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You have all really loved to see this fanfiction and can't wait to see the end of it, but I'd hate to break the bad news to you, but.....this has to come to an end. There are 3 reasons this was cancelled

  • The characters here seem to lack variety.
  • It has been causing life problems such as stress and depression.
  • Viewer votes have completely messed up the story line.

Therefore, i will not continue this. You are still allowed to use the characters of this fanfiction, but do NOT claim them as your own.

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Competetors (real version)

  • Leafy
  • Coiny
  • Bomby
  • Pin
  • Firey
  • Donut
  • Gelatin
  • Woody
  • Puffball
  • Needle
  • Teardrop
  • Ice Cube
  • Snowball
  • Match
  • Spongy
  • Bubble
  • Yellow Face
  • David
  • Tune
  • Pencil
  • Cheese Grater
  • Purple Face
  • Pyramid
  • Framey
  • Signy
  • Clover
  • Cauliflower
  • Lollipop
  • Souly
  • Yoyleberry
  • Black Hole
  • Daddy Firey

Competetors (wikia version)

  • Leafy
  • Firey
  • Coiny
  • Needle
  • Yellow Face
  • Pin
  • Donut
  • Puffball
  • Ice Cube
  • Snowball
  • David
  • Match
  • Pencil
  • Golf ball
  • Spongy
  • Cheese Grater
  • Purple Face
  • Signy
  • Clover
  • Cauliflower
  • Souly
  • Yoyleberry
  • Black Hole
  • Daddy Firey
  • Bow

Characters that have not been included

  • Real
    • Robot Flower
    • Nickel
    • Evil Leafy
    • Fries
    • Flower
    • Blocky
    • Eraser
    • Ruby
    • Book
    • Rocky
    • Dora
    • Pen
    • Tennis Ball
    • Golf Ball
    • Waffle
    • Bow
  • Wikia
    • Robot Flower
    • Nickel
    • Evil Leafy
    • Fries
    • Flower
    • Blocky
    • Eraser
    • Ruby
    • Book
    • Rocky
    • Dora
    • Pen
    • Tennis Ball
    • Waffle
    • Bubble
    • Teardrop
    • Woody
    • Gelatin
    • Tune
    • Framey
    • Pyramid
    • Lollipop
    • Bomby

Episode 1: Playing with matches


Hello, and good morning! I am your host for this elimination based competition. My name is Trowel, and welcome to Battle for Maritime Temple! Only some of the Battle for Dream Island characters will be competing. One of those people happens to be Leafy!


Hey, guys! How's it going?




So good to be here! So good to see Firey's NOT here!


Coiny, not so fast! I have a surprise for you!


What is it?






There goes your chances of winning, Coiny. Oh wait! You've never had any in the first place!


Firey! I'm so glad to see you!


Seriously. WHO ARE YOU?




Now, here comes Spongy!!




Well, at least I have someone to sit on.


And welcome, Needy!


Firey: Hey! What happened to the emotion icons?

Trowel: We had to sell them because of budget cuts.

Snowball: You're getting budget cuts ALREADY?

Trowel: Quite ironic, isn't it? Anyway, let's introduce the rest. Here comes Yellow Face!

Yellow Face: I'm so EXCITED!!

Trowel: And Pin!

Pin: By putting me in the game, you're making a decision you will never regret!

Trowel: And...*sigh*...Match...

Match: OMG. Do you, like, have a problem with me??

Trowel: Good question. Yes. Let's welcome Pencil to the game!

Pencil: YES! Freesmart is in it to win it!

Trowel: Without Bubble.

Pencil: Aww...

Trowel: Welcome to BFMT, Puffy!

Puffball: Don't call me Puffy!

Trowel: Oh, my bad, Puffy.

Puffball: Grrrrrr!

Trowel: Ice Cube!

Ice Cube: What?

Trowel: Nothing. I'm doing a role call.

Ice Cube: Oh. :|

Trowel: David!

David: Aww, seriously?

Trowel: Of course. Donut is here!

Donut: Yes! And I'll make it farther this time!

Trowel: You? Making it far at ALL? That'll be the day -_-. Anyway, Golf Ball is here!

Golf Ball: You'll need a great new team leader to advance in this game!

Trowel: Yes. And that team leader is way less likely to be you.

Golf Ball: Shut your hole in 1!

-Cheesy slaps his knee-

Trowel: Now, to announce the newbies! Say hello to Cheese Grater!

