Bottle BFB Intro

"That’s right. We’re all about Preventing Battle for camp everyone And Creating Trust." ― Bottle
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This is a joke show don’t take it seriously

Battle for camp everyone is an object show created by some cubey teen, The first season premiered on November 24, 2017 And The second season On April 24, 2019


Season 1

16 age: 16

acid age: 21

apple age: 14

basketball age: 17

blue spidepr age: 100,000,000

Bubble gum age: 8

Bushy age: 15

Cherry age: 13

Clock age: 11

Cyan ball age: 11

Disc age: 12

donut age: 13

emerald age: 16

Flash age: 13 (deceased)

Golf ball age: 29

Icey age: 14

Nick logo age: 38

O.J. Age: 12

Orange age: 16

Paper age: 17

pear age: 14

Phone age: 24

Pumpkin age: 14

robot age: 3,000

Rock age: 100

Snail age: 201

Snowball age: 14

Stickfigure age: 26

Tennis ball age: 20

TV age: 30

wirey age: 17

windows 10 age: 10

season 2

boxy age: 14

leafy jr age: 9

Fly age: 24 (hours)

Tweety bird age: 8 (mouths)

Dimond age: 101

Beer age: 13

Leaf age: 15

Spongey age: 16

Cap age: 13

Legoy age: 18

tennis raket age: 69

8-ball age: 13

Sodor chesse age: 14

baseball age:16


ipod age: 20

TNT age: 10


This is the first paint 3-D object show made

This is the first object show to be directed at teens

This is the 5th Australian object show

The show has the oldest character in object history (blue spider)

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