination Flower and Backpack voted Pearly. Leafy got mad at Flower for voting her own allience member. Now 8 remain. What will happen next find out here on Battle for the Diamonds

Day 10

(in Team 2 Area)

Bubble: omg I can't sleep because we have no cabin

Pencil: ya like the ground is really hard

Bubble: and I miss Book,IC,Match and even Ruby

Pencil: why Ruby she messed everything on BFDIA

Bubble: ya well

Pencil: and IC was not even in the allience technecly

Bubble: well umm 

8-Ball: will you to be quiet

Marble: ya I'm kind of tired

Bubble: ok fine

8-Ball: thank you

(in the morning)

Leafy: Flower how could you vote Pearly

Flower: what 

Leafy: she was in are allience 

Marble: hey guys where is Pearly

Leafy: oh Marble ya umm Pearly was uhh you see umm ya uhh you uhh umm

Flower: she was eliminated

Marble: *faints*

Flower: oh umm ok well lets go Leafy

Leafy: what are you doing

Flower: well we are a allience

Leafy: not anymore you evil thingy

Flower: Thingy

Marble: *wakes up* she was ELIMINATED!!!!

Flower: umm ya

at the Mess-Hall

Backpack: umm hmm hey Boxing Glove

Boxing Glove: me your talking to me

Backpack: ya

Boxing Glove: yay :D finally 

Backpack: umm so like be an allience with me 

Boxing Glove: sure ya why not

Backpack: ok good

Boxing Glove: who do we vote if we loose

Backpack: umm hmm uhhh maybe umm hmm how about Flower or Leafy

Boxing Glove: I say Flower

Backpack: ok ya Flower

at the Beach

Marble: oh hey 8-Ball *saying sadly*

8-Ball: whats wrong

Marble: Pearly*sniffs* got*sniffs* ELIMINATED!!!!!

8-Ball: oh umm ok

Marble: ok all you can say is ok 

8-Ball: uhh i'm sorry 

  • Marble slaps 8-Ball and walks away

Thats the end of day 10 see you tomarrow

Day 11

(at Team 2's Burnt Cabin area)

8-Ball: when will we get a cabin again

Marble: umm I don't know

Pencil: keep it down i'm trying to sleep on this hard,terribly,burnt ground

Bubble: umm me to oh no a sharped *pops*

Pencil: OMQ Bubble she's like dead

  • A bomb comes down

8-Ball: ahhhh

  • everyone on team 2 dies

(at Team 1's Burnt Cabin area)

Leafy: when's the challenge 

Bucket: right now this challenge is a staring contest it will be in rounds 

Flower: wheres team 2 

Bucket: they died by that bomb

Bomb: hi

Bucket: well i have a hprc-HPRC

Flower: oh no we have to turn a crank with our feet

Bucket: yes for 1 minute

Flower: oh

Boxing Glove: thats not that bad

  • 1 minute of feet cranking
  • HPRC is made

Boxing Glove: ok Bubble,Pencil,8-Ball,and Marble

Marble: where alive yay

Pencil: ya yay!

Bucket: ok so Round 1 match 1

Pencil: wait whats going on

Bucket: Pencil vs Backpack

Pencil: for what

Backpack: your going down


Bucket: go

  • Pencil blinks

Bucket: Backpack moves to round 2 

Pencil: what just happened

Bucket: Round 1 match 2 Leafy vs Bubble

Bubble: is this a stairing contest

Leafy: ya

Bucket: GO!!!!!!

Leafy: can't make it 

  • Leafy blinks

Bucket: Bubble moves to Round 2

Bucket: Round 1 match 3 Boxing Glove vs 8-Ball

Boxing Glove: oh I really am not good at staring

8-Ball: than i should totally win

Bucket: GOOOOOO!!!

Boxing Glove: cant take it 

  • Boxing Glove blinks

Bucket: ok final match in Round 1 Flower vs Marble

Flower: your going down

Marble: *gulps*

Bucket: Go

Marble: umm hi Flower

Flower: um i'm trying to consentrate so shut up

Marble: ok

Flower: no stop talking

  • Flower blinks

Flower: noooooooooo

Bucket: so the only 1 for team 1 is Backpack Round 2 match 1 Backpack vs Bubble

Bubble: umm ok

Bucket: go

Bubble: omg don't do that

  • Backpack pops bubble

Bucket: Backpack wins and moves to the finale

Pencil: I'll go revive her

Bucket: Round 2 match 2 9-Ball vs Marble

Marble: aww

Bucket: GO

Marble: uhh i give up

  • Marble blinks

Flower: win Backpack or your gone

Backpack: I'll try

Bucket: Final Round GOOOOOO!!!!

