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Battle For Space Palace
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August 28, 2011



Created by

NiHao Guylan

Based on

Battle for Dream Island (Again)

Battle For Space Palace (BFSP) is a Battle for Dream Island Camp. It was created by a YouTube user and OSC founder called NiHao Guylan and began August 28, 2011. The remake premiered on May 27, 2016 The Fanfic takes place in Space. There are a total of 30 episodes.

The 30 original contestants.


This Camp involves 30 (later 33) Recommended Characters from Battle for Dream Island who failed to join BFDI in it's 18th episode and now reside in the Locker of Losers. But when Announcer lifts them into space via giant butterfly net and informs them of the luxurious Space Palace, competition sparks.

In episode 2, the 30 contestants were divided into three teams of 9 (3 were eliminated): Supernova, Saturn Stars, and Dopey Moons. The three teams competed in contests, with the two losing teams facing elimination, known as Cake at Stake. The viewers get to decide who gets voted off. The highest voted contestant is eliminated, and sent back to the Locker of Losers.

In episode 11, the teams scrambled around. Only one team would face elimination. During Cake at Stake, the 2 most voted contestants would leave the losing team. The winning team would then choose one of the 2 to be on their team, with the other being eliminated.

In episode 15, the teams dissolved, and contestants competed as individuals. A point system was also introduced. The contestant's scores were carried out through the competition, and they could earn/lose points depending on how they did in a contest. At the end of an episode, the 3-4 contestants with the lowest scores would be up for elimination, and the most voted contestant would be sent to the Locker of Losers.

In episode 25, the point system ended, and competitors competed solely for immunity. 1 or 2 people won immunity each episode, with the rest of the contestants being put up for elimination, and the most voted competitor being sent to the Locker of Losers. This process continued until the final 2. The viewers then voted between the 2 finalists, with the most voted contestant winning Space Palace.



  • All confessionals, challenges, and voting were to be done through PM, not comments.
  • Confessionals had to be sent during the voting period, not in the middle of a challenge.

Stages of the Game[]

  • During the original teams, only one team can win immunity, putting the other two teams up for elimination. One person from either team could be eliminated.
  • After teams changed, two teams could win immunity. 1st Place would receive a player from 3rd Place along with immunity, 2nd Place won immunity only, and 3rd Place was up for elimination. During eliminations, two people will be voted off 3rd Place, one voted off contestant will be voted onto 1st Place, and the other voted off contestant is eliminated.
  • When teams end, a Points System starts up. Contestants could earn points throughout the game based on how they did in the competition.The three to four members with the lowest scores were up for elimination, with the most voted contestant being eliminated.
    • Later on (at the half-way mark of the Points System), the Score Board is down-graded, and can only hold two-digit numbers. This means if you surpass the 100-Point mark, your score is reset to zero.
  • After points end, contestants compete solely for immunity. The winner of the Challenge earned immunity, and everyone else was up for elimination, with the most voted contestant being eliminated.


  • Not doing a challenge could result in the a strike and/or a point reduction.
  • If a Contestant receives 3 strikes, they were put up for re-signups.
  • The only way to erase your strikes was by doing a challenge before you earned 3 strikes.
  • If you cheat:
    • You could be put up for elimination.
    • You could be disqualified and sent to the Locker of Losers.

Contestant Table[]

Participant Original Team Status Placing

Merged Team

Roboty - PorcheBB13*** None

1st Teamless in Challenge 2

33rd/32nd Place Pre-Team
Eggy - Crystiwing*** None

2nd Teamless in Challenge 2

33rd/32nd Place
Clock - ufus630* None

Returns in Challenge 24

3rd Teamless in Challenge 2

Evil Leafy - alexlion0511* Dopey Moons

Returns in Results 3

4th Eliminated in Challenge 3

Teams (Non-Merged)

Naily - sassypin*** Saturn Stars

5th Disqualified in Results 3

31st Place
Dora - BFDIFAN9001 Saturn Stars

6th Eliminated in Challenge 4

30th Place
BFDI Nickel - 475thunder* Saturn Stars

7th Eliminated in Challenge 5

29th Place
Remote - fyrstoppin


Returns in Challenge 7

8th Eliminated in Challenge 6

Marker - firealarmfreak5 Saturn Stars

Returns in Challenge 11

9th Eliminated in Challege 6

Bomby - MegaHOD12 Dopey Moons 10th Eliminated in Challenge 6 28th Place
Trousers - MarioSonicBFDI* Dopey Moons 11th Eliminated in Challenge 7 27th Place
Bell - awesomekids1 Dopey Moons 12th Eliminated in Challenge 8 26th Place
Evil Leafy - alexlion0511* Dopey Moons 13th Eliminated in Challenge 9 25th Place
Nonexisty - logmeister4* Supernova

Returns in Challenge 20

14th Eliminated in Challenge 10

Grassy - hdude01 Supernova

Returns in Results 14

15th Eliminated in Challenge 11

Basketball - yoshiman4321 Supernova 16th Eliminated in Challenge 11 24th/23rd Place
Robot Flower - Kalasi97* Supernova 17th Eliminated in Challenge 11 24th/23rd Place
I.I. Nickel - AnimationEpic Supernova Debuts in Challenge 11
Fanny - flynngundo Supernova 18th Eliminated in Challenge 13 22nd Place Teams Change (Non-Merged)
Balloony - Ben1178 Saturn Stars 19th Eliminated in Challenge 14 21st Place
Remote - fyrstoppin Supernova 20th Eliminated in Challenge 15 20th/19th/18th Place
Barf Bag - captainjking* Saturn Stars 21st Eliminated in Challenge 15 20th/19th/18th Place
Cloudy - Jeelhu77* Dopey Moons 22nd Eliminated in Challenge 15 20th/19th/18th Place
Fries - beagleboyful Dopey Moons 23rd Eliminated in Challenge 16 17th Place Point System (Merged)
TV - SBProductions12** Saturn Stars 24th Eliminated in Challenge 17 16th Place
Ruby - Cheetah465* Dopey Moons 25th Eliminated in Challenge 18 15th Place
Pillow - DaKillahBunnyz Saturn Stars 26th Eliminated in Challenge 19 14th Place
8-Ball - Anthonym9499 Dopey Moons 27th Eliminated in Challenge 20 13th Place
Cake - SBProductions12** None Debuts in Challenge 20
Cheez It - regulardude45 None Debuts in Challenge 20
Tree - tylerbungard* Supernova 28th Eliminated in Challenge 21 12th/11th Place
Dictionary - DuffyMooCows Supernova 29th Eliminated in Challenge 21 12th/11th Place
Cake - SBProductions12** None 30th Eliminated in Challenge 22 `10th Place
Grassy - hdude01 Supernova 31st Eliminated in Challenge 23 9th Place
Marker - firealarmfreak5 Saturn Stars 32nd Eliminated in Challenge 24 8th Place
Saw - TheMagnificentTrio* Dopey Moons

Returns in Challenge 26

33rd Eliminated in Challenge 24

Nonexisty - logmeister4 Supernova 34th Eliminated in Challenge 25 7th Place
I.I. Nickel - AnimationEpic Supernova 35th Eliminated in Results 26 6th Place Immunity Challenges (Merged)
Cheez-It - regulardude45 None 36th Eliminated in Challenge 27 5th Place
Saw - TheMagnificentTrio* Dopey Moons 37th Eliminated in Challenge 28 4th Place
Pie - OfficialMatrVincent* Supernova 38th Eliminated in Challenge 29 3rd Place
Clock - ufus630* None Not Yet Eliminated --
Taco - DeeandEd* Saturn Stars Not Yet Eliminated --


* - This Contestant has had their user replaced at least once in the game.

** - This Contestant was controlled by the same person until their elimination.

*** - This Contestant was controlled by the same person using Multiple Accounts until their Elimination/Disqualification.


(Note: Episode summaries follow what happens in the more detailed Remake, not the Original.)

Too Lazy to Name[]

Challenge Released: August 28, 2011 Results Released: September 3, 2011 Remake Released: May 27, 2016

The episode opens with a close up of the Locker of Losers (LOL). Fanny is groaning. Dictionary slaps him, asking him to cut it out. Fanny apologizes, and complains that he is bored. Naily remarks that they all are bored, Bell adding on that they've been trapped in the LOL for months now. Ruby and Bomby are still upset that they didn't join BFDI, but are interrupted by Barf Bag and Cloudy, who claim they were much stronger contenders. Pie makes the point that they all deserved to join over David, which everyone is in agreement on. Balloony says David didn't even survive his first elimination. Basketball is confused on how he was voted on in the first place.

    Saw pipes up, and exclaims that everyone should stay positive an make the best of the situation. Grassy, baffled by Saw's optimism, asks how he expects them to do that. Saw suggests that if they're bummed that they didn't make it onto BFDI, they could always make their own version. Remote thinks this is a great idea: They would create their own Reality Competition, a "New and Improved Battle for Dream Island," with Remote as host. His out-of-the-blue setup falls upon silence, as everyone stares at him with confusion. Marker, speaking for Nonexisty, asks how they would compete for Dream Island from inside the inescapable LOL. Remote acknowledges this point, and drops the idea, much to Robot Flower's annoyance. Tree believes it wouldn't be the same anyways, and wished they could compete in an actual Competition like BFDI, saying it'd be a whole lot nicer than being trapped in the LOL.

    The LOL is then caught by a giant net and begins hurling them upwards. Everyone is confused and afraid about what is happening, unable to tell from inside the LOL. The net launches the LOL into space before releasing them. The LOL opens, setting everyone free. Dora is excited that they are free, but Nickel questions why they were launched into space. Dictionary sees the Announcer from BFDI heading their way. Everyone is shocked. When he arrives, he greets the 29 of them and announces that their wish to compete in competition was about to come true. They were now the contestants of Announcer's new Reality show: Battle for Space Palace.

    Announcer explains that they were not competing to live on Dream Island. Instead, they would compete to live on an all new location of luxury: Space Palace. It has many similar qualities like Dream Island, and the winner would decide who gets to enter Space Palace, and who doesn't. He describes the competition as a "Camp," which raises some confusion. Pie asks to clarify what he meant by "Camp." Announcer explains that signups were held to determine YouTubers who would control the actions of the contestants throughout the competition, much like a role play/video game. Taco describes that all of their actions were being determined by "an outside force by which they had no control of," which Announcer confirms is true. Balloony and Eggy are surprised by this craziness. Bell objects, saying none of this made any sense at all. Announcer replies by saying it didn't have to make sense, as it is a Camp. Bell is puzzled, unable to argue with that. Announcer says not to think about it too much.

    Announcer is about to move onto introducing the 30 contestants, but Nickel points out that there was only 29 of them. Announcer announces that he was adding a 30th contestant into the game. Pillow is concerned that it might be David, but Announcer explains that it is an entirely new contestant: Trousers. Saw greets Trousers, and Trousers says hello back, revealing to be loud, annoying, and goofy sounding. Barf Bag complains, saying he's even worse than David. Announcer then introduces the 30 contestants, and who they are played by.

