Episode 1a:Meeting to the contestants

Steve:Welcome everyone!This is Battle for Minecraft on BFM!I'm your host,steve from Minecraft.This show whit 20 objects.The present:Real Minecraft!

                          20 minutes later...

Steve:I'm so bored!Where's the contestants?!

                          more 20 minutes later...

Steve:Finally!...Here is the first contestant,Book!


Steve:And here's the next contestant is...Wood!


Steve:Next is Wooden Planks!

Wood:Hello WP!

Wooden Planks:Hey,brother!*hugs Wood*

Steve:Yuyks!Next is Crafting Table.

Crafting Table:WTF(What the f*ck?)?

Steve:Next is Wooden Pickaxe.

Wooden Pickaxe:Hello everyone stupid contestant!

Everyone(exept Wooden Pickaxe):Hey!We're not stupid!You're stupid!

Wooden Pickaxe:Right,stupids!

Steve:Blah,blah,blah,next is Wooden Sword.

Wooden Sword:I'm so strong!

Wooden Pickaxe:But i'm stronger than you!

Wooden Sword:Oh,no,you're not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve:STOP!Next conestants are:Wooden Hoe,Bread and Cake

Cake:*Sing:I make a cake*

Steve:Stop,stop this stupid music!Next is:Stone Pickaxe.

Stone Pickaxe:Here is my sister,Wooden Pickaxe!Hey,sister!

Wooden Pickaxe:SP!*hugs*

Stone Pickaxe:I'm so happy,you're here!

Steve:Next contetats are:Furnace,Iron Ingot and Cooked Fish.


Cooked Fish:Blrlr!(Hello!)

Iron Ingot:Am...Hi!

Steve:Next is:Diamond!


Steve:Next is:Obsidian.
Steve:Next is:Enchanted Diamond Sword
EDS:I'm the stongest!And i win Minecraft and one million dollar!!!!!!!!!
Steve:Next is:Blaze Rod!
Blaze Rod:Hi everyone!

Steve:Next is:Ghast Tear!

Ghast Tear:...Hello!

Steve:Next is:Bottle Of Enchant

BOE:Hi everyone!

Steve:Next is:Bone

Bone:Hi Wood Sword!

Wood Sword:I crush you,stupid Boney

Bone:*slap*Don't call me Boney!

Steve:STOP GUYS!And the last cotestant is:Bow

Bow:I'm back!Chairs!

Steve:Let's play into teams!

=Episode 1b:Teams and the contest=

Steve:The first team members:Book,Wood,Wooden Planks,Wooden Pickaxe,Wooden Sword,Crafting Table,Bone,Bow,Wooden Hoe and Bread.Your team name:Team Wood

Cake:I wanna join WH's team!I miss you WH and Bread!

Wooden Hoe&Bread:We're too!

Steve:The second team members:Cake,Stone Pickaxe,Furnace,Iron Ingot,Cooked Fish and all the rest.Your team name:Team Stone

Stone Pickaxe:No!I wanna join my sister(Wooden Pickaxe)'s team!

Steve:OK!Cake and Wooden Pickaxe switch teams!

Cake&Wooden Pickaxe:Yipee!

Steve:The first contest is:Cutting contest!Rules:Cut a tree whit your hands!But,you're mustn't cut trees by axe!

Only your hands!Right?!



Book:OK!I cut this tree!Outch!I hurt my arms!

Wooden Pickaxe:OK!I try!

1 hours later...

Stone Pickaxe:Are you all right?!

Wooden Pickaxe:NO!

Stone Pickaxe:Can i help you?

Wooden Pickaxe:Yes,please!

30 minutes later...

Steve:Times up!Let's see the teams!

45 seconds later...

Steve:Team Stone wins,whit 122 woods!

Team Stone:YES!!!!!!!!

Steve:Team wood,go to the elimination area!

=Episode 1c:The Elimination=

Steve:Welcome characters!Well these are 10 votes.Wood and Wooden Planks are safe,whit 0 votes.Here's your donuts!

Wood and Wooden Planks:Yes!High five!*High-5*

Steve:And all the rest,except Book and Bone!


Steve:Book.Bone.You're the final 2. and the last person safe is........Book!



Steve:Goodbye Bone *press a button that triggers a boxing glove, which shoots him*


Steve:This time Bone is eliminated.So go back next time on Battle for Minecraft!

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