Backpack: I'm not loosing

8-Ball: me neither

Flower: Hey 8-Ball

8-Ball: wha....

  • 8-Ball accidently blinks


Flower: Yea

Bucket: And team 2 looses and will have somone go to the COP

Pencil: I know who I am voting for

8-Ball: *gulps*

That's the end of day 11 see you tomarrow

Day 12 

(at Team 2's area)

Bubble: so Pencil who are you voting

Pencil: hmm probibly the worst person on OUR TEAM!!!!

Bubble: which is

Pencil: *sighs and hits forhead*

Bubble: ok umm I'm definitly not voting you

Pencil: ok

Bucket: time for the Elimination Ceremony

At The Elimination Area

Bucket: ok guys you lost so time for one of you to be eliminated

Marble: I know we failed

Bucket: yes, yes you did

8-Ball: so do we vote

Bucket: yes

  • everyone votes

Bucket: ok so im a menie you likes to make you guys feel bad I'll show the  votes

Pencil: ok 

Contestant Voted
Pencil 8-Ball
8-Ball Pencil
Marble Pencil
Bubble 8-Ball

Pencil: tie

Bucket: ok tie breaker is to break your tie first

  • Pencil breaks her tie

8-Ball: no fair i have no limbs

Bucket: lifes not fair

  • Bucket flings 8-Ball to the COP

8-Ball: ahhhhhhhhhh

Bucket: well till next episode, now go to your area

Bubble: when will we acutly get cabin again

Pencil: ya

Bucket: maybe soon,or NEVER!!!!

That's the end of day 12 see you tomarrow

In the C.O.P Day 1

(in the cop)

8-Ball: ugh i really hate all those people

Pearly: I know right but marble is still awesome

Golf Ball: I should still be in the game

Top Hat: everyone hates you 

Golf Ball: no they all hate YOU!!

Top Hat: oh really

  • Top Hat grabs a tree

Tree: umm hi

Top Hat: ok time to burn it

  • Top Hat sets tree on fire


Top Hat: hahahaha

  • Top Hat sets Golf Ball on fire

Golf Ball: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • dies

Pearly: I'll recover her

  • recovers Golf Ball

Golf Ball: i'm back

(end of day 1)

Episode 5: The Amazing Hunt

Last Time the final 8 talked an stuff. Backpack and Boxing Glove decided to be an alliance. Flower does understand why Leafy is made at her it's probably because she voted for Pearly. The challenge was a staring contest 8-Ball made it to the final round but lost and ended up being eliminated leaving 7 remaing. What will happen next find out here on Battle for the Diamonds

Day 13

(On the burnt Cabin site of Team 1)

Leafy: Well at least we didnt loose

Flower: Yea I guess thats a plus

Leafy: Just one question how are you still here

Backpack: Your the meanist person here and you outlasted Top Hat, Golf Ball, Pearly, and 8-Ball

Flower: I really don't know

Leafy: Well at least I'm still here

Boxing Glove: I'm really tired go to sleep 

Flower: Shut you you punching bag

Leafy: Exactly

Flower: *grumbles*

Leafy: i want the cabin back

Bucket: Well you can

Leafy: Really?

Bucket: Because tomorrow is the challenge and the winning team gets a new reanfirneshed cabin with a hot tub, mini bar, and king sized beds

Flower: we need this

Backpack: Yea

Bucket: Well the challenge isn't till tomorrow so you have to wait

Flower: Ugh why do you do this to us you evil Bucket

Bucket: Yea well I'm not sorry 

Flower: Well your not welcome

Bucket: Alrighty then *Bucket leaves*

Leafy: That was a bad comeback

Backpack: Yea just terrible

Flower: I know but I couldnt think of anything 

Boxing Glove: So what time is it 

Leafy: 12:05 so we still have 24 hours till tommaorw and the challenge

Boxing Glove: That sucks

(On the burnt cabin site of Team 2)

Bubble: We're looseing

Pencil: I know, but merge is like soon and when it comes we can like stop loosing

Bubble: But if we loose again were voting Marble right

Pencil: Sha like duh what do you think

  • Marble interuptes them

Marble: Oh hey guys what are we talking about

Pencil: Nothing now go back to sleep 

Marble: Oh ok night

Pencil: Yea night or whatever

Bubble: That was close

Pencil: Your telling me

(around 8:00 AM)

Bubble: Morning

Pencil: *yawns* good morning

Marble: Hi guys

Bubble: Oh hi Marble

Pencil: Hey Marble

Marble: You guys ready for the challenge tommarow

Pencil: yea i guess

(around 2:00 PM)

Boxing Glove: So Um when is the next challenge

Backpack: i literly have no idea

Leafy: Um it's tommarow duh

Backpack: Oh ok

Flower: Ok well I guess we should be ready for the challenge tommarow, because we need to win :/

That's the end of day 13 see you tommarow

Day 14


Pencil:  I feel terrible

Bubble: Yea you don't look that good either

Pencil: OMG Bubble!!