    Announcer gives out a few extra details before getting the ball rolling. He explains that confessionals can be made at the beginning of each episode. He then talks about Tokens. In between episodes, they viewers would vote one of the losers out of the game. Win Tokens would halven their elimination votes when used, and the all new Immunity Toke would guarantee their safety at "Cake at Stake."

    The first contest was to come up with the best team name. Announcer wanted to use new team names for the competition, but was too lazy to think of any. So he would have the contestants think of them for him. The team name had to be themed around "Outer Space," as this was "Battle for Space Palace." All the contestants needed was a team name, but they could also submit a team logo as well. The best team name, team logo, and overall team entry would win immunity and become the Team Captains. Robot Flower declare this challenge to be a piece of cake.

    Announcer is disappointed, as only 8 people do the challenge: Bell, Pillow, Grassy, Bomby, Basketball, Dora, TV, and Evil Leafy. Robot Flower makes the excuse that coming up with a team name is too hard. Eggy's brains are scrambled. Clock didn't do the challenge because he didn't want to be Team Captain. Announcer is baffled by their excuses, but moves onto judging the submissions he received, starting with name entries.

    Basketball's team name was "Asteroid Ambush." The logo would be asteroids. Bell's name was "Big Dipper Winners." The logo would be of the Big Dipper, and they're called the Big Dipper Winners because they'd always win. Announcer asks "What if you don't?" Bell is unable to respond. TV's name was the "Saturn Stars." The logo would be of the Planet Saturn, Saturn's Rings, and there would be stars. Announcer likes TV's name and enthusiasm. Dora's name is the "Spaced Out Galaxies." Instead of explaining the look of the logo, she slanders the other team name, claiming hers to be the best. Announcer disagrees whole heartily, and declares TV's name the winner.

    Next came those who submitted a name and a logo. Bomby's name was "Team Sword." The logo was a picture of a sword. Announcer asks what that has to do with space, and Bomby panics. Grassy's name was "Supernova." The logo was a star. He explains that a supernova was an exploding star, to which Announcer points out that Grassy's star isn't exploding in his logo. Pillow's name was the "Amazing Astros." The logo was asteroids. Announcer accuses Pillow of copying Basketball. She responds, asking how he knew Basketball didn't copy copy off of her, as opposed to the other way around. Basketball scoffs. Announcer asks who else submitted a logo, unable to find the last submitter. Evil Leafy warps in front of him with her logo: an evil looking moon. Announcer declares her logo the winner and asks for the team name. She remains silent. Balloony points out that her Moon looked dopey, so Announcer dubs her team the "Dopey Moons." Evil Leafy appears displeased, and Announcer says if she doesn't like that name, then she'd should've given him a better one.

    As for the overall winner, while none of the logos impressed Announcer that much, one of the team names did: Supernova, meaning Grassy wins as well. TV, Evil Leafy, and Grassy would pick the teams. They also each won a Win and Immunity Token. Everyone else was up for elimination. Dictionary is worried that the viewers would vote her off. Announcer explains that the voters will not be voting someone off this episode. Next episode, the Team Captains would pick 8 contestants each to join their teams. The 3 who are not picked will be sent back to the LOL.

Engine Starters[]

Challenge Released: September 5, 2011

Results Released: September 24, 2011

During Confessionals, Balloony said he hoped he could make friends throughout the game, Bell expressed his love for Mountain Dew, and Basketball was fascinated by the fact the that he was breathing in Space.

Afterwards, Grassy, TV, and Evil Leafy picked the Teams. With the other 27 Contestants up for elimination, the Team Captains got to choose 8 Contestants each to be on their Team, with the 3 not chosen being eliminated.

The BFSP Teams

In the end, Robotty, Eggy, and Clock were sent to the Locker of Losers.

For their first official Team Challenge, everyone had to choose between 27 Spaceships. 10 of the Spaceships had fuel, while 17 did not. The Team that had the most members in the Fueled Spaceships would win the Challenge. Contained inside one of the Fueled Spaceships was a Win Token, and the Contestant that chose that Spaceship gets a Win Token. Ironically, 15 people (Nonexisty, Tree, Dictionary, Pie, Remote, Robot Flower, Marker, BFDI Nickel, Naily, Bell, Cloudy, Evil Leafy, Ruby, Trousers, and Fries) did not do the challenge (possibly due to Guylan not PMing anyone about the Camp Video...), so their Spaceships were chosen for them by random. If their Spaceship had fuel, it would only give their Team half a Point, and they would not get the Win Token. With a 3 - 2½ - 2 score, Supernova won the Challenge, and Fanny got the Win Token.


Saturn Stars and Dopey Moons were put up for elimination, however, everyone that chose a Fueled Spaceship (Saw, Bell, Ruby, Trousers, Pillow, and Barf Bag) was guaranteed immunity. However, not everyone on Supernova was safe. Guylan's younger brother (YoshiMan4321/Ian) played as Basketball, and was easily able to find out the Win Token Spaceship. As a result, he told Grassy (his real life friend and alliance member: HDude01/Henry). Grassy began bragging about getting the Win Token BEFORE the Results was released, completely blowing their cover. As a Penalty for cheating, Grassy and Basketball, even though they were on Supernova, were put up for elimination.

Numbers and Individuals[]

Challenge Released: October 2, 2011

Results Released: October 8, 2011

Votes: 21 (Later revealed to be 12)

During Confessionals, Grassy apologized for cheating, and Pillow and Barf Bag talk about alliances.

21 votes were collected for the first vote-based Cake at Stake. Grassy used his Win Token, however, got 0 votes. 8-Ball, Bomby, Cloudy, Fries, TV, Taco, and Balloony also got 0 votes. Basketball and Naily were also safe at 1 vote. Marker and Dora were safe at 2 and 3 votes respectively. It came down to Nickel and Evil Leafy, and at a 3 - 11 vote, Evil Leafy was eliminated.

The Challenge this time was a Pick a Number Tournament. Contestants had to choose 1 number between 1 - 30 that would be used for the entire Tournament, and whoever came the closest the the Winning Number would advance to the next round. The number would be different every round, and each number was always chosen by random. If one made it to the Quarter Finals, they would be guaranteed immunity. If one made it to the Finals, they would receive a Win Token. The winner of the Tournament wins the Challenge for their Team. This time (and from that point on), Contestants were notified about the Camp Videos.

Pie, Cloudy, Robot Flower, Naily, Ruby, Taco, Nonexisty, Trousers, Tree, and Nickel did not do the challenge. Marker and Basketball made it to the Finals, and won Win Tokens. In the end, Basketball won the Tournament, earning Supernova immunity. Barf Bag, Marker, and Pillow of Saturn Stars and Bell and 8-Ball of Dopey Moons made it to the Quarter Finals, making them safe from elimination. However, everyone else on those 2 Teams were up for the vote.


After the Results, Speaker Announcer asked Naily, Nickel, and Dora to fallow him to the Elimination Area. Also at the Elimination Area was recently eliminated Contestant Evil Leafy, who was revealed to be unfairly voted off. As it turned out, 9 of Evil Leafy's 11 votes were given using Fake Youtube Accounts, and those votes were cast by a Contestant. For that reason, Evil Leafy rejoined the game, re-earning her Win/Immunity Token. Because Evil Leafy returned, someone else needed to be eliminated. Dora and Nickel both received 3 votes, and were the next highest vote getters, and since Nickel got all his votes first, he would've been eliminated. But in conclusion, Naily was the one using Fake Accounts.

Towards the end of the Challenge, a couple Facebook users (including Guylan himself) accused Naily's user: SassyPin of rigging votes on BFDI using fake accounts on the BFDI Facebook Page. Later on, a list of fake accounts used to rig votes were posted onto the Page. Among those accounts were Nickel's, Tree's, Cloudy's, Ruby's, Trouser's Nonexisty's, Pie's, Robot Flower's, and Naily's user (Plus Robotty's and Eggy's user, but they were already eliminated). After checking the accounts, evidence showed that all accounts joined around the same time, had only one uploaded video, and had little to no activity. There were also accounts, such as SassyPin, who's account wasn't available for viewing. After viewing SassyPin's wiki account: CodyPin, it showed actual proof from SassyPin himself that SassyPin had used Fake Accounts to rig votes. For that reason, Naily (SassyPin) was disqualified from the Camp, sending him to LOL.

Also, since Nickel, Tree, Cloudy, Ruby, Trousers, Nonexisty, Pie, and Robot Flower had not done 3 challenges in a Row (Although, all of them were also played by Naily's user: SassyPin using Fake Accounts) and since Evil Leafy's user never responded on rejoining as Evil Leafy, the 9 of them were put up for Resign-Ups. During Resign-Ups, Non-Competitors are allowed to sign up on a first come, first serve basis to become that Contestant's Replacement User. Afterwards, Speaker Announcer signs off.

Pointy Square Rainbows []

Challenge Released: October 12, 2011 (Re-Uploaded October 16, 2011)

Results Released: October 16, 2011

Votes: 14 (26 Votes Total)


During Confessionals, Basketball cheers on his friends and allies, Grassy and Pie give everyone a hello, Pillow raged over Naily's cheating ways (1st Pillow's words of Wisdom), and TV showed joy over the fact that had 8,000 TV Channels.

14 votes were collected during Cake at Stake, and TV and Ruby got 0 votes, making them safe. Nickel, Trousers, Saw, Cloudy, and Bomby were all also safe at 1 vote each. Fries was safe at 2 votes, and at a vote of 3 - 4, Taco was the last one safe, sending Dora to LOL.

For the Challenge, Contestants had to choose between 10 different Colored Boxes. Each Box contained a Point Value between -5 - 15 Points, and whichever Team had the most points won the Challenge. Choosing the -5 Point, 15 Point, and Win Token Box garenteed Immunity. The first to choose the Win Token Box gets the Win Token.

These were the Boxes everyone chose:

Red - Fanny (-5) Orange - TV (9) Yellow - Bell, Bomby, Trousers (1, WT) Green - Cloudy, Grassy, 8-Ball (13) Blue - Ruby, Nonexisty, Dictionary (11) Purple - Taco, Marker, Basketball (3) Black - Barf Bag, Robot Flower, Fries (15) White - Nickel, Pie (7) Brown - Saw, Remote (0) Pink - Tree, Pillow (-3) Didn't do Challenge - Balloony, Evil Leafy (-3)

At 57 points, Dopey Moons pulled off their 1st win, sending Supernova (52 Points) and Saturn Stars (31 Points) off to elimination. Trousers got the Win Token, and Barf Bag, Robot Flower, and Fanny also got Immunity for choosing the Immunity Boxes.

