Battle for Spartan Island is a camp created by bowserjr2215,it has 34 contestants fighting for spartan island

battle for spartan island

created by

bowserjr2215(both youtube and wikia)

started in

May 24th,2013

ended in




Episode 1

The challenge was to pick a box if you didn't do the challenge,or pick a bad box,then you will be up for elimination

the people up for elimination were Leafy,Blocky,Dora,David,Teardrop,Donut,Nickel,Ice Cube,and other people :3

Episode 2

As it ended up Woody and Dora was eliminated and the challenge was to pick a team name

and the 3 team captains  were Gelatin,Puffball,and Rubber Ball

Episode 3

teams were formed and Flower and Firey ended up being teamless,the next challenge was to save Woody and Dora from mars

Elimination Table

name team eliminated in place reason vote
Woody-Matej Dolenec none episode 2 34th Is an unpopular contestant and rigged the votes in bfsi 2
Dora-inefernapey2 none epsiode 2 33rd not doing the challenge and choosing an unpopular contestants 1
Flower-mewcakes none episode 3 32nd Being annoying to  some others 0
Firey-LengendRock629 none episode 3 31st Not doing the challenge and is unpopular 0


coming soon........

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