Cheesy: I'm outta here! -runs away-

Cheese Grater: Hi, Leafy! Hi, Ice Cube! Hi, Firey!

Firey: Boy, am I meeting stalkers around here.

Cheese Grater: Firey, if watching Battle for Dream Island was considered stalking, then it wouldn't have been made...

Firey: Oh. I never would've thought of that! Then maybe Leafy's watched it, too!

Leafy: -facepalm-

Trowel: Purple Face!

Yellow Face: OH NO!! D:

Purple Face: Hello, Yellow Face! I'm here to run you out of business! >:D

Trowel: Signy...

Signy: Wait, who is that? I want to meet her!

Trowel: You're Signy.

Signy: Oooooh! Sorry! Brainfart :P

Trowel: Clover!

Clover: The inter-mechanisms of my mind are an enigma...

Trowel: Uhh...Cauliflower?

Cauliflower: That's MISTER Cauliflower to you, sir Trowel!

Trowel: Whatever. Souly!

Souly: ...

Trowel: Yoy..Yoy..Yoyleberry!

Yoyleberry: Hey there, guys! I'm the real steel!

-Cheesy slaps his knee-

Trowel: Black Hole!

Black Hole:

Trowel: Daddy Firey!

Firey: Daddy! :D

Daddy Firey: -sits on Spongy and burns him-

Coiny: Hey! That was MY seat! U:<

Daddy Firey: Sowwy...

Trowel: And...last but not least...a special player from Inanimate Insanity...

Bow: Hey guys! I'm, like, so excited to play!

Cheese Grater: OMG! It's Bow! Can I buy a chair from you?

Bow: Sorry. Chairs are, like, out of stock. The wierdo bought the rest.

David: -carrying 68 chairs on his head- Aww, seriously?

Trowel: Now that everyone has been introduced, let's start the first challenge, and this challenge will be used to decide the team leaders!

Golf Ball: In that case, I'll try my best to win!

Trowel: The challenge will be a tower battle! Knock your opponents off of the tower and into the water with a giant Ear-cleaner, and the last two standing will be the team leaders! Players without arms, sucks to be you! GO!

Pencil: Hey, Match! Let's take out all of the armless freaks! Of course except for Icy!

Match: With pleasure!

-Pencil and Match knock off Spongy, Yellow Face, Puffball, Golf Ball, Cheese Grater, Purple Face and Black Hole-

Leafy: Stop! Just because they're armless, doesn't mean you should immediately knock them off!

Pencil: Put a sock in it, Ms. Physical Flat!

-Pencil knocks Leafy off the tower-

Yoyleberry: That's it! You two are taking it too far!

-Yoyleberry knocks Pencil and Match off the tower-

Snowball: I'll knock the easier ones off first!

-Snowball knocks Ice Cube and David off the tower-

David: Aww, seriou -splash-

Snowball: Oh, wait! One more!

-Snowball smashes and flattens Souly, then throws him/her off of the tower-

Firey: Hey, daddy!

-while turning around, Daddy Firey's ear-cleaner knocks Clover, Cauliflower and Coiny off the tower-

Daddy Firey: Yus, suhn?

Firey: When do we -gets knocked off the tower by Bow-

Donut: I'll win this for sure! COME AT ME, BRO!

-Bow, Yoyleberry, Needle and Snowball knock Donut off the tower-

Snowball: Hey, you're pretty good at this, Needy!

-Needle tries to slap Snowball, but falls off the tower-

Signy: So, what am I supposed to do again?

-Pin knocks Signy off the tower-

Signy: Oh, so that's how I -splash-

-Bow, Yoyleberry, Pin and Snowball knock Daddy Firey off the tower-

Trowel: Now, let's turn off the lights, turn 'em back on and see the results!

-lights turn off-

-lights turn on and Snowball and Pin are shown in the water-

Snowball: GRRRRR!!

Trowel: Then it's settled! Bow and Yoyleberry are the leaders! What would you like to name your teams?

Bow: The Persistent Pom-poms!

Yoyleberry: The Firm Fruits!

Trowel: Go ahead and pick your team members!

Bow: I'll pick my #1 customer, David!

David: Aww, seriously?

Yoyleberry: I'll pick Golf Ball. Her intelligence is sure to give this team a boost!

Golf Ball: See? Someone knows what they're talking about, TROWEL.

Bow: I'll, like, go for Cheese Grater.

Cheese Grater: EEEEEEE! :D

Yoyleberry: I'm gonna pick Spongy. He's useful in many ways, but people just can't see that.