Guess that Song

Challenge Released: October 18, 2011

Results Released: October 21, 2011

Votes: 21 (47 Votes Total)

Note: Guylan makes his Camp on his PC Computer. During the early Challenge/Results of BFSP (Challenge/Results 1-12), he had to use his Mother's PC Charger/Adapter because his Charger/Adapter broke. Due to his Mother leaving for a week long trip (and taking her PC Computer, which required her Charger/Adapter in order for it to work) during the making of this Camp Video, the Camp Video was unable to be made. Therefore, Guylan had 2 choices: either Delay the Camp Video, or release it in Puppet Form, uploading the video using his back-up Mac Computer (which didn't have MS Paint/Powerpoint, meaning it couldn't couldn't be used to Animate BFSP). He chose the Puppet Form. He plans on eventually recreating this Challenge/Results video in Powerpoint form, however.

BFSP 5.png

During Confessionals, Nonexisty compliments on how the Camp is going thus far, Basketball tells the viewers to stop calling him a cheater (refering to Challenge/Results 2), Grassy congratulates Dopey Moons on their recent win, Dictionary shows rage over losing the latest challenge, Markers wonders who he should ally with, and Pie reveals to have mysteriously transformed into Yoyle Pie.

21 votes were collected during Cake at Stake. TV, Remote and Yoyle Pie did not get any votes against them, meaning they were safe, and got Cake. Nonexisty, Marker, Taco, Tree, Pillow, and Dictionary all only received 1 vote each, and got Cake as well. Coincidentally, Basketball and Grassy (Partners in the game) both were safe at 2 votes each, and at a 3 - 8 vote, Balloony was the final person safe, meaning BFDI Nickel was eliminated, and was sent to the Locker of Losers.

The Contestants had to listen to instrumental versions of 8 different songs (aka, Songs without People singing the Song, or Lyrics) for the next Challenge. They were also provided the Artists of each song. Using this clue, the Contestants had to figure out the names of each individual song. Since it had been 5 challenges (technically 4, since Challenge 1 had the same Reward...), the person who guessed the most Songs correctly would receive both a Win and Immunity Token.

These were the Answers:

1. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) (By Green Day)

2. It Doesn't Even Matter (By Linkin' Park)

3. Smells Like Teen Spirit (By Nirvana)

4. Crazy Train (By Ozzy Osbourne)

5. Tears don't Fall (By Bullet for My Valentine)

6. Waking the Demon (By Bullet for My Valentine)

7. The World is Black (By Good Charolette)

8. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (By Green Day)

With a score of 5/8, Nonexisty won the Win and Immunity Token.

For the first time since Challenge 1, only 8 people did the Challenge. Those 8 were Basketball, Nonexisty, Yoyle Pie, Dictionary, Robot Flower, 8-Ball, Ruby, and Bomby (5 Supernova, 0 Saturn Stars, 3 Dopey Moons). For that reason, those 8 got Immunity. However, if they got a 0/8, they did not get Immunity. For that reason, Bomby didn't get Immunity. At a 14 - 0 - 4 score, Supernova won the Challenge.

Also, there was 3 twists: The first Twist was that the 7 people that won Immunity (Basketball, Nonexisty, Pie, Dictionary, Robot Flower, 8-Ball, and Ruby) also won Immunity for the next Challenge, meaning they didn't have to do the next Challenge. The second Twist was that Supernova did not win Immunity, but instead won a Prize. The third Twist was that one person from each Team would be eliminated, making it a Triple Elimination. As a result, the voters were allowed to vote 3 times (once per Team).

Metal Heads[]

Challenge Released: October 26, 2011

Results Released: November 3, 2011

Votes: 43 (90 Votes Total)

Confessionals were skipped this time, so Cake at Stake immediately commenced. Yoyle Pie was sliced up into to bits to use as the Symbol of Safety instead of Cake. As a result, Pie recovered from the Master Recovery Center, back to her original self. A Grand Total of 42 votes were received, and Supernova was the first Team to undergo the dreadful Triple Elimination.

14 people voted for Supernova's Team. Grassy got the most votes, at 5, but used his Immunity Token, making him safe. Tree was also safe at 1 vote. Fanny and Remote both got 4 votes. Since Fanny got his 4 votes after Remote did, he was safe, meaning Remote was going to the Locker of Losers.

16 people voted for Saturn Star's Team. Barf Bag was the first person safe at only 1 vote, and got Yoyle Pie. Oddly enough, everyone else got 3 votes each. In the event of a Tie, the person who got all of their votes first is eliminated. Since Pillow was the last person to receive her votes, she was safe. Balloony and Taco were also safe. Since he got his 3 votes second, TV was the last one safe, meaning Marker was eliminated, and was sent to LOL.

13 people voted for Dopey Moon's Team. Fries and Cloudy didn't get any votes, making them safe. Evil Leafy was also safe at 2 votes (1 with her Win Token). Saw and Trousers also got 2 votes, making them safe, and earning them Yoyle Pie. At a 2 - 5 vote, Bell was the final person safe, eliminating Bomby from the competition.


Due to eating Yoyle Pie from Cake at Stake (which clearly contained Yoyle Berries), all of the Contestants turned Metal due to the "side effects." And due to this, the next challenge was to try to turn back to normal. Because Basketball, Dictionary, Robot Flower, Nonexisty, Pie, 8-Ball, and Ruby won Immunity last time, they were not up for elimination, meaning they never received any Yoyle Pie, and therefore, didn't have to do the challenge. Finally, the Contestants had to work as Individuals, not Teams. There were three choices: Chainsaw, Volcano, or Mystery Prize.

Balloony, Evil Leafy and Trousers did not do the challenge for the 2nd time in a row, and are warned that if they do not do the next challenge, they'll be up for Re-Signups. Fanny and Bell select Chainsaw, but Speaker Announcer reminds them that you can't cut Metal in half with a Chainsaw. Tree, Saw, TV, Grassy, Barf Bag and Fries choose Volcano, thinking that the extreme heat of the Magma would melt them. However, since they are in space, Zero Gravity caused the Magma to float out of the Volcano, meaning it didn't work.

Which left the Mystery Prize, whom Pillow, Cloudy and Taco chose. The mystery prize was Shoop-da-Whoop, a famous character in a youtube series called "The Lazer Collection," and undoubtedly, Shoop-da-Whoop fires his "LAZAR," destroying the three of them, making them respawn at the Master Recovery Center back to normal. Taco earns a Win Token for being the first to choose the Mystery Prize. All of the contestants are de-metalized by Shoop-da-Whoop, and being the nice host he was, Speaker Announcer also gave immunity to Fanny and Barf Bag for being the first to choose Chainsaw and Volcano, which left Balloony, Tree, Saw, TV, Evil Leafy, Bell, Trousers, Grassy and Fries up for elimination.

Also, Speaker announces that an eliminated contestant was going to rejoin the game onto Supernova's Team as their "Prize" for winning Challenge 5, meaning either Robotty, Eggy, Clock, Naily, Dora, Nickel, Remote, Marker or Bomby could be voted back into the game.

Magma Brawl[]

Challenge Released: November 12, 2011

Results Released: November 20, 2011

Votes: 36 (126 Votes Total)

During Confessionals, Pie reveals that if dessert items eat Yoyle Berries, they'll turn into Yoyle Versions of themselves, Bells tells off everyone who's voted for him, and Barf Bag shows high hopes for Marker returning to the game.

20 votes were received for the Elimination-Portion of Cake at Stake. Bell and Tree were the first two safe at only 1 vote each. Evil Leafy, Saw, Grassy, and Fries were all also safe at 2 votes each, and all got Cake. Balloony was also safe at 2 votes, and at a 3 - 5 vote, TV was the final person safe, sending Trousers to the Locker of Losers.

16 votes were collected for the Rejoin-Portion of Cake at Stake. For tremendously cheating early on in the game, Naily didn't get any votes, and would not Rejoin. Robotty and Clock got 1 vote each, which wasn't enough to win either. BFDI Nickel received 1 vote as well, being voted by AnimationEpic, creator of Inanimate Insanity. Regardless, 1 vote, again, was not enough to join. Dora, Eggy, and Bomby all got 2 votes each, and were also going back to LOL, and at a vote of 3 - 4, Remote joined the game, and was back on Supernova.


The challenge of the Week was a game of Dodge Ball. If a ball was thrown at them, they were out, and the last Team standing won Immunity. Since it wasn't really possible to play Dodge Ball in Space (because of Zero Gravity), the Challenge was done on Earth, in an active Volcano. Contestants could either "Throw" (Throws a Dodge Ball at the person of their choice), "Dodge" (Dodges a Dodge Ball being thrown at them, had to be chosen AFTER a ball is thrown at them), or "Catch" (Catches a Dodge Ball being thrown at them, eliminating the Thrower, had to be chosen BEFORE a ball is thrown at them). Also, since their Team was half the size of the other 2 Teams, each member of Saturn Stars were given an Extra Life, meaning they had to get hit by 2 Dodge Balls to get out.

Half way through the Challenge, Saturn Star's 2-Life advantage was taken away. Despite this, they still won the Challenge, putting Supernova and Saturn Stars up for elimination. Since he went the entire game without having a single Dodge Ball getting thrown at him, Barf Bag got the win Token. The 7 people that could not compete for a Win Token last time (Due to winning instant Immunity) were also competing for a bonus Win Token, and the winner of the Win Token was 8-Ball. For making it to the end of the Competition before getting out, Fries, Tree, and Remote won Immunity. Since a member of her own Team got her out (which was unfair), Dictionary also got Immunity.

The 1st annual Battle for Dream Island Test Quizaroo![]

Challenge Released: November 26, 2011

Results Released: December 6, 2011

Votes: 23 (149 Votes Total)

During Confessionals, Dictionary tells everyone that Pie got her out last time, but is thankful that she got Immunity, Pie appologizes for getting her own Teammate out last time, and 8-Ball shows excitement in joining an Alliance.

23 votes were collected at Cake at Stake. Fanny was accidentally excluded from the Elimination Crowd last time, and therefore, got 0 votes. Ruby, Cloudy, Saw, and Pie were also safe at 0 votes. Evil Leafy got the most votes, at 7, but used her Immunity Token, and got Cake. Basketball got 3 votes, but used his Win Token, cutting his votes down to 2, either way, he was safe. 8-Ball, Robot Flower, and Grassy were also safe at 2 votes, and at a 3 - 4 vote, Nonexisty was the last one safe, sending Bell to the Locker of Losers.

The next Challenge was a BFDI Quiz. There was a total of 25 questions, and the Team with the highest score (Percentage-Wise) won Immunity. The highest scoring Contestant also would win a Win Token.