Bubble: Just kidding 

Marble: Lets do this team

Bucket: um wheres Team 1

Marble: I don't know

Leafy: We're here

Flower: Yea no thanks to you

Leafy: Not my fult you didnt want to wake up

Backpack: Ugh more fighting

Boxing Glove: I know right

Bucket: Todays challenge

Boxing Glove: Oh another challenge

Bucket: The Challenge is a scavendure hunt

Leafy: Oh yay I love hunts

Bucket: On this list are 10 items

Pencil: Ok

Bucket: First team to bring me all 10 items win the challenge

Pencil: Wait

Bucket: What

Pencil: We only have 3 on our team and the other has 4

Bucket: So

Pencil: Well they have a adventage

Bucket: Not my fult your team sucks well the hunt starts......................................................................................................................................NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Bubble: Come on Pencil!!

Pencil: Comming

Marble: Wait for me

Leafy: Ok guys huddle in

Flower: Ok on the list it says first to find a rubber duck

Backpack: Oh I have one

Flower: of corce you do

Leafy: Well where is it

Backpack: Back at the cabin come on

Leafy: Ok come on guys on the way i'll check of rubber duck

Boxing Glove: Did I ever say I hate running

Leafy: Ugh I know this is going to sound mean but SHUT UP

Boxing Glove: Thanks I feel better now *saying in a sarcastic voice*

(At Team 1s Cabin)

Backpack: Here it is

Leafy: Ok number 1 is done 9 we need to get a sink :/

Flower: WHAT!!

(With Team 2)

Marble: So we need to find a rubber duck

Pencil: Yea but I don't Know where to find one

Bubble: hey look a rubber toy kiosk over there

Pencil: Thats awesome

Marble: Hi can we get a Rubber Duck

Carmex: Hello welcome to Rubber Toy and Beyond

Pencil: Umm ok rubber duck now!!!

Carmex: Ok doke here's the most finnest rubber duck

Pencil: How much does it dost

Carmex: $300 dolors

Bubble: WHAT!!! *pops*

Marble: NOOOO Bubble

Carmex: Buts its 99.9% off

Pencil: Yes *recovers Bubble*

Bubble: Oh my gosh $300

Pencil: No Bubble its 99.9% off so its only like $1

Bubble: Yay we'll take it

Carmex: Ok doke here you are come back soon

Pencil: :D ok next we need a......a sink :/

Marble: Oh lets go to the restrooms 

Bubble: Good Idea

(With Team 1)

Leafy: Ok we found the duck,sink,ball,ruby,diamond,gold earing,rock, and plate so all we need now is Bucket :/

Boxing Glove: Well thats shouldn't be hard

Flower: Ugh where is he we'll never find him

Leafy: Calm down gosh he's here somwhere

Bucket: Oh hi guys I mean contestants

Flower: We found him hahahah we win >:D

Bucket: I guess you do well that means Team 2 is up for elimination

Marble: Where here we found everuything but you 

Bucket: Sorry guys Team 1 already won

Pencil: OMG thats all Bubbls fult for thing us taking Ruby would help

Bucket: Oh yea when It said Ruby I meant an real Ruby

Pencil: Yea Bubble

Bubble: Sorry

Ruby: Can I go back to BFDIA now

Pencil: Sure whatever

Bucket:Well teams get to bed 'cause tommarow is the elimination

T'hats the end of day 13 see you tommarow

Day 15

(At Team 2s Cabin)

Marble:*thinking to himself* Hmmmm I wonder who will get eliminated

Pencil: OMG Bubble you cost us the game

Bubble: I'm sorry Pencil I thought when it said Ruby it mean Ruby from BFDIA

Pencil: Now our Team will be 2 people

Bubble: I know at leats we're safe

Pencil: Well I'm probibly safe, but I don't know about you'

Bubble: What does that mean

Pencil: Ugh whatever it;s time or the elimination anyway

(At the Elimination Area)

Bucket: Welcome back terrible contestants

Bubble: Well that was mean

Bucket: Just go vote

  • everyone votes

Bucket: Since i'm a fat/slob/jerk I'm showing the votes

Pencil: What a surprise *saying in a sarcastic voice*

Contestant Voted
Bubble Marble
Marble Bubble
Pencil Bubble

Bubble: OMQ Pencil

Pencil: I know we're friends, but I need to keep good contestants

Bubble: Your so evil

  • Bucket flings Bubble to the C.O.P.


