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Battle for Smash Ultimate is a Online World Building Game that is Released on January 1, 2026


Similar to all World Building Games


There are 191 Characters (If Counts Coconut Gun and Lemon Demon) in Total

Battle for BFB/The Power of Two[]

Inanimate Insanity[]

Brawl of the Objects[]

Object Overload[]

Object Lockdown/Lockout[]

Modern Objects[]

Code Red[]

The Race of Children[]

Ten Words of Wisdom[]

Mysterious Object Super Show[]

Object Mayhem[]

Paper Puppets[]

Object Filler[]

Object Terror[]

Open Source Objects[]

Battle for the Respect of Roboty[]

Yet Another Gameshow[]

Object Madness[]

Nonexistent Living[]

Quick Draw[]

Object Universe/Twoniverse[]

Animated Inanimate Battle[]

Battle for Luxiorus Hotel[]

Object Invasion[]

Challenge to Win[]

Rush Hour Elimination[]

The Daily Object Show[]

Excellent Entities[]


Object Explosion[]

The Insane Battle of Objects[]

The Historical and Nice Object Show[]




Same as Minions Paradise


Same as Minions Paradise


Same as My Singing Monsters


Same as Minions Paradise


  • Axiom-Default
  • Ice Peak-200,000 Coins
  • Space-750,000 Coins
  • Desert-1,000,000 Coins


Brawl is a Umbrella/Fighting Mode is Similar to Super Brawl Universe and Marvel: Contest of Champions


  • Light Attack:TAP!,On the Right Side
  • Medium Attack:Swipe Right
  • Block:Press and Hold (On Left)
  • Heavy Attack:Press and Hold (On Right Side)
  • Super Attack:If you Tap a Super Attack Button you can Attack Rapidly with a Very Heavy Damage Attack


  • The Pillary Ruins
  • TPOT Grasslands
  • Inanimate Insanity II Elimination Area
  • Brawl of the Objects Elimination Area
  • Object Overload Island
  • Object Lockdown/out Island
  • Spade's House (Roof Shown)
  • Code Red Island
  • Mysterious Object Super Show Grasslands
  • Object Mayhem II Grasslands
  • 2nd Paper Puppets Dimension
  • Object Filler Again Grasslands
  • Object Terror Grasslands
  • Open Source Objects City
  • Battle for the Respect of Roboty Grasslands
  • Yet Another Gameshow Grasslands
  • Object Madness City
  • Nonexistent Living City
  • Object Twoniverse Island
  • Invasion Penninsula
  • Cobalt Mountain (Outside)
  • Excellent Entities City
  • Object Explosion City
  • The Insane Battle of Objects Rebooted Grasslands
  • The Historical And Nice Object Show Grasslands

Game Modes[]

  • Freeplay:Same Gameplay
  • Arena:Online Vs.
  • Campaign/Story:Four goes to an Adventure to Defeat Fighters


  • Add a Code and Make a Friend
  • Use Referral Code

Netflix Original Series[]

It is Premiered in a Same Day by Dreamworks


  • It have Merchadise (T-Shirts,Phone Cases,and Toys)
  • It use Time Cards from Spongebob,The Breadwinners Explosion,and Meme Sounds in this Show.