These were the Questions/Answers:

1. Q - In Ep. 1 of BFDI, Flower pushed 6 people into the water at the Balance Beam contest. Who were the 6 people Flower pushed off? A - Tennis Ball, Eraser, Coiny, Firey, Golf Ball, and Needle

2. Q - Only 3 people on the Squishy Cherries began the Obstacle Course at the very beginning of the Race in Ep. 2, who were they? A - Pin, Firey, and Woody

3. Q - How many Pencil Doodles were on Pencil's Test in Ep. 3? A - 24 OR Infinite

4. Q - In Ep. 4, who did Leafy sell Cake to? A - Pen, Eraser, Bubble, Match, Pencil, and Woody

5. Q - True or False - It was impossible for Pencil, Match, Golf Ball, Needle, Leafy, Rocky, and Tennis Ball to be at the Ep. 5 Tie Breaker. A - True - They fell off the Cliff, into the Gorge

6. Q - How many votes did Eraser get in Ep. 6? A - 2

7. Q - In Ep. 7, Who voted for Ice Cube? A - Losmmorpg

8. Q - In Ep. 8, Rocky spoke, what did he say? A - Yay!

9. Q - In Ep. 9, someone on Another Name was missing their Mouth between 7:29 - 7:31, who was it? A - Coiny

10. Q - Who went against their Alliance to vote off Tear Drop in Ep. 10? A - Pencil

11.Q - True or False - No one on the Sqashy Grapes had their Balloons popped. A - True - Ice Cube got out by Shattering

12. Q - As of Ep. 12, how many total votes had BFDI received? A - 231 Votes

13. Q - JacknJellify had a Recommended Character recommended by themselves in Ep. 13, who was/were they? A - Batteries

14. Q - Who drowned in the Bread Basket in Ep. 14? A - Coiny, Woody, Golf Ball, Needle, and Pin

15. Q - Who was in the Bread Basket that did not drown before in Ep. 15? A - Teardrop

16. Q - As of Ep. 16, how many times had a Bowling Ball been featured in BFDI? (Besides Recommended Character Crowds) A - 3 (Ep. 2, Ep. 15, and Ep. 16)

17. Q - How many Recommended Characters spoke in Ep. 17? A - 14

18. Q - Between 1:46 - 1:48 on Ep. 18, a character had a random blue line flashing on them, who was that character? A - Firey

19. Q - Because Rocky spoke in Ep. 8, it had been less than 15 months in Ep. 19 that he had spoken, how many months had it really been? A - 11

20. Q - True or False - All the Armless People got out before anyone got into a space ship in Ep. 20. A - False - Spongy hadn't

21. Q - As of Ep. 21, how many times had Needle slapped someone? A - 23

22. Q - As of Ep. 22, how many times has Rocky barfed actuall vomit on BFDI? A - 90

23. Q - How many times did Firey die in Ep. 23? A - 4

24. Q - Who is obviously going to be eliminated in Ep. 24? A - Flower

25. Q - True or False - The Final 3 features the final members of the original Teams (based on Teams in Ep. 9). A - True - Bubble was on the Squishy Cherries, Leafy was on the Squashy Grapes, and Firey was on Another Name

With a 22/25 Score, Robot Flower got the Win Token



Saturn Stars (58%) once again won the challenge, putting Supernova (52%) and Dopey Moons (48%) up for the vote. Every one that got a 16/25 or higher got Immunity, meaning Robot Flower, Basketball, 8-Ball, Fanny, Dictionary, and Nonexisty were not up for elimination.

The Name Game[]

Challenge Released: December 10, 2011

Results Released: December 19th, 2011

Votes: 27 (176 Votes Total)

During Confessionals, Ruby randomley shouted "Salted Nutz!" Barf Bag wished Robot Flower could be eliminated next, Balloony was happy his team won again, Saw wished everyone good luck in the Camp, and Robot Flower stated that she liked the previous challenge, but was ashamed that her Team lost.

There was a total of 27 votes for elimination (the most ever!). Tree was safe at 0 votes, and Cloudy and Fries were safe at 1 vote, meaning they were safe, and got Cake. Also recieving Cake at 2 votes each were Grassy and Remote. Pie and Saw were safe at 3 and 4 votes respectively, and with a vote of 4 - 10, Ruby was the last one safe, sending Evil Leafy to the Locker of Losers, once again.

The 19 remaining Contestants were guesing BFDI/Inanimate Insanity Contestant's Names in the fallowing Challenge. There were 10 different Contestants that needed to be guesed, ant they were provided with 4 clues: The Number of Letters in that Person's Name, their Gender, the First Letter in their Name, and what Show they are from; Either Battle for Dream Island or Inanimate Insanity. Each correctly guessed Contestant earned that Team one point, and the highest scoring Team (Percentage-Wise) won Immunity. The Highest Scoring Contestant got a Win Token.

The answers to the Name Quiz were Leafy, Paintbrush, David, Taco, Bubble, Spikey Mervert, Eraser, Pepper, Match, and Nickel. With a 96% Overall score, Dopey Moons won Immunity, sending Saturn Stars (82%) and Supernova (76%) off to elimination. 10 People (Saw, Fanny, Balloony, Tree, Cloudy, Pillow, 8-Ball, Basketball, Grassy, and Dictionary) got a perfect score, but the Win Token went to Saw for being the first to respond. Also, everyone on Supernova (Fanny, Tree, Grassy, Basketball, and Dictionary) and Saturn Stars (Balloony and Pillow) that got a perfect score also recieved immunity.

For the first time in BFSP, a Recommended Character Contest would take place.In order to enter, one would have to PM Guylan a Recommended Character for BFDI Ep. 13 - 24, and the Gender of they want the Character to be. No BFDI or Inanimate Insanity Contestants contstants were allowed to be entered. No Copy-Written Character/Celeberties/Spin-Off Characters were allowed to be entered either (there were a few acceptions). Majorly Covered up Recomkmended Characters were also not accepted. Remaining BFSP Contestants were not allowed to enter (Eliminated Contestant could, however), and only one Recommended Character could be entered per Recommender. Finally, only 30 people could enter.

22 people entered the Recommended Character Competition: Baseball (MrTristan626), Pokémon Card


(ChimcharMan123), Bunk Bed (DeeandEd), Snow Flake (TheAnimationFlow), Doggy (cecsix), Cheese Orb (LilJamesNguyen10), Battery (tehawesomedudeable), Traffic Cone (VivaPinata0407), Dispencer (lavaboyoh), Jet Pack (SuperSega1100), Companion Cube (marioluigi3128), Inanimate Insanity Nickel (AnimationEpic), Sky (snowruntlvr), Oreo (alexlion0511), Wandy (2319mi), Smoke Detector (firealarmfreak5), Die (56ms), Laddy (lickilicky64), Pokémon Trainer (dylanmajor100), Ice Cream Sandwich (sonamy1268), Straw (Gravitymaster221), and PBJ Time Banana (xbuckmulletx). Speaker Announcer then went on to explain that the Recommended Characters would compete for a spot in the game. Speaker Announcer then signed off.

Dangerous Doors[]

Challenge Released: December 24, 2011

Results Released: January 6, 2012

Votes: 24 (200 Votes Total)

Distaster strikes right off the bat when Speaker Announcer randomly explodes. In his place was an evil Stick Figure that resembled Waluigi, named WaluigiFreak789, who announced that since Speaker died, he would be host from that point on.

During Confessionals, Saw congratulated everyone who got Immunity, and told everyone up for Elimination not to give up hope, PBJ Time Banana expressed how much he wanted to join by singing Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Tree expressed his love for this Camp, and his love for Fruit Cake, Smoke Detector announced that he had a low Battery Power, Cheese Orb says he wants Nonexisty to be eliminated, Nonexisty panics about being eliminated, seeing how he nearly got immunity last time, Ruby talks about her Mother and her Team Victory from Challenge 4, Pie hopes she is not eliminated, 8-Ball shows hope for Smoke Detector joining the Game, Fanny believes there are around 5 threats in the Game, and Bunk Bed wishes the rest of the Recommended Characters good luck in the Game, and wonders why Returners/Debuters are considered Threats.

After a random SOPA rant, Waluigi announces that 24 votes were collected, and since he thought Cake was too Girly, Russian Explosives would be handed out instead. The first 2 Explosives went to Remote and Pie, who only got 1 vote each. TV used his Win Token at 4 votes, cutting his votes down to 2, making him safe, and Taco was also safe with 3 votes. Barf Bag was the next to receive an Explosive, only receiving 5 votes, 3 with his Win Token. With a vote of 4 - 6, the final Russian Explosive went to Robot Flower, meaning Nonexisty was eliminated, and was sent to LOL. However, Nonexisty refused to enter the LOL, so Shoop-da-Whoop blasted him/her with his "LAZAR", causing him/her to Recover in the new Loser Recovery Center.

Pie and Remote were warned that if they did not do the Challenge, they would be put for Re-Signups. Also, Contestats would be competing as Individuals in the next challenge, and the Recommended Characters would compete for a spot in the Game. The Challenge was anything but simple for the majority of the Contestants:

There were 9 Sets of Doors, each set having 1 less door than the previous one:

Set 1: 10 Doors

Set 2: 9 Doors

Set 3: 8 Doors

Set 4: 7 Doors

Set 5: 6 Doors

Set 6: 5 Doors

Set 7: 4 Doors

Set 8: 3 Doors

Set 9: 2 Doors

Everyone had to choose 1 Door Per Set:

Set 1: Door 1 through 10

Set 2: Door 1 through 9

Set 3: Door 1 through 8

Set 4: Door 1 through 7

Set 5: Door 1 through 6

Set 6: Door 1 through 5

Set 7: Door 1 through 4

Set 8: Door 1 through 3

Set 9: Door 1 or 2

If they choose a Safe Door, they went to the next Set. The moment they choose a "Dangerous Door," however, they stop advancing through the Sets, and were out of the challenge. The 6 Contestants that made it through all 9 Sets, or made it through the most Sets before being Eliminated won Immuinty. The Contestant that went the farthest got both a Win and Immunity Token. As for the Recommended Characters, the 8 Recommended Characters that made it the farthest through the Sets would move onto a Voting Period for their chance to Join the Game.


Fanny, Grassy, and Taco failed to do the Challenge, and were automatically up for elimination.

These were the Dangerous Doors:

Set 1: Door 9

Set 2: Door 7

Set 3: Door 5

Set 4: Door 2

Set 5: Door 6

Set 6: Door 4

Set 7: Door 2

Set 8: Door 1

Set 9: Door 1

Since Tree, Dictionary, Barf Bag, Balloony, Cloudy, and Ruby were the 6 Contestants that went through the most Sets, they Won Immunity, and Barf Bag got the Win and Immunity Tokens for placing 1st in the Challenge.

As for the Recommended Characters, Battery, I.I. Nickel, Laddy, Ice Cream Sandwich, Die, Smoke Detector, Wandy, and Sky were the Top 8, and would move on to the Voting Period. For their Campaigning Messages, Sky explains that every other Camp he had joined was Cancelled, and he wanted to join one that was Popular enoungh to never be Cancelled, Wandy promises to be an amazing Competitor that would do every Challenge, Ice Cream Sandwich reminds everyone that she made it through the Dangerous Door Competition, and promised to be a Good Influence to her Team she joins, I.I. Nickel points out that he makes Inanimate Insanity, and promised to do the Challenges, Die ensures she could make the Camp alot more interesting if she joined, Battery begs to be apart of this Camp, stating that he just joined You Tube, Smoke Detecor says he would be a good Friend maker, and believes he is Smart, and Laddy promised to never Cheat.

