Welcome to BFII hurt and heal! Here is how you play.

There is 10 contestants from BFB and 10 from II. You have to make two plays each time: Hurt, and heal. You will do this in the comments. To heal, type something like this: Hurt (Insert Contestant Here) Each hurt does 3 damage. You do the same for heal. Heal (Insert Contestant Here) which adds 3 HP. Contestants can have infinite HP, so you can keep healing. But you can only make 1 play every day. Also, if you want to give up healing or hurting something just use a super heal or hurt. But you can not use the opposite if you do this. You type this to super heal - SHeal (Insert Contestant Here) and this to super hurt - SHurt (Insert Contestant Here). These are the rules. Have fun! Also, the contestants get a prize based on their rank.

Name HP Place
Gelatin 27 TBA
Bow 30 TBA
Golf Ball 30 TBA
Tennis Ball 30 TBA
Stapy 30 TBA
Bomb 33 TBA
Gaty 33 TBA
Pen 30 TBA
Cloudy 30 TBA
Bracelety 30 TBA
Balloony 30 TBA
Spongy 33 TBA
Paper 30 TBA
Cheesy 27 TBA
Apple 30 TBA
Pickle 27 TBA
Suitcase 30 TBA
Salt 30 TBA
Pepper 30 TBA
Yin-Yang 30 TBA


  1. 1 trillion dollars
  2. 5 billion dollars
  3. 50 million dollars
  4. 8 million dollars
  5. 1 million dollars
  6. 400,000 dollars
  7. 70,000 dollars
  8. 10,000 dollars
  9. 1,000 dollars
  10. 150 dollars
  11. 50 dollars
  12. 15 dollars

Anything beyond 12th gets no prize

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