Spongy: Oh, stop... :D

Bow: Pin's cool. C'mon, Pin! Come to my team!

Pin: Yes!

Yoyleberry: I'm going to pick Souly. I'm the only one who can read his/her feelings...

Souly: ^_^

Bow: Yellow Face is an advertiser like me! I'll pick him!


Yoyleberry: Snowball. His strength can help us with many challenges.

Bow: I'll pick Clover!

Clover: Wise choice...

Yoyleberry: I'm going to pick Firey. Since he's won a season, he must have lots of experience with these games.

Bow: I'm gonna, like, pick Needy!

-Needle slaps Bow-

Yoyleberry: Um...Icy...I guess?

Bow: I dunno. The rest of you are, like, awful. Coiny is average, Pencil and Match are jerks, Leafy is scary, Puffball and Cauliflower are bonkers, Donut is mean and ugly, Purple Face is a butt, Signy forgets everything, Black Hole is creepy and Daddy Firey is, like, deadly. I pick...Coiny!

Coiny: YES! Now I'm not on a team with Firey!

Yoyleberry: Cauliflower.

Cauliflower: ...

Yoyleberry: C'mon! Over here!


Yoyleberry: Uuuuuugh. Mister Cauliflower.

Cauliflower: Woohoo!

Bow: Ummm....Leafy?

Yoyleberry: Pencil.

Pencil: If you pick me, you HAVE to pick Match!

Bow: Daddy Firey!

Firey: Oh, no! I'm against my own daddy! D:

Yoyleberry: Match. I must pick her, because I don't want Pencil seperated from Match. It could be disasterous.

Bow: *sigh*...Signy,,,

Signy: Yay! I'm on Yoyleberry's team!

Yoyleberry: No! You're on BOW'S team!!

Signy: Oh, yeah!

Yoyleberry: Well...I pick Purple Face, I guess...

Bow: I'll pick...Donut! Because he's friends with Pin, and Puffball isn't!

Yoyleberry: Oh, no!! I'm left with...PUFFY!!

Puffball: Boy, do I need arms...

Trowel: Since there's an odd number of contestants, Yoyleberry gets Black Hole, too!

Yoyleberry: How pleasant...

The Persistent Pom-poms
Cheese Grater
Yellow Face
Daddy Firey
The Firm Fruits
Golf Ball
Ice Cube


Purple Face
Black Hole

Episode 2: And I am left to cell

Trowel: Alright, everyone! Are you ready for the second challenge??

Bow: Wait... -sits on a chair- ...yep!

Trowel: Today, your challenge is to dismantle and escape a giant cell!

Cauliflower: Haha! How hard can it be?

Trowel: You may think that, but MY kind of cells are made of the following substances:


















Trowel: Oh. Did I mention that it was made of Cake?

Purple Face: 3 times.


-locks the teams in 2 seperate cells-

Pin: Did you hear what this cell is made of?? We'll never get out of here!

Yellow Face: I WANNA GO HOME!!!! D:>

Leafy: Pin, that's no way to motivate the team!

Donut: She's right. If our team has no motivation, we'll never get out before the other team!

Pin: But it's not like we'll lose all hope if Yellow Face lost his motivation. I mean, what can HE do to help us?

Coiny: Pin! I have an idea! We can all get out of here if you can SHUT YOUR COIN SLOT.

-Cheesy slaps his knee-

Pin: :(

-now viewing the Firm Fruits-

Yoyleberry: Don't worry! We can think of a plan!

Purple Face: I know! How about we use my Vanishing Mine! It can destroy any substance! Kudos, anyone?

Ice Cube: Kudos!

Cauliflower: Kudos.

Pencil: That is GENIUS! 2 Kudos!

Match: Yeah. It is, like, SO cool. 4 Kudos.

Firey: 1,000 Kudos! That is the best invention I've ever seen! You could soon replace Yellow Face!

Purple Face: Then it's settled. Lemme turn it on...

-Purple Face activates the Vanishing Mine-

Purple Face: But there's one terrible problem...

Ice Cube: What?

Purple Face: It takes approximately 24 hours to dismantle the wall.

Snowball: Uuuuugh!! Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

-viewing the Persistent Pom-poms-

-Coiny and Donut are hitting the wall with a battering ram-

Coiny: No luck...

Donut: We need more strength! We need more people to help us break the cell! Bow! Help us!

Bow: Okie dokie!