Also, it was revealed that People were still using Fake Accounts to vote, so as a Penalty, the 12 people up for Elimination would face a Triple Elimination, and an Eliminated Competitor would rejoin the Game along with a Debuter.

Hungry Fat People[]

Challenge Released: January 14, 2012

Results Released: January 21, 2012

Votes: 69 (269 Votes Total)

While in thought, WaluigiFreak789 finds out Speaker Announcer had returned. As it turned out, WaluigiFreak789 never destroyed the Announcer Recovery Center, meaning Speaker could easily return to the show as if unharmed. Waluigi then realizes that although there was no easy way to get rid of the Announer, there also wasn't any strait forward way for Announcer to get rid of him either. In response, Speaker fires his "LAZAR," and obliterates WaluigiFreak789 to smitherines, thus taking back Hostmanship of the Camp.

During Confessionals, Saw congrats Barf Bag on his Token win, and wishes everyone luck in the next Challenge, Wandy hopes to join the Game, and 8-Ball shows hope for the elimination going his way.

It is revealed that there was an unmentioned twist that was added to the Triple Elimination. The 12 Competitors up for elimination would split up into 3 Groups of 4 (Groups were chosen by Random), and the Groups one was paired up with would determine who you were up for elimination with, hence a more interesting Triple Elimination.

Grassy, Remote, Pillow, and 8-Ball made up the first Elimination Group. Out of the total 25 votes, 6 of them were for them. Remote and Pillow were both safe at 1 vote apiece, where as Grassy and 8-Ball were tied at 2 votes apiece. In the event of a Tie Vote, the person who recieved their votes first was eliminated, and that person was Grassy, who went to the Locker of Losers, deming 8-Ball as the last one Safe.

Basketball, Fanny, TV, and Saw were the second Group of Contestants to be up for elimination. 8 votes were collected between the 4 of them, and 75%, or 6 of them were for TV. However, TV used his Immunity Token


(Which had been Re-Designed), and was safe. Fanny had also used a Token, using his Win Token, however, had gotten 0 votes, meaning the Token was a waste. Once again, it came down to a Tie Vote between Saw and Basketball, who got 1 vote each. The first to recieve a vote first was Saw, however, since Saw used his Win Token, that made him safe, meaning Basketball was going to LOL.

The final Elimination Group consisted of Fries, Taco, Robot Flower, and Pie. With 11 votes, Taco was the first one safe at 1 vote. Pie was also safe at 2 votes, and at a 2 - 6 vote, Fries was the final Person safe, meaning Robot Flower was eliminated.

With the Triple Elimination out of the way, things shifted over to the rejoin. 21 votes for Rejoining were collected, however, not a single one of those votes went to Naily, Bomby, or Robotty, meaning they were definitely not rejoining. Trousers, Clock, and Bell were also not joining at 1 vote each. With 2 votes each, Eggy, Nonexisty, and BFDI Nickel weren't joining either. After Dora was sent back to LOL with 3 votes, it was down to Evil Leafy and Marker. At a 3 - 6 vote, Marker rejoined, and recieved a Win Token as a reward.

Finally, the Debut Ceramoney commenced. 23 people voted for someone to Debut in the Game. The only person to not recieve any votes was Laddy, meaning Laddy would not join. Ice Cream Sandwich, Battery, and Sky were also not joining at 1 vote each. Die and Smoke Detector, at only 3 votes, were not joining either, and at a 3 - 11 vote, I.I. Nickel beat Wandy, and Debuted in the Game. For joining, I.I. Nickel recieved both a Win and Immunity Token.


After being Congratulated for making it to the Final 17, the Remaining Contestants were informed that they would be entering a New Stage in the game, in which the Teams would reform. As the Contestants knew, TV, Grassy, and Evil Leafy got to pick the Teams. But what none of them (except TV, of course) knew was that they got to pick 3 Contestants to be on eachother's Team, and beginning this Camp Video, the People the Team Captains Chose for eachother's Team would now be moved to their Teams.

The new Supernova consisted of Tree, Balloony, Cloudy, and I.I. Nickel. The new Saturn Stars contained TV, Taco, Marker, Pie, Saw, 8-Ball, and Fries. Finally, the new Dopey Moon members were Ruby, Dictionary, Fanny, Remote, Pillow, and Barf Bag. The reason for the uneven Teams was because everyone else that could be put on Teams were eliminated (Basketball, Grassy, Dora, BFDI Nickel, Bell, and Trousers would've been on Supernova, Nonexexisty and Robot Flower would've been on Saturn Stars, and Evil Leafy, Naily, and Bomby would've been on Dopey Moons, had they not already been Eliminated). This is why I.I. Nickel went to Supernova, the Smallest Team, to make the Teams more equal.

The New Teams

With the Teams settled, one more twist was revealed. From then on, only one Team would be put elimination. During Elimination, 2 People would be voted off the Team. The Winning Team would then choose one of the 2 to join their Team, with the other being Eliminated.

For their next Challenge, the Contestants had to eat as much Cake as they could, with the Team that ate the most Cake winning Immunity, and recieving a Player from the losing Team next Elimination. The Contestant that ate the most Cake would recieve a Win Token. Speaker also secretly (or didn't tell anyone that he) challenged the Contestants to eat a combined total of 3500 Cakes, and if that Goal could be reached, then no one would be Eliminated next time.

The Contestants were successful in completing the secret challenge, eating a Grand Total of 3861 Cakes. Taco and Barf Bag did not do the Challenge. The winners of the Challenge, with 2387 Cakes eaten (2084 of those Cakes coming from Saw, who won the Win Token) was Saturn Stars, meaning they would get a new Player next time, and with a measley 56 Cakes eaten, Supernova were put up for Elimination. Since no one was being eliminated, whoever would be eliminated would stay on Supernova.

Pointy Square Rainbows 2[]

Challenge Released: January 31, 2012

Results Released: February 18, 2012

Votes: 18 (287 Votes Total)

During Confessionals, Saw is revealed to be ill from eating so much Cake last time, Pillow shows slight greif for being moved to a new Team, but congrats Saw for his recent win, Marker is glad to be back, and TV is upset that he seems to be the #1 Target for Elimination.


18 votes were collected at Cake at Stake. Cloudy is the first to receive cake at 2 votes. For whatever reason, a vote was purposely casted for Nick-Le (a reocurring Inanimate Insanity Character), which Nick-Le is highly offended about. Balloony was safe at 2 votes, and with 6 and 8 votes respectively, either Nickel or Tree would join Saturn Stars, with the other staying on Supernova (since no one was being eliminated). Pie, Taco, and Fries did not vote anyone to join their Team, 8-Ball voted for Tree, and TV, Marker, and Saw voted for Nickel, meaning Nickel joined Saturn Stars, and Tree stayed on Supernova.

In a reprise of the Pointy Square Rainbows Competition, Contestants had to choose one of the many colorful boxes, in hopes that the one they chose had a high Point Value. The only difference was that instead of 10 boxes with -5 Points - 15 Points in each Box, there were 100 boxes with 1 Point - 100 Points in each Box. The Team with the most points at the end of the Challenge would win Immunity, and a member from the losing Team, and the


highest scoring Contestant would get a Win Token.

These were the Boxes everyone chose:

Box 64 - TV (19 Points) Box 13 - Nickel (21 Points) Box 37 - Ruby (27 Points) Box 42 - Remote (32 Points) Box 59 - Marker (39 Points) Box 24 - Pillow (40 Points) Box 28 - Balloony (43 Points) Box 48 - Pie (70 Points) Box 94 - Fries (74 Points) Box 44 - 8-Ball (76 Points) Box 80 - Saw (83 Points) Box 74 - Cloudy (86 Points)

Fanny, Barf Bag, Tree, Taco, and Dictionary did not do the Challenge. Taco and Barf Bag were reminded that they hadn't done 2 challenges in a row (Technically 3 for Taco, but Strikes were not handed out at the Dangerous Doors Competition), and were warned that if they didn't do the next challenge, they would be put up for Re-Signups.

Once again, with a score of 380, Saturn Stars were the winners of the Challenge, Supernova (129 Points) placed 2nd, and Cloudy (a member of their Team) won the Win Token, meaning Dopey Moons (99 Points) were up for elimination. Ruby, Pillow, and Remote got Immunity, however, for doing the challenge, meaning only Fanny, Barf Bag, and Dictionary were up for Elimination.

Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors[]

Challenge Released: February 20, 2012

Results Released: February 25, 2012

Votes: 21 (308 Votes Total)

During Confessionals, Saw tries to cheer TV up, TV calls BFSP epic, Marker cheers on for his Team, and 8-Ball shows longing for Grassy to return to the game.


A total of 21 votes were collected at Cake at Stake. The only person to recieve Cake was Barf Bag, who used his Win Token at 8 votes, cutting his votes down to 4. With 6 and 7 votes respectively, Dictionary and Fanny left the Dopey Moons. One of them would join Saturn Stars, while the other would be eliminated. Pie, Taco, 8-Ball, and Marker did not vote, Nickel, Saw, and Fries voted for Dictionary, and TV voted Fanny, meaning Dictionary was safe on Saturn Stars, and Fanny was eliminated, thus sent to LOL.

Rock, Paper, Scissors was the game of this Challenge, but this variation of the simple game had a twist, 12 twists actually, as there was 12 other choices: Air, Devil, Dragon, Fire, Gun, Human, Lightning, Snake, Sponge, Tree, Water, and Wolf, along with Rock, Paper, and Scissors players could use to attack, for a total of 15 different moves that could be used for the challenge.


Contestants had to face eachother in a Tournament Style Bracket, with the overall winner getting immunity, and a new player for their Team. Just like in Numbers and Individuals, there was a Red Danger Zone, a Yellow Immunity Zone, and a Green Token Zone, and Competitors had to stick with one move that they would use the entire Tourny.


In the End, Ruby won the challenge for Dopey Moons, and she, along with Remote got Win Tokens. Because none of their members made it to the Immunity Zone, Supernova took last place, and were put up for elimination.

Also, Taco did not do his 3rd challenge in a row, meaning he was put up for Re-Signups. His new user was DeeandEd.

It's The End of The World As We Know It[]

Challenge Released: February 29,2012

Results Released: March 7, 2012

Votes: 23 (331 Votes Total)

During Confessionals, TV thanks Saw for the moral support, yet wonders how he was able to do the latest challenge armless, Ruby tells a riddle (random...), Saw congrats Dopey Moons on their recent victory, Pillow gives a detailed explaination of her experiance with Grassy, and Taco is glad his Team has the advantage in numbers.


With 3 members left, only one Contestant would remain on Supernova after this Cake at Stake, and that person was Cloudy, who got 8 of the total 23 votes, but cut his votes down to 4 with his Win Token. Balloony got 6 votes, and Tree got 9 votes, and the two of them were leaving the Team. One would join Dopey Moons, while the other was being eliminated. Remote didn't vote, Pillow voted Balloony, and Barf Bag and Ruby voted Tree, which meant Tree was safe on the Moons, where as Balloony was eliminated.