Marble: Poor Bubble

Pencil: Yea I guess

That's the end of Day 15 see you tomarow

In the C.O.P. Day 2

(In he cop)

Bubble: I can't beleive my friend/alliance member would eliminate me *stars to tear up

Pearly: It's okay I feel your pain

Golf Ball: Shut up babys seriously

Top Hat: yea

Pearly: be quiet she's crushed give her som sympathy

8-Ball: It dosn't matter your eliminated

Pearly: Well there's always Season 2

Bubble: I guess

Golf Ball: lIke that baby will get in next season

Pearly: You *dumps lava on Golf Ball*

Golf Ball: Ahhhhh *dies*

Top hat: Do you want to recover her

Pearly: No!!!

Bubble: Ugh I'm nice so I'll recover her *recovers Golf Ball*

Golf Ball: Thank you,*whispers* baby

Pearly: OMQ!!!

(end of day 2)

Episode 6: Scorpions on a Train!!! 

Last time the final 7 did some more talking. Bubble and Pencil made a pact saying if there team lost again they would vote Marble. The challenge was a scavenger hunt. The 2 teams had to find 10 items. Team 1 wins after finding Bucket first. Team 2 close behind lost becasue of Bubble saying that on the list weh nit said Ruby it meant the character Ruby. Pencil got mad. At the elimination Bubble voted Marble like the pact was supose to do, but Pencil voted Bubble instead of Marble, and Marble voted Bubble making  Bubble 5th voted out. What will happen with the final 6. What will happen next find out here on Battle for the Diamonds.

Day 16

(At team 2s cabin)

Pencil: Ugh I feel so bad

Marble: Why?

Pencil: 'Cause i eliminated my BBF

Marble: BBF?

Pencil: Bext Bubble Friend, and I feel bad

Marble: There's always season 2

Pencil: Yea I guess, but what if she hates me

Marble: Well you still have Match

Pencil: But she's not here

Marble: I'm talking about next season

Pencil: Oh 

Marble: Well all I need to know is when is the merge

Pencil: Yea

(At Team 1s cabin)

Backpack: Good morning guys

Flower: SHUT UP!!!

Backpack: Ahhhh you scared me

Flower: Good!!!

Leafy: Guy be quiet I'm tired 

Boxing Glove: Me to

Backpack: Sorry It's just merge is soon, and I'm worried that I'll get eliminated an *gets interupted*

Flower: Ugh we'll worry about that in the morning

Backpack: It is morning

Flower: I mean the afternoon :/

Backpack: Well...ok

  • Backpack goes to sleep

Bucket: Where are these contestants, hmmm I thought I told them that the nice brunch was at 12:00pm today... well eh more food for me

(At 12:00pm)

Flower: Ugh I'm finnaly well rested and ready to go

Leafy: I'm not I think I'm sick

Bucket: All contestants meet down at the dock *saying on a megaphone*

Backpack: Ugh here we go

(everyone goes to the dock)

Bucket: Welcome to the Merge!!

Pencil: Yay!

Bucket: Now in great awesoness we amde it to the merge and my boss didn't cancle the season yet were doing a double elimination

Everyone: WHA'!!!!!

Bucket: Yes a DOUBLE ELIMINATION!!!! hahahahah

Backpack: OMG

Bucket: So you better make some alliance and better get ready for tommarows dangerous awesome elimination

Backpack: Oh boy

Marble: I might not servive :(

Bucket: We'll I got to go buil the challenge see ya

  • Bucket Leaves

Marble: Hey Pencil

Pencil: Yea

Marble: Since it's merge we should for an alliance with me you and Leafy

Pencil: Hmmm I don't know

Marble: Come on

Pencil: Fine but you ask her

Marble: Ok

  • Marble walks over to Leafy

Marble: Leafy psssst

Leafy: Huh

Marble: It's me Mable

Leafy: Oh hi Marble what are you doing ?

Marble: Well since it's merge Pencil and I are wondering if you want to be in an alliance with us

Leafy: Yes I will 

Marble: Really?

Leafy: Yes please frankly my team sucks .3.

