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Battle for Smash Ultimate is an Umbrella Fighting game (now World Building Simulation) that is gonna be released on January 1, 2026. It was originally created by polysided (formelly JarofJello) but now, it is gonna be made by the Jacknjellify team.

Battle for Dream Island[]

Firey Comics/Total Firey Island/Battle for Dream Island[]

Battle for Dream Island Again[]


Recommended Characters[]

Battle for BFDI/BFB[]

The Power of Two[]

BFDI Mini[]

BFDI Mini Deluxe[]

Inanimate Insanity[]

Inanimate Insanity I[]

Inanimate Insanity II[]

Inanimate Insanity Invitational[]

Inanimate Insanity Infinity[]

Brawl of the Objects[]

Object Overload[]

Battle for Smash Ultimate[]

Object Lockdown/Lockout[]

Modern Objects[]

Code Red[]

The Race of Children[]


Mysterious Object Super Show[]

Object Mayhem[]

Object Filler[]

Object Filler[]

Recommended Characters/Object Filler Again[]

Object Terror[]

Open Source Objects[]

Battle for the Respect of Roboty[]

Yet Another Gameshow[]

Battle for Luxurious Hotel[]

Object Madness[]

Paper Puppets[]

Paper Puppets[]

Paper Puppets Take 2[]

Nonexistent Living[]

Quick D.R.A.W.[]

Object Invasion[]

Object Towel[]

Animated Inanimate Battle[]

The Insane Battle of Objects/Reboot of a Reboot[]

Challenge to Win[]

Excellent Entities[]

Generic Object Battle[]

The Historical and Nice Object Show[]


The Daily Object Show[]

Object Cringe[]

Object Explosion[]

Object Havoc[]

Insane Fury[]

Battle for Grandma[]

Obsolete Battle Show[]

Village of Objects[]

Sloppy Object Show[]

Race for the Keys[]

Otherworldly Ravenous Beast[]