The 15 remaining Contestants were fased with asteroids next, as 16 meteorites shaped like the eliminated Competitors began hurdling towards them. All they had to do was hop in a spacecraft, and pick an asteroid to shoot down, simple as that. The outcome of the challenge depended on the most shot asteroid, and the way to win was kept a secret.


With such a simple task, everyone was able to complete it. Everyone... except Barf Bag. Nobody shot Nonexisty's, Robotty's, Eggy's, Clock's, Naily's, Trouser's, Robot Flower's, Fanny's, or Balloony's asteroid, 8-Ball shot Dora's, Cloudy shot Bomby's, I.I. Nickel and TV shot BFDI Nickel's, Pie and Pillow shot Evil Leafy's, Dictionary and Marker shot Bell's, Ruby and Tree shot Basketball's, and Grassy's asteroid was delivered with the most blows, being shot by Taco, Saw, Fries, and Remote. The most shot asteroid was supposed to explode, but didn't, so Shoop-da-Whoop fired his LAZAR at it, destroying it twice, due to a Master Recovery Center malfunction.

In a suprise twist, because his asteroid was shot the most, Grassy rejoined the competition, and got a Win Token. Also, no one won immunity, meaning everyone was being put up for yet another Triple Elimination, and as an added bonus, the elimination groups were set up just like the original Teams were, meaning one person from the Original Supernova, Saturn Stars, and Dopey Moons would be eliminated.

Puzzles Inside Puzzles[]

Challenge Released: March 14, 2012

Results Released: March 21, 2012

Votes: 48 (379 Votes Total)

During Confessionals, Marker congrats Grassy on rejoining, and hopes to not be eliminated, Taco contimplates that the competition is getting stranger as the game progresses, Ruby vows to keep a sharp eye on Grassy, whom she believes is manipulative, Pillow announces she didn't vote anyone, stating everyone deserves a chance to stay (2nd Pillow's words of Wisdom), and Saw reminds people that they need to vote through PM, not Comments.

Everyone was put up for a Triple Elimination in their original Teams last time, and a grand total of 48 votes were collected. The first Team to go was Supernova (Grassy, Pie, Dictionary, Tree, I.I. Nickel, Remote).


17 people voted for Supernova's Team. Since Grassy just rejoined, he only got 2 votes. Even so, he still chose to use his Win Token, making it a waste. Pie and Dictionary were also safe at 2 votes, and Nickel was the last one safe, also with 2 votes. Tree got 4 votes, and Remote got 5 votes, and were the top 2 vote getters. The Dopey Moons would get to decide who was going to be eliminated. Cloudy, Ruby, and 8-Ball did not vote, and Fries and Saw voted for Tree. With no votes for him to stay, Remote was sent to the Locker of Losers, again.


Saturn Stars (Pillow, Marker, Taco, Barf Bag, TV) were up next. With 16 votes directly for their Team, Taco was the first one safe with 1 vote. TV was safe at 2 votes, and Pillow was safe at 3 votes. With 5 votes each, Marker and Barf Bag were at risk for elimination. Supernova would decide who would go. Tree, Remote (who was just recently eliminated), Grassy, and Dictionary did not vote, Nickel voted for Barf Bag, and Pie voted for Marker. In the case of a Tie, the person who got the most elimination votes was eliminated. Although the two of them also tied with 5 elimination votes, Marker used his Win Token, deming him safe, and eliminating Barf Bag.


Finally, Dopey Moons (Saw, 8-Ball, Ruby, Fries, Cloudy) faced elimination, and got 15 votes. 8-Ball was the first one safe at 2 votes. Saw would've been in the top 2 vote getters at 3 votes, but was safe at 2 thanks to his Win Token. Fries was also safe at 2 votes, and with 3 and 5 votes respectively, Ruby's and Cloudy's fate were left in the hands of Saturn Stars. Marker and Barf Bag (who was just recently eliminated) didn't vote, TV and Pillow voted Ruby, and Taco voted Cloudy, meaning Ruby was safe, and Cloudy was eliminated.


After being Congratulated for making it to the Final 13, the Remaining Contestants were informed that they would be entering a New Stage in the game, in which the Teams were dissolved, meaning players would work as Individuals for the remainder of the Competition. In other words, it's every Object for themself. For their first challenge as Individuals, Contestants had to assemble a 9 piece puzzle. However, each puzzle piece was missing a chunk out of it's middle. That meant that players would have to reassemble each puzzle piece before they could put the puzzle together. Since 5 challenges had passed, the first person to do so would get both a Win and Immunity Token.


Pillow, TV, and Fries did not do the Challenge, while Saw completed the Puzzle first, meaning he got the Win and Immunity Token. As the Results ended, Speaker announces that a Point System would be starting up. Contestants started out with 50 points, and could gain/lose points based on their performance throughout the Competition.

Contestants could earn points based on their Rank in the challenge, but also lost 10 points for not doing the challenge. Former Team Captains (TV and Grassy) got 15


points each. Players earned 10 points for every Win Token they had, and 20 points for every Immunity Token they had. Competitors also earned 10 points for every Team Victory, and 15 points for every Individual Victory won in the past. Speaking of the Past, every Win/Immunity Token one used in the past would deduct 5/10 Points from their Score, and from that point on, using Win/Immunity Tokens would cost 5/10 points respectively. Finally, for every vote a Contestant ever recieved, no matter what ocasion they recieved it for, would deduct 1 point from their Score.

In the end, I.I. Nickel, Pillow, Fries, and TV made up the Bottom Third (Lowest Scoring) Contestants, causing them to be in the Danger Zone, meaning they were up for Elimination.

Random Roulette[]

Challenge Released: March 27, 2012

Results Released: April 11, 2012

Votes: 29 (408 Votes Total)

During Confessionals, Taco expresses his love for Snow Days, TV and Nickel are sure they'll be eliminated, Marker wishes luck to those up for elimination, Grassy rages over the fact that no one likes him, and assures everyone he will win for Basketball, and Saw was dissapointed in the amount of Dislikes the previous video got.

29 votes (a record high) were collected for the first "Danger Zone" Cake at stake. Nickel narrowly espaced elimination by using his Win Token at 10 votes, cutting his votes down to 5, making him safe. Pillow was also safe at 5 votes, and at a 6 - 8 vote, TV was the last one safe, sending Fries off to LOL.


The 12 remaining Contestants had made it to the official Half-Way Mark of the Competition. To start off the Second half, Contestants were faced with a Color Wheel that was spinning at a non-stop motion. Players had to pick a time of the day that they wanted the spinner to be stopped. Depending on the Color the spinner stopped on, one could earn up to 50, or lose up to 5 points from their Score. The Lighter the Color, the more points you could earn, and vice-vesa. The highest scoring Contestant would recieve a Win Token, and the 4 people with the lowest Scores at the end of the challenge would be up for elimination.

These were the Results:

Taco - 6:12AM (Dak Red, -5)TV - 2:15PM (Hot Pink, +40)Tree - 4:00PM (Pink, +45)Pillow - 4:15PM (Hot Pink, +40)Saw - 4:51PM (Purple, +10)8-Ball - 4:52PM (Dark Red, -5)Dictionary - 5:01PM (Light Purple, +15)Grassy - 5:37PM (Purple, +10)Pie - 6:24PM (Grey, +5)Marker - 8:56PM (Blue, +20)Nickel - 9:55PM (White, +50)Ruby - Red! :D (Not a Time of Day, -5)

Because he got the highest score, Nickel got a Win Token.


Contestants gained points based on the color they landed on, and it is also announced that points will not be deducted for the first Token you use, meaning Nickel didnot lose points for using his Win Token. Nickel also gained 15 points that he was supposed to recieve last time, but accidentally didn't. In end, Grassy, Pillow, Ruby, TV, and 8-Ball had the lowest scores, and were put up for Elimination.

The Memory Game[]

Challenge Released: April 18, 2012

Results Released: May 21, 2012

Votes: 25 (433 Votes Total)

For the first time ever, BFSP was completely Animated. This Animated Special was made to celebrate Guylan's 100th upload.

During Confessionals, Saw shows excitement for making it to the Final 11, Nickel is mad he got the most votes last time, but is still determined to stay in the game, Marker congrats Nickel for his previous victory and wishes good luck to those up for elimination, TV realizes he's been in the Danger Zone twice in a row, and hopes to step up his game, and Dictionary is happy for to be Animated, and also expresses her love for Red Velvet Cake.


Pillow is the first safe, recieving 4 of the total 25 Votes. Ruby also got 4 votes, but was safe with 2 using her Win Token. Grassy was safe with 5 votes, and his Cake smashed into his face. TV and 8-Ball both got 6 votes, but 8-Ball got his second, deeming him safe, eliminating TV. TV, however did not want to go to the LOL, stating the Announcer couldn't make him go there. As a result, Shoop-da-Whoop killed him with his LAZAR, and TV recovers in the Loser Recovery Center, located inside the Locker of Losers.


The next challenge was to recite the elimination order thus far. While it sounded like a simple task, there was a twist, which was that all the previous Camp Videos were made private, unavailable for viewing, meaning the Final 11 would have to complete the challenge by memory. Contestants could earn 5 points for each correct Single Elimation guessed correctly, and 10 points for every Triple Elimination guessed corrrectly. The highest scoring Contestant would earn a Win Token, and the 4 people with the lowest scores would be up for elimination.

Nickel didn't do the challenge, losing 10 points, and Dictionary was excused. The elimination order was then showed, begining with Robotty/Eggy/Clock and ending with TV. Saw got the highest score at 85, and got the Win Token. Nickel, Pillow, Dictionary, and Ruby had the lowest scores. Dictionary was safe due to being excused. The rest however were put up for elimination.

Hatred isn't Horrible[]

Challenge Released: May 30, 2012

Results Released: June 3, 2012

Votes: 30 (463 Votes Total)

After an obscure opening statement announcing that the rest of the Camp wouldn't be animated (unless it's an Animated Special), Speaker Announcer randomly blows up, revealing that Waluigifreak789 had returned. Shoop-da-Whoop atempts to LAZAR him, but Waluigi hypnotizes him using a Mind Control Ray Gun. He then has Shoop-da-Whoop destroy the Announcer Recovery Center, claiming he was here to stay.

It's then revealed that Waluigifreak789 isn't actually "Waluigifreak789." After introducing himself, the real Waluigifreak789 emerges, angered that the Imposter (who never really got a new name, but I call him WaluWeegee from now on) had returned. After the two ramble a bit, they agree to host the Camp together, but not before WaluWeegee changes the background music to an obsure Justin Bieber song.

During Confessionals, Saw compliments his competition, and wishes good luck to those in the Danger Zone, Marker states that he didn't vote anyone, believing everyone deserves a chance to stay, completely copying a previous confessional made by Pillow (which Pillow notices), and Taco (in Spanish) is relieved to be in the Final 10, hoping to stay at least until the Points end.

Nickel's post, informing his (at the time) 2,500 Subscribers to vote out Pillow.