Marble: You don't say

Leafy: Well yes I'll join um tak to you later

  • Marble walks back over to Pencil

Pencil: What did she say

Marble: She said no.....

Pencil: What realyy

Marble: Lol no she said yes

Pencil: Ok good

That's the end of day 16 see you tomarow

Day 17

(In the Merged Cabin)

Pencil: This is so weird now that we all sleep and live in the same cabin

Marble: Yea

Leafy: Hmm I wonder what the next challenge is

Backpack: me to

Boxing Glove: I hope its somthing safe :/ *everyone staires at Boxing Glove*

Flower: Hahah omg thats so funny "safe" when is anything safe in this game

Leafy: Yea I agree with Flower nothing here will be safe

Bucket: ALL CNTESTAMTS MEET AT THE WOOD LINE *saying on a megaphone*

(At the Wood line)

Bucket: Welcome to your next challenge

Flower: Yea great

Bucket: Ass you see we have a track and a train that goes in a circle

Boxing Glove: Oooookkkaaayyy!!!

Marble: So whats the challenge .3.

Bucket: ......anyways the challenge is to be the final 1 on the train, but beware there are poisioness,deadly scorpians on all the carts

Leafy: Sp how do we win

Bucket: Well you win by being the last on on the train

Boxing Glove: How do we do that

Bucket: Well if you die your out if you fall of the train your out

Flower: Is violence okay

Bucket: Yes.....

Flower: Yesssss

Bucket: Now get on the train now

  • Everyone gets on the train

Marble: Leafy, Pencil lets go overthere

Pencil: Ok

Leafy: Wait up

Flower: Hmm whats with those three

Boxing Glove: AHHHHHH I'v been bitten by scorpian

  • Everyone runs away from Boxing Glove

Boxing Glove: Where are you going...oh now im not fee... feeling good

  • Boxing Glove dies

(In cart 3)

Flower: Well one down 4 more loosers to go

Backpack: Mean

Flower: Not as mean as this >:D *pushes Backpack of the train*

Backpack: Ahhhhhh *gets crushed by the train* splshshshhsh

  • Backpack dies

Flower: make that 3 more loosers to go

(In cart 7)

Leafy: Hey where Flower

Marble: I don't know

Pencil: Me neither

Leafy: Well we need to ifnd her and take her down to win

Pencil: True

Leafy: Hmm I wonder where she could be

Pencil: Hey wait a minute if we kill flowerand only 1 can win the challenge which of us would win

Marble: Stop getting ahead of yourself lets just focus on Killing Flower

(Outside the train)

Bucket: Hmm lets see who dead

  • Bucket goes over to the recovery machine

Bucket: Ok not surprised that Boxing Glove and Backpack are dead... guess I'll recover them

  • Bucket recovers Boxing Glove and Backpack

Boxing Glove: Awww I lost

Backpack: Stupid Flower if she loosing shes getting my vote

(On cart 6)

PeciL; Ugh I'm tired

Marble: So am I

Flower: Yes there you guys are

Leafy: Ahhh it's Flower ... I mean ah teres flower get her

Pencil: Come her so we can kill you

Flower: Omg didn't think this would happen

  • Flower runs away

Leafy: After he

Marble: AHHHHH!!! ouch ouch ouch I'v been bitten

Leafy: Nooo

Mrble: Go on without me

  • Marble dies

Pencil: come on lets get her

(Outside the train)

Bucket: Marble? thought he would last longer well..

  • Bucket recovers Marble

Mable: Aww

Boxing Glove: How did you die

Marble: Got bitten

Boxing Glove: Me two

(On cart 4)

Flower: *sighs in relief* they'll never find me here

Pencil: Aha there she is 

Flower: Ahh *grabs a scorpian*

Flower: Don't come closer or I'll poison you

Leafy: Worth my chances *jumps at flower and gets posioned*

  • Leafy dies

Pencil: Oh no Leafy

Flower: Now it's your turn

Pencil: Not today *stabs Flower*

  • Flower dies

Bucket: Thats it Pencil wins the challenge and immunity which means tomarow when 2 of these loosers go to the C.O.P

Pencil: Ugh I'm so glad I'm immune

That's the end of Day 17 see you tomarow

Day 18

(In the Merge Cabin)

Pencil: Well I don't have to worry but Leafy, and Mable you two do

Marble: We'll be fine bt who are we voting remeber 2 people are getting eliminated tonight

Leafy: Yea

Pencil: I don't know maybe Backpack and Flower

Leafy: No Boxing Glove and Flower

Pencil: Well maybe I don't know

Marble: Come on it's time for the elimination

(At the elimination area)