Donut: Pin! We need your help, too!

Pin: ...

Donut: PIN.

Pin: Coiny told me to "shut my coin slot", so I must do so...

Bow: Well I'm, like, the leader of this team! And I, like, overrule Coiny. And I say GET OVER HERE AND HELP!

Pin: Okay...

-Clover, Leafy, David, Needle, Cheese Grater, Signy and Daddy Firey come to help-

-with all of their power, the wall almost breaks, but they still can't break it-

Coiny: We don't have enough power! We need one more person to help!

Pin: But who is there left?

Needle: I don't see anyone else!

Donut: I found out who's missing!

Pin: Who is it?


Yellow Face: No!

Pin: Yellow Face! Come here, NOW!

Yellow Face: Never ever never never will ever, and never ever will FOREVER!!

Pin: Look! I'm sorry for worrying you so much and saying you weren't a team helper! Now, if you don't help us, WE'LL ALL ROT IN HERE FOR ETERNITY!!! Your choice!

Yellow Face: Well........OKAY!!

-Yellow Face charges toward the wall and tackles it, causing it to shatter-

Trowel: The Persistent Pom-poms win! Now, viewers. You decide who should get the prize, and who will be eliminated, by commenting on this blog!

Episode 3: Our first Cake at Stake

Ice Cube: -shivering-

Pencil: What's wrong, Icy?

Ice Cube: P-p-p-p-pencil! I'm sc-c-cared!

Pencil: Why?

Ice Cube: It's our first Cake at Stake, and I'm afraid I'll get eliminated!

Trowel: Good morning, everyone! Guess what time it is?

Pencil & Trowel: It's time for Cake at Stake!

Pencil: Jinx.

Trowel: Grrrrrr!

BFMT Cake at Stake

Trowel: Now, let's see how many votes we have...

-the counter says 00004-

Trowel: There you have it! Now let's see who's gonna get the prize!

Puffball: It's obvious that I'M the one that's getting the prize!

Trowel: 9 of you got 0 likes. Those people are Yoyleberry...

Yoyleberry: What??

Trowel: Golf Ball...

Golf Ball: Aw, bogey!

-Cheesy slaps his knee-

Trowel: Souly and Snowball...

Snowball: Grrrrr!

Trowel: Firey, Icy, Cauliflower, Pencil and Match.

Pencil: WHAT?? How can SPONGY get more likes than me???

Match: I know, right? That's, like, impossible!

Trowel: Now it's down to the Prize-crazy Puffy, Purple Face and Spongy!

Puffball: I can just TASTE the prize!

Trowel: Spongy, you will not recieve a prize. For you only have 1 like.

Spongy: Aww... :(

Trowel: Now, it's either Purple Face or Puffball...


Trowel: Puffball, with only 1 like, you do NOT recieve a prize!

Puffball: No! That can't be!

Trowel: Purple Face has earned 2 likes and gets to spin the wheel!

Purple Face: Really? That was unexpected! Wait a minute. I don't have limbs... Firey, can you spin the wheel?

Firey: Sure thing! -spins wheel-

-wheel lands on Mute a Player-

Purple Face: What does this mean?

Trowel: You get to pick a player to have their mouth duct-taped for the whole episode!

Purple Face: In this case I'll pick Pencil! She knocked me in the water JUST because I was armless!!

Pencil: Purple Face! That was, like, 2 days ag -gets muted- mmmmph! mmmmrm mmmrrrmph!

Trowel: Now that the prize glob is over with, now for elimiation! 10 of you got 0 votes. Those people are Pencil, Match, Yoyleberry, Spongy, Purple Face, Cauliflower, Firey, Icy, Golf Ball and Souly. You all get a slice of cake. Too bad Pencil doesn't have a mouth to eat it with!

Pencil: Hmmmph mmmmmph!

Trowel: Either Snowball or Puffball is getting eliminated. That person is...

Puffball: oAo

Snowball: D:

Puffball: oEo

Snowball: D:>

Trowel: Neither!

Puffball & Snowball: WHAT??

Trowel: You two both have 2 votes, so we'll settle this with a tie-breaker! The first person to rip the tie--

-Snowball rips the tie clean in half-

Trowel: Snowball is safe, and Puffball is eliminated!

Puffball: What the FUZZ?? I thought the viewers liked me!! D:

Snowball: Sure sucks not to have ARMS to rip the tie with!