After (yet another) obsure moment involving WaluWeegee covering the Cake at Stake theme, the elimination commences. With a record of 30 votes, Nickel is revealed to have gotten the least amount of votes, at 7. It is then made clear that Ruby had done poorly during the past few challenges, while Pillow was used as a pawn for the voters to eliminate by Nickel. After a long pause, Pillow is declared safe with 10 votes, while Ruby was eliminated with 15.


WaluWeegee announces that there wouldn't be a challenge. WF789 scolds him, so WaluWeegee decides that they would have a challenge that involved eliminating one of the Final 10 based on a Contestant Only vote. WF789 finds the idea to be... obscure, but before he can do anything about it, WaluWeegee right clicks>cuts him, erasing him from the show. Afterwards, WaluWeegee threatens to cancel BFSP if someone didn't do the challenge.

Pillow and Dictionary didn't do the challenge, meaning BFSP would be cancelled. However, Speaker Annoncer returned to reclaim his spot as host. This confuses WaluWeegee, as he had Shoop-da-Whoop destroy the Announcer Recovery Center. Speaker reveals that he had found out that WaluWeegee was coming all along, and the Announcer he destroyed was a decoy. Frustrated, WaluWeegee orders Shoop-da-Whoop to destroy him. Speaker however snaps Shoop-da-Whoop out of hyposis, and WaluWeegee is destroyed by Shoop-da-Whoop's LAZAR.


Nickel got 3 votes, Pillow, Dictionary, Tree, Saw, and 8-Ball got 1 vote, and everyone else got 0. Since Speaker never planned an elimination, he rewarded 10 points for every vote a contestant recieved, and gave Nickel a Win Token for getting the most votes. Pillow and Dictionary got 10 points, but lost 20 due to them not doing the challenge. Announcer then announces that the Top 2 and Bottom 2 Contestants would represent the Danger Zone this time (instead of the usual Bottom 4), meaning Saw, Taco, Pillow, and Dictionary would face elimination.

Once again, a Recommended Character was going to join the game. 50 potential Contestants would compete for a spot on the show next Challenge, with the Top 30 advancing to the voting period. Those 50 Recommended Characters were:


Brickly (cheetah465), Gummy Snack (DylanMultiProductions), Tea (Dreamer565101), Thingy Dude (jaggerbug), Bottle (awesomekids1), Candy (hdauria), Yellow Crayon (KnifebeatsSB), Nut Cracker (2319mi), TNT (DuncanandGeoff), Wandy (bkshawgogo), Blue Crayon (Rhbkblader88) Pinball (MrDoubleGAnster), Ice Cream Sandwich (sonamy1268), Swordy (misterpichu777), Traffic Cone (VivaPinata0407), Bowling Ball (amazingnawesome), Crystalla (geriolah7), Ice Cream (donkeykong361) Puzzle (FAQforthewin), Tennis Racket (alexlion0511) Bally (TDWTFanatic346), Battery (Jeelhu77), Couch (TheRobloxLegoGames), Disky (CrazyBirds202), Painty (yoshiman4321), Question Mark (goldenzoomi), Game Console (marioluigi3128), Hammer (BlueLucario98), Cake (SBProductions12), Dollar Bill (MrTristan626), Cheez-It (regulardude45), Doughnut (CokeEpic), Peanut Butter (scabscab1), Pokemon Card (chimcharman123), Hockey Puck (SuperMightyMichael), Oreo (Kalasi97) Ufus Sign (Ufus360) Magic Hat (BFDIdubita23), PBJ Time Banana (rocerdude404), Soccer Ball (lavaboyoh), Yoylecake (InternPony707), Another Namey (BladeTheLugia), Cheese Orb (dylanmajor100), Computer (logmeister4), Sky (snowruntlvr) Watermelon (wifishark8), Football (TheDomster90000), Black Hole (iamrandom4826), Gelatin (bronyboybro) and Puffball (cortini88).

Announcer caps off the show by forshadowing future events that would take place next time.

BFSP: Big Brother Edition (All But Some/Limited Spellers)[]

Challenge Released: June 6, 2012

Results Released: June 13, 2012

Votes: 22 (485 Votes Total)

Expect the Unexpected, for this BFSP was played in the style of Big Brother instead of BFDI. In this case, 2 challenges were played instead of 1. The winner of the first Challenge would put 2 Contestants up for elimination. The winner of the second Challenge could change one of the contestants up for elimination, or keep the elimination the same. Afterwards, the elimination would take place. The Recommended Characters AND the Eliminated Contestants would also be participating for their chance to (re)enter the game.

During Confessionals, Taco debates on using his Win Token, Pokemon Card reminds everyone not to "be a Naily," Football is certian he won't debut, but is happy to be on BFSP anyways, Painty is ready for competition, Peanut Butter tells the viewers not to kill Tacos, Cheez-It gives a long, run out speech, Bowling Ball sings a song describing herself, Gummy Snack gloats about herself, Question Mark wishes good luck to his competition, Swordy wishes good luck to the Danger Zone members, Thingy Dude shows hope for joining the game, Saw finds the Danger Zone Twist to be unexpected, and wishes good luck to Ufus Sign, Cheese Orb hopes Pillow is out, Magic Hat performs a Magic Trick, Marker apologizes to Pillow for stealing her wisdom, and hopes she is safe, Watermelon feels like an odd ball, Candy wishes good luck to his fellow sweets, and Dollar Bill hopes to go far in the Debut.


Dictionary, Pillow, Saw and Taco were up for elimination, and 22 votes were collected. Saw used his Immunity Token, but still would've been safe at 5 votes. Saw then asks Announcer if he could use a Token on someone else. Speaker Announcer reminds Saw that using his Win Token would cost him 5 points since it was the second Token he would've used. Saw doesn't mind, as he had the most points, and chooses to use a Win Token on Taco. While Taco originally was going to be eliminated at 7 votes, thanks to Saw, he was now safe at 4. Dictionary had 6 votes, while Pillow got 7, meaning Pillow was eliminated.

The Recommended Characters, along with the Final 9 competed in the first challenge. The challenge was simple, just don't be the last to respond to a PM sent to you. If you responded in time, you'd move on to the next round. If you were the last to respond, you'd be eliminated from the challenge. In most cases, 2 or more people would be eliminated in each round. The last Contestant standing would choose 2 Contestants to be up for elimination, while the Top 30 Recommended Characters would move on to the voting period for their chance to join the game.


After 4 rounds, Saw was the last one standing, winning the Challenge. For winning, he got a Win Token, and also got to choose who was up for elimination. Saw chose Nickel and Tree, meaning the 2 of them would be up for elimination.

Brickly, Gummy Snack, Tea, Thingy Dude, Wandy, Candy, (Yellow) Crayon, Couch, Puzzle, Tennis Racket, Bowling Ball, Crystalla, Hammer, Cake, Painty, Question Mark, Battery, Magic Hat, Pokemon Card, Dollar Bill, Cheez-It, Ufus Sign, Cheese Orb, PBJ Time Banana, Hockey Puck, Oreo, Watermelon, Football, Computer, and Soccer Ball were the Recommended Characters that made it to the Top 30, meaning they would move on to the Voting Period. The voters were allowed to vote for up to 3 Recommended Characters, and whoever got the most votes would join the game.


The Eliminated Contestants, along with (in the style of Big Brother) 6 of the Final 9 Contestants participated in the 2nd Challenge. 8-Ball, Grassy, and Dictionary were excused. The next challenge involved coming up with words using the letters of "Battle for Space Palace." A contestant could earn a point for each letter used to spell words, but could also lose one point for each word spelled. The Contestant with the most points could change the elimination, or keep it the same, while the highest scoring Eliminated Contestant would rejoin the game. The results were shown in Challenge 20.

Costume Party[]

Challenge Released: June 27, 2012

Results Released: June 30, 2012

Votes: 121 (606 Votes Total)

Confessionals were skipped, due to laziness. Yay...

In the previous BFSP, the Contestants/Eliminated Players were competing in the Limited Spellers competition to finish up the Big Brother special. Saw, once again won the challenge, giving him the oprotunity to change the elimination. Despite making the nomination in the first place, Saw chooses to change it, taking Tree off the chopping block and puting up 8-Ball for elimination (along with Nickel).


With Nominations officially set, Nickel and 8-Ball went off to the elimination. Speaker began explaining how the 7 people not up for elimination (excluding Saw) would vote on who to be eliminated. As he was talking, Nickel interupts him, and throws him Immunity Token at Announcer. Because Nickel used his Immunity Token, he lost 10 points, as it was the second Token he had used, and he was automatically declared safe, meaning 8-Ball was eliminated without ever receiving a vote.

The Eliminated Contestants were also competing for a spot back into the game. Basketball, Balloony, Bell, Cloudy, Nonexisty, Robot Flower, Fries, TV, and Pillow did the challenge, and the highest scoring contestant was Nonexisty, meaning he/she was back in the game, and also won a Win Token. Nonexisty started off with 200 points.


Finally, the Debut Ceramony commenced. 121 votes were collected from approx. 40 voters. Many Recommended Characters received the same ammount of votes. Puzzle and Hockey Puck didn't get any votes. Cheese Orb, Hammer, and Pokemon Card got 1 vote. Crayon, Soccer Ball, Painty, and oddly enough, Balloon from Inanimate Insanity (who wasn't up for voting) got 2 votes. Question Mark, Oreo, Crystalla, Brickly, Battery, Tea, Couch, and Tennis Racket got 3 votes. Football, Bowling Ball, PBJ Time Banana, and Candy got 4 votes. Magic Hat, Watermelon, Computer, and Thingy Dude got 5 votes. Dollar Bill got 6 votes, Wandy got 7 votes, Gummy Snack got 8 votes, and Ufus Sign got 9 votes. The final 2, who both got 10 votes were Cake and Cheez-It. Speaker Announcer then declared that, seeing how one person debuted in the first Recommended Character competition, two people would debut in the second one. Because of this, both Cake and Cheez-It joined the game, and both received a Win and Immunity Token. Chez-It started off with 125 points, and for getting 10 votes first, Cake started off with 150 points.

The next challenge involved designing a costume for the Final 11 to wear. Afterwards, the viewers would vote on their favorite costume. Every vote received earned a contestant 13 points, and the most voted contestant would receive the FINAL Win and Immunity Tokens of the game. Dictionary was informed that she had not done 2 challenges in a row, and would be up for Re-Signups if she didn't do the challenge.


Grassy didn't do the challenge, and Nickel was excused. Tree had a Nightmare, Dictionary was a Pony from My Little Pony, Marker had a cap on, Taco was a Detective, Cake was Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, Nonexisty was existant, Pie was Yoyle Pie, Cheez-It was Mario from Super Mario Bros, and Saw wore a Tuxedo.