Bucket: Welcome to the first merge elimination

Flower: Yea watever lets just vote okay

  • Everyone votes

Bucket: Since I'm a fatty, meanie, and slob I'm going to show the votes

Flower: So suprising

Backpack: yea 

Contestant Voted
Leafy Flower
Marble Backpack
Backpack Flower
Boxing Glove Marble
Flower Leafy
Pencil Flower

Bucket: So Flower is eliminated, but Backpack, Marble, and Leafy will Have to do a tie braker to see who else will be being to go to the C.O.P

Bucket: First 2 to brake there tie first stay

Marble: *brakes his tie* done

Backpack: *brakes his tie* done

Leafy: Wait he said go

Bucket: So Flower and Leafy are eliminated


Bucket: Well goodbye

  • Bucket flings Leafy and Flower to the C.O.P

Flower and Leafy: AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Backpack: Wow

That's the end of Day 18 see you tomorrow

In the C.O.P Day 3

(In the cop)

Bubble: Oh Hi Leafy *saying while waving*

Leafy: Hi Bubble :/

Pearly: Oh yay Marble is still in he can still win for me

Golf Ball: Blaah shut up, he's probibly gonna ge eliminated next episode 

Pearly: Uh mean

Top Hat: I still don't understand how I lost before you *saying while pointing at Golf Ball*

Bubble: I still don't understand how Flower stayed longer then me

Flower: Ha well thats because your a looooseerrrrrr

Leafy: Yea we were going to vote oyu out but we rarly lost and if we did we voed the person who lost for us

Pearly: But still what did I do 

8-Ball: Well you were just awfull I was still better

Golf Ball: Well I think the elimination order should of been everyone else and me winning

Top Hat: You can just shut up 

Golf Ball: Make me 

Bubble: I think it's time to say see you tomorrow

Top Hat: Hah lets watch you die Golf Ball

Golf Ball: You little peice of...

(end of day 3)

Episode 7: Walk Up and Down!! NOW!!

Last time the final 6 contestants talked some more, they go the shocking news that the teams were now merged, Marble, Pencil, and Leafy made an alliance, and it was going to be a double elimination. Now the challenge was to be the final person on a train filled with poisioness scorpians which would kill you. In the end Pencil won immunity and was safe, at elimination Flower got the most votes but Marble, Leafy and Backpack were tied 1 vote each, so the tie braker was the same and the first 2 to brake there ties would be safe, Leafy not noing Bucket said go she lost and Marble, Backpack, Boxing Glove, and Pencil make up the final four. What will hapen with the final four. What will hapen nex find out here on Battle for the Diamonds.

Day 19

(At the Mess-hall)

Backpack: Hey Boxing Glover

Boxing Glove: Yea

Backpack: Well since it's final four we should think of voting someone

Boxing Glove: well lets see Pencil's strong, but is a little dump.... and Marble is just Crazy and stuff

Backpack: So who do we vote

Boxing Glove: Pencil because Marble will be easier to join with us

Backpack: yea your probably right come on lets gets Marble now

Boxing Glove: Mk

(At the water front)

Boxing Glove: Hey Marble

Marble: Oh hi guys

Backpack: So we were wondering if you alliance with us you could make it to the final 3

Marble: tempting very tempting but no I work alone

Backpack: Ok see ya

  • Backpack and Boxing Glove leave*

*Marble walks over to Pencil who was standing only 5 feet from the conversation*

Marble: Ok so we know there trying to get you out

Pencil: I see, so who do we try to get out

Marble: Easy the smart one

Pencil: Which one there both pretty bad

Marble: Ok the smartest of the 2

Pencil: *stairs at Marble with blank stairs*

Marble: *sighs* the one that came 

Pencil: Oh Boxing Glove

Marble: Yea

Pencil: I got you now, but how do we vote him out

Marble: Just don't let him win immunity and there be a tie for you and him just you have to win the tie breaker

Pencil: And If I loose the tie breaker

Marble: Well then I have to win every challenge from now n cause unless I do I'm out

Pencil: Mk nI'll try my best

Marble: Well I'm going to asleep its 10:00pm

That's the end of Day 19 see you tomorrow

Day 20


Marble: Awww I'm so tired

Bucket: Your challenge will be this, you see this white platform well you will have to walk up and down it while stuf is shot at you lats person standing wins immunity and tonight is a double elimination

Marble: Omg really

Bucket: Yes, but right now walk up and down NOW!!!!!

