And Pie died

"And Battle for Yoyle City (CANCELLED) is dead!" - Bottle

Battle for Yoyle City (CANCELLED) is cancelled. Be aware that future updates on this article are unlikely to be seen, and additional information should be accompanied by a source to confirm it.

This is a BFDI camp page. I don't know how to do these, so comment down below if I mess up.

You have to be any of the 22 BFDIA contestants, along with David and Pen.

So - just comment down below which character to want to be.

I will update it tomorrow if I remember, but remember, no promises.

So yeah, do that.

Oh, and, let me explain the different tokens.

Win Token - you know how you use it. (You get 1 if you win a challenge.)

Revenge Token - if someone votes for you, you can use your token to have that person vote for themself instead of you. (Every fifth challenge, this is handed out to the successor.)

Team Token - You can use to assign yourself to a different team that's not up for elimination. (If you lose the challenge horribly, you will get this one.)

And last but definitely not least, we have the Master Token - You can use it to become the host for 1 episode. (You get it very randomly and SUPER SUPER SUPER rarely.)

So, comment down below which character u wanna be!





Pencil/Jewel Ann Estodillo

Coiny/Ducky (Oh, great! There is Firey and Coiny now! And since this is BFDIA, there is gonna be a lot of slaps in this camp.)

Yellow Face/XYZeed

We have 7 now!!

Quick thing to say: You need to have permission to edit the page. If you don't abide by this rule, you are banned from this camp. Your character will be replaced.

So, someone asked if this was cancelled, so auditions are closed.

It's time to do a mini-BFDIA with 7 contestants. This IS NOT the real camp, that's when we get the rest, this is just a mini-camp. Auditions will be re-opened after this mini-camp.

Now, this is the part where I said I have no idea what i'm doing earlier.

I guess i'll just go by what I remember a camp being as....(I don't know much. PLEASE comment down below if I am doing something wrong.)

Now, first episode:

Challenge = Get To The Top Of 500 Stairs (again.) (lol)

Yellow Face = 33/500 steps

Spongy = 56/500 steps

Coiny/125 steps (Firey slapped him off)

Pen/223 steps

Pencil/246 steps (Gelatin threw a fork at her)

Gelatin/333 steps (distraction)

Firey/500 steps

Firey gets immunity!

So the rest are UFE.

Firey gets a win-token.

Pen = 2 votes

Coiny = 6 votes

Spongy = 9 votes

Yellow Face = 11 votes

it's down to Gelatin and Pencil.

Gelatin = 16 votes

Pencil = 22 VOTES. Eliminated from the show.


This is cancelled.

I lost my nerve for it, and I don't want to work on something I don't like working on.

The guys who signed up for my camp? You're all awesome people.

I just can't do it anymore. I'm sorry.

The exits are to your leave button.

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