Because a winner was yet to be determined, everyone was up for a Double Elimination. The Final 11 would be divided up into 2 groups, and 1 person per group would be eliminated. Group 1 consisted of Contestants who did the Challenge AND were not in the Danger Zone (Tree, Marker, Taco, Cake, Nonexisty, Pie, Saw). Group 2 consisted of Contestants who didn't do the challenge/were excused and/or were in the Danger Zone (Dictionary, Nickel, Cheez-It, Grassy). The Contestant who got the most votes for their Costume, however, would receive Immunity.

The BFSP Murder Game[]

Challenge Released: July 11, 2012

Results Released: July 18, 2012

Votes: 51 (657 Votes Total)

After a quick recap, rexplaining that the Contestant with the most voted Costume from the previous challenge would win immunity, the results were revealed. Nickel was excused, while Grassy wasn't, so Grassy lost 10 points for not participating. Out of 20 votes, Marker got 0 votes (no points), Dictionary, Taco, and Nonexisty got 1 vote (13 points each), Cheez-It and Pie got 2 votes (26 points each), Tree and Saw got 3 votes (39 points each), and Cake's costume won with 7 votes (91 points), earning him immunity, along with the FINAL Win and Immunity Tokens of the game. Everyone else was up for elimination in their respected groups. Also, it was stated that from this point on, not doing a challlenge would put you up for elimination, regardless of you ranking in the points.


During Confessionals, Marker is sad that Pillow didn't rejoining, saying he would continue the wisdom spheal with her gone (spoiler alert: he doesn't) and Dictionary is worried that dressing up as a Pony last challenge might have annoyed the non-bronies, and is worried about the elimination. Even so, she feels safe about staying.

A total of 51 votes were collected from 26 voters. Group 1 (Tree, Marker, Taco, Cake, Nonexisty, Pie, Saw) got 24 votes. Pie and Nonexisty were the first two safe at 1 and 2 votes respectively. Taco got 3 votes and Saw got 4 votes, but both used Win Tokens, and were both safe at 2 votes. It was done to Tree and Marker, and at a 6 - 7 vote, Marker was safe and Tree got no cake, meaning he's out.

Group 2 (Dictionary, Nickel, Cheez-It, Grassy) got 27 votes. As he just joined, Cheez-It only got 1 vote. Despite this, he didn;t feel safe, and still used/wasted his Win Token. Nickel was going to be eliminated at 12 votes, but also used his Win Token, cutting his votes down to 6, earning him cake. Grassy and Dictionary were the bottom 2. One of them got 6 votes and the other got 8. The final person safe was Grassy, eliminating safe minded Dictionary, who would've stayed if it wasn't for Nickel's Win Token.

The next challenge was Mafia. There would be 1 Mafia, 1 Doctor, 1 Sheriff, and 6 Contestants who are unassigned. The Mafia starts out by choosing a contestant to kill, or eliminate. The person the Mafia chose is out. The Doctor then chooses someone to save. If the saved person is also the person the Mafia chose to kill/eliminate during that round, that person stays in the game. Afterwards, the Sheriff acuses a Contestant of being the Mafia, where as the rest of the Contestants decide if the acused person is the Mafia or not. If the Majority say the acused person is the Mafia, they are out, and vice-versa.


At the end of Round 1, the Mafia killed Nonexisty and the Doctor saved Saw, meaning Nonexisty was out. The Sheriff acused Nonexisty of being the Mafia, however, Nonexisty was already eliminated. At the end of Round 2, the Mafia killed Marker and the Doctor saved Taco, meaning Marker was out. The Sheriff acused Nickel of being the Mafia, but the majority believed he was not the Mafia, meaning Nickel was safe. At the end of Round 3, the Mafia killed Cheez-It and the Doctor saved Cheez-It, meaning Cheez-It was safe. The Sheriff acused Grassy of being the Mafia, and the majority agreed with the Sheriff's decision, meaning Grassy was out. Grassy was not the Mafia. At the end of Round 4, the Mafia killed Cheez-It and the Doctor saved Saw, meaning Cheez-It was out. Cheez-It was the Sheriff, so a new Sheriff was named in his place. The Sheriff acused Pie of being the Mafia, but the majority believed she was not the Mafia, meaning Pie was safe. At the end of Round 5, the Mafia killed Pie and the Doctor saved Taco, meaning Pie was out. Pie was the Doctor, so a new Doctor was named in her place. The Sheriff acused Nickel of being the Mafia, and the majority agreed with the Sheriff's decision, meaning Nickel was out. Nickel was not the Mafia.


There were now 3 remaining: Cake, Saw, and Taco. The 6 eliminated Contestants had a chance to guess who they believed the Mafia was. Nickel and Nonexisty thought Cake was the Mafia, nobody thought Taco was the Mafia, and Cheez-It and Pie thought Saw was the Mafia. Marker and Grassy didn't vote. Grassy showed no participation for this challenge, and since this was the second time in a row that he had done so, he was warned that if he didn't do the next challenge, he'd be up for re-signups. It was then revealed that Cake was the Mafia, Taco was the Sheriff, and Saw was the Doctor at the end of the game.

Contestants gained points in multiples of 3 based on their rank in the challenge (1st out got 3 points, 2nd out got 6 points, and so on). Saw got 25 points for being the Doctor, Taco got 35 points for being the Sheriff, and Cake got 45 points for being the Mafia. Nickel and Nonexisty got 15 points for correctly guessing Cake as the Mafia, where as Cheez-It and Pie got 5 points for incorrectly guessing Saw. Finally, every time the contestants declined the Sheriff's acusation for the Mafia (as none of the Sheriff's acusations were correct), they would gain 5 points per round (for a max of 25 points).

Cheez-It and Grassy found it unfair that Cake would be earning 25 points for declining the Sheriff's acusations for the Mafia, seeing how Cake himself was the Mafia, and knew the correct answer to the acusation in every round. However, the Announcer told them to expect the unexpected, as the point system would be downgraded, and could now only hold 2-digit numbers. That meant Cake went from having 306 points to only 6 points, and he, along with Nonexisty and Marker were in the Danger Zone, and Grassy did not do the challenge, so the 4 of them were now up for elimination.

Note: Saw's score should be 37, not 40. He should also be ranked below Pie, not above.

Note: Saw's score should be 337, not 340.

Temporary Teamwork Twenty-Five[]

Challenge Released: July 25, 2012

Results Released: August 1, 2012

Votes: 40 (697 Votes Total)

During Confessionals, Marker was annoyed that he seems to always be in the bottom 2 during eliminations, Nonexisty explains that he is only up for elimination due to the 2-digit rule, Taco finds the scoreboard downgrade interesting, and Cake and sure he won't be eliminated.


40 votes (a record high) were collected. Marker was the first to get cake at 6 votes. Nonexisty was also safe at 7 votes. Cake then announces that he did not use any Tokens despite having 2 of each kind, as he knew there was no chance of him being eliminated. Angered at this comment, Grassy reveals that Cake sent a message to a bunch of viewers persuading them not to vote for him. Cake said he had the right to do this, as Nickel had done it previously. Nickel pointed out that he did it to Pillow because they were enemies, where as Cake was telling viewers to vote for the others out of the blue. Cake ultimatley was eliminated however at 14 votes, while Grassy was safe at 13.

Note: During the making of the BFSP Finale, it was revealed that Basketball and Grassy had rigged the vote so Grassy would stay. Basketball's user was Guylan's brother, and was able to find out the voting results. Originally, Grassy would've been eliminated at a tie vote, recieving 13 votes before Cake, who at the time also had 13 votes. Moments before voting ended, Basketball revealed the vote to Grassy BEFORE the release of the Elimination, and Grassy changed his vote so Cake would have 14. HOWEVER, seeing how Grassy knew how many votes he and Cake had when he changed his vote, his vote should not have counted. Therefore, Grassy should've been eliminated and Cake should've stayed. This, once again, was never found out until BFSP 30 (The Tiebreaker to End all Tiebreakers! (of BFSP), so there wasn't anything Guylan could do to resolve this, as it happened over a year ago.

The next challenge split the Final 8 into 2 Teams of 4 players each. Team One consisted of Pie, Taco, Nickel, and Marker, and Team Two consisted of Cheez-It, Nonexisty, Grassy, and Saw. The challenge was simple, just have everyone on the Team PM Announcer 25 times.The first Team to do so won immunity, and the 3 members of the losing Team with the lowest scores would be up for elimination.

These are the results:

1st Nonexisty (Team Two)

2nd Nickel (Team One)

3rd Taco (Team One)

4th Pie (Team One)

5th Saw (Team Two)

6th Cheez-It (Team Two)

7th Marker (Team One)

8th Grassy (Team Two)


Contestants earned points in multiples of 5 based on their individual rank in the challenge (1st got 40 points, 2nd got 35 points, and so on), and also earned points in multiples of 5 based on rankings within the Teams. Since Team One finished first, they got immunity, meaning the 3 members of Team Two with the lowest scores: Cheez-It, Grassy, and Saw were up for elimination.

Do You Know Your Enemy?[]

Challenge Released: August 8, 2012

Results Released: August 16, 2012

Votes: 35 (732 Votes Total)

During Confessionals, Taco is annoyed that he has the lowest score, but is glad to have immunity, Marker says everyone deserves to win, and Cheez-It is hoping that he avoids elimination.

Saw, Grassy, and Cheez-It were up for elimination, and 35 votes were collected. The first contestant safe was Saw, who used a Win Token at 12 votes. It was done to Grassy and Cheez-It, and at an 8 - 15 vote, the inactive Grassy was sent to the Locker of Losers.


The next challenge was not just limited to the Final 7, as anyone, including the viewers could participate. The next challenege had those who chose to compete rank all 33 BFSP contestants in favorable prefrence, with #1 being your favorite contestant, and #33 being your least favorite contestant. Contestants earned points based on their rankings on everyone's lists. In other words, if you placed 33rd on someones list, you earned 33 points, where as if you placed 1st, you earned one point.

Note: Originally, the Eliminated Contest with the highest score would rejoin the game. Basketball (played by Guylan's brother) found out this, however, and placed himself 33rd on his list so he would rejoin. Because he had cheated, the rules were altered.

The most hated eliminated contestant was Basketball (331 points), where as the favorite eliminated contestant was Dictionary (164 points). As for the Final 7, II Nickel was the mosted hated remaining contestant (200 points) and Pie was the fan favorite (117 points). Pie then points out that the results were being displayed on a TV, which confused her, as the scoreboard was recently downgraded. The TV then is downgraded (now only holding 2-digit numbers). With the scoreboard downgraded, Clock (1 point) and II Nickel (0 points) were now the favorite contestants, and Tree (99 points) and Taco (86 points) were the most hated contestants.


Because Basketball, Dictionary, Clock, and Tree were the most/least favorite eliminated contestants, the 4 of them had a chance to rejoin the game via a voting period. However, voters could also vote to have no one rejoin. As for the Final 7, Nickel, Pie, and Taco won immunity for being the most/least favorites, putting Saw, Cheez-It, Nonexisty, and Marker up for elimination. If no one rejoined the game, the next elimination would be a normal elimination. If someone did rejoin the game, however, the next elimination would be a double elimination.

Gallery (Unfinished)[]