(On the platform)

Pencil: uhg this is easy

Bucket: Okay *takes a sink and flings it a pencil*

Pencil: Omg *Gets hit by the sink*

Bucket: Pencil is out

Marble: Yeam one down 2 more to go

Pencil: Hey

Marble: Sorry

Bucket: Hmm *takes a bowling ball and flings it at Boxing Glove*

Boxing Glove: AHHHHH *Gets hit by the bowling ball*

Bucket: Boxing Glove is out

Marble: Oh yea

Bucket: not for long *flings a ball at marble*

Marble: Huh *gets hit by the ball* NOOOOO

Bucket: Backpack wins

Backpack: YESSSS

Bucket: Elimination will happen tomorrow good night

That's the end of Day 20 see you tomorrow

Day 21

Marble: Ok so Pencil were going to vote Boxing Glove

Pencil: Yea

Marble: Ok

Bucket: All contestants to the elimination area

  • All contestants get to the eliminated contestants

Bucket: You can all vote

  • All Contestants vote

Bucket: Cause I'm mean I'm going to show the votes

Marble: Shocker *Saying Sarcastically*

Contestant Voted
Pencil Boxing Glove
Marble Boxing Glove
Backpack Marble
Boxing Glove Marble

Bucket: Marble and Boxing Glove are eliminated

Marble: Awwwww

Bucket: See ya

  • Bucket flings Marble and Boxing Glove to the COP

Pencil: Yea final 2

That's the end of Day 21 see you tomorrow

In the C.O.P Day 4

(In the cop)

Bubble: I wonder who will win

Leafy: Yea me to

Marble: Do you think they let us come out of the cage for the finally

Flower: Yea

Leafy: you would know that for sure since you got eliminated first in BFDI

Flower: Shut up *kills leafy*

Pearly: i'll revive her

Golf Ball: No don't I like that she's dead

Top Hat: ugh revive her ALREADY!!!

Pearly: Ok I am

  • Pearly revives Leafy

Leafy: Thanks

8-ball: Well I hope Pencil wins

Pearly: No Backpack should win

Flower: I agree

Top Hat: Who cares we all lost the end

(End of final day)

Episode 8: The Fantastic :D and Terrible D: Finally

Last time the final 4 did there next challenge oh and the talked and stuff, the challenged was to walk up and down a platform while Bucket flung objects at them, in the end Backpack won immunity. At the elimination Marbles alliance and Boxing Glove alliance voted, oh and it was a double elimination, sadly Marble and Boxing Glove got sent to the COP, Now it's time for the finally episode only 2 days of action well one day of action one day of talking. What will happen find out here on Battle for the Diamonds.

Day 22

(At the Beach)

Pencil: Um there isn't much to talk about since were the... the you know.... final 2

Backpack: Yea

Bucket: You to are the most boring contestants ever thank gosh it's the finally

Bucket: You know just go to bed so we can do the finally challenge tomorrow

Pencil: Oh um k

That's the end of Day 22 see you tomorrow for the final day

Day 23 the Final Day

(In the Morning)

Bucket: Ahh what a wonderful, peaceful, gorgeous day, so just great. Well now that relaxing is done it's time to do the finally.

Bucket: *On a Bullhorn* Contestants it's time to wake UPPPPP!!!!!!!!

Pencil: Ahhhhhhh whats going on

Backpack: I don't know

Bucket: Com out side you 2

  • Pencil and Bucket walked outside there cabins

Bucket: As you know it's the finally

Pencil: Yea so what about it I'm like tired

Backpack: Yea

Bucket: Well we can't start the finally till the eliminated contestants come back from the C.O.P

Pencil: Great *saying *sarcastically*

Bucket: I know 'cause here they are now

  • Bucket presses a button which brings back all the eliminated contestants

Bucket: In order of elimination we welcome back Top Hat

Top Hat: Can't believe after almost 20 days I'm back

Bucket: Golf Ball

Golf Ball: This place is still as bad as when I left go figure

Bucket: Pearly

Pearly: Oh um I'm sad me nor Marble is in the finally but what are you gonna do

Bucket: 8-Ball

8-Ball: I still got out unfairly >:(

Bucket: Bubble

Bubble: Go Backpack because i hate Pencil!

Pencil: Hey!

