Welcome to BFABM! Just so you know, this is a joke, so don't expect it to be good. Still, I encourage you to vote. :) (This is currently WIP) Here are the characters, which include 1 host and 8 contestants Ronald-McDonald.jpg|Ronald McDonald (Host) 13. Ping Pong Ball.png|Ping Pong Ball from BFB Bubble IS DA mlg GaNgStEr.png|MLG Bubble Mission to win happy meal by cornyanimations332-daxvooh.png|Happy Meal Itbelebigchongos.png|Big Chungus Toilet.png|Toilet Parythellelogram.jpeg|Parallelogram LetterafterSpose.png|Shaggy Ronald-McDonald

What Stale Breadcrumbs member should get eliminated?SoapLightbulbBubbleBocce BallQuinceSoccer BallDiaryBalloonLet the contestants vote!

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