Puffball: STUFF A PUFF IN IT, SH*TBA -gets flung to the TLC-

Trowel: Now it's challenge time! AFTER the break!

-commercial break-

Yellow Face: Need to find Leafy, but don't know where to find her? Need to use a Leafy Detector, but don't know where to find it? Then buy the brand new Leafy Detector Detector! It'll shoot super uber duper powerful beams toward the detector, and you'll find it instantly! But you'll find it broken...but don't worry! Just glue it back together! And after all that, Leafy will only be over....a..a.......a mile...away.....D:.... So, yeah! BUY NOW!!!

Blocky: Hey guys! Miss me? I'm back, and I got another cool trick! This one involves Yoyleberry! Now, first of all, we need to cake the ground with slick ice, and position the Yoyleberry Recovery Center to the right. No! A little more to the left! That's better! Now, place a Wrecking Ball over to the upper-left corner! Yeah, right there! That should do the trick! Now....squash...Yoyleberry....yeah, yeah. Mandatory. Now Yoyleberry is recovered, and he slides on the ice, and is hit by a wrecking ball, and is recovered, and slides on the ice, and is hit by a wrecking ball, and is recovered, and slides on the ice, and is hit by a wrecking ball, and the cycle repeats. So yeah. That's a cool trick, huh? It's cool.

Narrator: This program was brought to you by Blocky's Funny Doings....International.

-end commercial break-

Trowel: Okay. NOW it's challenge time! You're next challenge is to survive a series of deadly obstacles!Deadly Obstacles Leafy: Are you sure this know...possible??

Trowel: The interns approve!

Donut: You have interns??

Trowel: Well, duh. He's standing over there. -_-

-Woody is shown punctured by the spikes-

Cheese Grater: Wait, but Woody can't approve if he's d--

Trowel: GO! GO! GO!

Purple Face: Uuuuugh! It's like talking to Pin, flattened by a--

Pin: Hey! I resent that!

-viewing the Firm Fruits-

Yoyleberry: Okay, guys. Here's the plan. Ice Cube, you slide Pencil and Match through the course, Snowball, you just rush through it. Firey, help me and the rest by burning certain obstacles. Purple Face, you distract Needle.

Purple Face: Why Needle?

Yoyleberry: Just call her needy!

Purple Face: Okay! -floats over to Needle- Hey, needy! -gets slapped-

Needle: Don't call me needy!

Purple Face: NEEDY -gets slapped- NEEDY -gets slapped- NEEDY -gets slapped- NEEDY -gets slapped- NEEDY -gets slapped- NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped-  NEEDY -gets slapped- 

Pencil: Mmmrmmrrmm, mmm mrm-mmph mmmmmph!

Ice Cube: Uhhh...what?

Match: She said "Onward, my trusty steed!"

Pencil: Nmmmph!!

-viewing the Persistent Pom-poms-

Signy: Look guys! I'm Tarzan!

-grabs the rope and swings-

Signy: Wait! Who's Tarz -gets punctured by spikes-

Bow: I have an idea! Yellow Face can, like, fly us over the spikes!

Yellow Face: Goodie!

-Yellow Face flys over the spikes carrying the other players-

-viewing the Firm Fruits-

Yoyleberry: Good job! We've made it to the large fence! That means only Souly, Pencil, Match and Spongy can advance.

Match: Okay, guys! Board the wall-less elevator!

Wall-less Elevator: Off we go!

-Wall-less Elevator lifts them upward, and Spongy is shot by arrows and dies-

Match: Yay! Spongy's dead! -gets slapped by Pencil- Oh, I mean oh, no! Spongy's dead! D: Whew. At least we're, like, close to the finish now.

Evil Leafy: *PFFFFFF*

Match: Aaaaaaaaaaaah! DX

-viewing the Persistent Pom-poms-

Wall-less Elevator: Leafy! Look out!

-Leafy dodges the arrows in the same fasion as she dodged the acid spitballs-

Leafy: GRRRRR! -throws knives and cuts the longbows-

Evil Leafy: *PFFFFFF*

Leafy: GRRRRR! -throws knives and kills Evil Leafy-

Match: Thanks, Leafy. Now I can pass you! >:D

Leafy: Oh, no you don't!

Trowel: Oh, yes she did! The Firm Fruits win! Viewers, vote someone from the Persistent Pom-poms to win the prize and get eliminated! Click here!

Episode 4: Jizz in mah pants


Episode 5: Just dance: BFMT edition


Episode 6a: Missing sheets



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