Bucket: Flower and Leafy

Flower: Well at least when I went down I went down with the Island robber

Leafy: I'm not a island robber

Bucket: And finally Marble and Boxing Glove

Marble: Well final 4 isn't that bad

Boxing Glove: Yea I guess

Bucket: It's now time for the finally challenge

Pencil: Now but I'm so like tired

Backpack: Yea

Bucket: To BAD >:D

Pencil: Fine whats the challenge

Bucket: Your final challenge is a Quiz about this season

Backpack: So original

Bucket: Right

Bucket: Now to the Quiz area

  • Everyone magically poofs to the Quiz area

Pencil: Huh that was easy

Bucket: Okay first person to 5 points is season 1 winner

Bucket: Question 1, who was eliminated first in this season

Pencil: Easy one Top Hat

Bucket: Point to Pencil

Bucket: Question 2, how many episodes were there before merge

Pencil: Easy 5

Bucket: Another point to Pencil

Bucket: Question 3, how many double eliminations were there

Backpack: I got it it's um 2?

Bucket: Correct point to Backpack

Backpack: Yes

Pencil: Dang

Bucket: Question 4, name the 2 non contestants featured in the season

Pencil: Tree and Clover

Bucket: Yes, only 2 more points and you win Pencil

Pencil: *smiles*

Bucket: Question 5: When did the show start

Pencil: Um

Backpack: Uhh

Pencil: December 22, 2013

Bucket: No

Backpack: December 23

Bucket: Nope

Pencil: December 24

Bucket: :/ No!

Backpack: December 25

Bucket: Yes point for Backpack

Bucket: Question 6, who was eliminated 3rd

Pencil: Um Pearly

Bucket: Yes only 1 more point and you win Pencil and 3 more for Backpack

Pencil: Ha

Backpack: Aw come on

Bucket: Might be the last question, who made it into merge

Pencil: Pencil, Backpack, Marble, and Boxing Glove

Bucket: That's it Pencil WINS SEASON ONEEEE!!!

Pencil: YEASSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Bucket: Here is your money

Pencil: Yay

Bucket: *About to hand the money to Pencil*

Flower: NOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Flower grabs the Money Case

Flower: It's mine it's all mine :DDDDDDDD

Golf Ball: Now for long *pushes button*

  • Kills Flower and crushes money


Bucket: That means there's going to be a SEASON 2

That's the end of Day 23 the end of the final day

Reason for a contestants elimination

Episode 1| Name: Where's my Flower| Eliminated: Top Hat| Reason: because he was mean to all the contestants so he got 2 votes tied with flower but Flower won the tie beaker challenge which was to break your tie first and Top Hat lost.

Episode 2|Name: Ski or be Skied| Eliminated: Golf Ball| Reason: because she was mean to Bubble who everyone likes except maybe 8-Ball cause he voted her also but Golf Ball got 1 more vote then Bubble making her eliminated.

Episode 3|Name: The Lucky Clover| Eliminated: Pearly|Reason: because sadly she made it to final 2 but when it came to guessing a number she choose 320 and Bubble choose 2 it ended up that Clover's favorite number is 4 so Pearly lost it for her team ending with 2 votes one from Backpack the other from her alliance member Flower.

Episode 4|Name: Can't Out-stare Me| Eliminated: 8-Ball|Reason: because 8-Ball made it to final round of the staring contest he thought he could win, but lost for his team. But at the elimination him and Marble were somewhat in a friendship alliance, but was never a full alliance. There was 2 votes against 8-Ball and 2 votes against Pencil for loosing right away in the challenge. So they had to break ties to see who would stay 8-Ball had no limbs so he could not break his tie so he was eliminated.

Episode 5|Name: The Amazing Hunt| Eliminated: Bubble|Reason: because Bubble in the challenge thought when the scavenger list said find a ruby, she thought it meant find Ruby the character. Pencil got mad so when they lost at elimination she voted Bubble instead of Marble like they both were going too since they were in an alliance. 

Episode 6|Name: Scorpions on a Train!!!| Eliminated: Flower and Leafy|Reason: because during the challenge they both died and Pencil won the immunity, at the elimination Flower got 3 votes making her automatically out but Marble, Backpack, and Leafy each got 1 vote so one of them had to be out, the contest for that was the first 2 to brake there ties, Marble broke his tie first, then is was Backpack, making Leafy also out since she didn't know when to start.

Episode 7|Name: Walk Up and Down!! NOW!!| Eliminated: Marble and Boxing Glove|Reason: because Pencil and Marble were an Alliance and Boxing Glove and Backpack were an alliance, at the elimination Marbles alliance voted Boxing Glove and Boxing Gloves alliance voted Marble so they both got out.

Episode 8|Name: The Fantastic :D and Terrible D: Finally| Eliminated: Backpack|Reason: because he didn't win the quiz, in the finally

The winner is


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