Battle for Mars is a BFDI camp created by theminecraftwolf9, featuring 28 characters who did not make it into BFDIA, plus the 3 contestants eliminated in BFDIA; Donut, Dora, and Teardrop. The host Pen is a contestant from BFDI who didn't make it into BFDIA. All added up there is 32 contestants


Pick a Name!

The first challenge was to come up with a team name and the two winners would pick the teams and get a win token although only 7 people did the challenge and David and Eraser won with team superbombs and team which is?


The second challenge was to shoot each other with guns there was 3 rounds and the team with the most players at the end of all 3 rounds wins! Robot Flower won the win token for doing each round!

The Great PM Race!

The third challenge was to PM me and the the teams were broken up for the challenge. The person who came 1st would get a immunity token and the person who came 2nd would get a win token and the last five peolpe to do the challenge would be up for elimination along with the people who didn't do the challenge. Marker ended up winning the immunity token and David won his second Win Token.

Guess the Number!

The fourth challenge was to guess the number that I am thinking of and the person who guesses it wins it for they're team and they win a win token! Even if no one guessed it the person who was closest to the number would win!

Box a Boxing Kangaroo!

Sky host

sky hosting BFM

Sky makes an apperarence hosting the elimination. But Pen comes back with the challenge. In honour of Australia day the contestants have to box a boxing kangaroo by either putting a box on it's head kicking it punching it or fighting with a biscuit!

I hate you, you like me

The contestants had to PM me who they like the most in this camp and who they dislike the most the person with the most likes gets a win token and the person with the most dislikes will be eliminated!

make me an egg!

the contestants have to make a custom egg and make it a video response the winner will get a win token and win for their team!

(Note it can be based of the original eggy asset)

 Elimination chart.

Name Team Place Votes Reason
BasketBall Teamless 32nd 0 He was chosen teamless
Evil Leafy Teamless 31st 0 She was chosen teamless
Taco Teamless 30th 0 He was chosen teamless
Flower Team Super Bomb


4 She was a floater and didn't do a challenge and because of her past life in BFDI
Donut Team Wich Is? 27th 0 He was not resign-uped as so he has no soul and can't compete
Grassy Team Wich Is? 26th 6 He was eliminated because he was one of the strongest players
Cloudy Team Super Bomb 25th 3 People just eliminated cloudy cause he was a floater
Pillow Team Super Bomb 24th 1 Pillow got 1 dislike but pillow got his dislike first so Pillow was eliminated
8-Ball Team Super Bomb TBA TBA TBA
Balloony Team Super Bomb TBA TBA TBA
Barf Bag Team Wich Is? TBA TBA TBA
Bell Team Wich Is? TBA TBA TBA
Blocky Team Wich Is? TBA TBA TBA
Bottle Team Wich Is? TBA TBA TBA
Cake Team Super Bomb TBA TBA  TBA
Clock Team Super Bomb TBA TBA TBA
David Team Super Bomb


Dora Team Super Bomb TBA:Rejoins in elimination 4  TBA TBA
Eggy Team Wich Is?


Eraser Team Wich Is? TBA TBA TBA
Fanny Team Wich Is? TBA TBA TBA
Marker Team Super Bomb TBA TBA TBA
Naily Team Wich Is? TBA TBA TBA
Pie Team Super Bomb TBA TBA TBA
Remote Team Super Bomb TBA  TBA TBA
Robot Flower Team Wich Is? TBA TBA TBA
SnowBall Team Wich Is? TBA TBA TBA
Tear Drop

Team Super Bomb

Tree Team Super Bomb TBA TBA TBA
T.V Team Super Bomb TBA  TBA TBA
Woody Team Super Bomb TBA TBA TBA
Yoylpop Team Wich Is? TBA TBA TBA


These are the contestants's users!



Barf bag:Cyberkittens





Cake:Anniston Winston






Eggy:Jake Roemmelt

Eraser:Sandro Shubitidze

Evil Leafy:3DSDr









Robot Flower:KrakenFaceThe3rd


Taco:James Banks

Tear Drop:MukkipPowerz1




Yoylpop:Gavin Winston

Contestants main pics

These are what the contestants look like in the new theme.It only shows the contestants still in the game.



Other Assets

These are some other assets I created and used in Battle For Mars you can use them but give me credit.

Recommended charecters

My show now has recommended charecters! You can recommend a charecter on youtube or on this page!


these are spoilers for upcoming epoisodes of BFM I will release two spoilors for each episode!


These are some of the people that have a chance to Debut as there OC in Battle for Mars! (You may sign up as a debuter in the comments!)

Seasan 2!

It has been comfirmed that there is gonna be a seasan 2 of Battle for Mars called Battle For Mars again! featuring 30 contestants 15 oldies and 15 newbies. And the winner of the first seasan will have guranteed a spot in BFMA! Also the debuter that comes second will have a guranteed spot for seasan 2! So far there is only 3 contestants comfirmed for seasan 2!

Final 7!

That's right we're in the final 7 wich is Eraser TV Tree Pie Blocky Woody and Remote so they get new and awesome poses for the new theme!

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