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Battle for Gold Palace
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Camp started in

July 17, 2012

Camp made by

SalamenceJacketJeans (both on YouTube and Wikia)

Battle for Gold Palace is a camp made by SalamenceJacketJeans, where 65 contestants go all around the world to face challenges and tragic eliminations, this is where only one will stand and win Gold Palace. The camp is hosted by a Salamence ( hence Salamence in the username ) who was in charge of hosting the only great Gold Palace. This camp features most of the BFDI contestants, BFDI Recommended Characters, Inanimate Insanity Contestants, and Inanimate Insanity Recommended Characters. But, this camp also features new contestants that were actually going to be in the prototype version of BFGP ( It was supposed to be NOT a camp ), contestants like Immunity Token, Mushroom, Bottle, etc.)

Challenges/Eliminations (work in progress)

Challenge 1: "Teams and Teamless"

Challenge: Think of a team name using the following rules:

  1. The first part of you team name must contain a nationality. (ie. French, American, Irish, etc. )
  2. The second part of your team name must contain a Pokémon. (ie. Pikachus, Absols, Raichus, etc. )
  3. You must send a logo of your team name as a video response.

​Location: Salamence's airplane

Notes: Some contestants did not send in a team logo due to not knowing how to make videos, or they were grounded, etc. So I let some of the contestants send their team name in PM form.

Tennis Ball and Teardrop's entry.

People who did the challenge (PWDTC):

  • Tennis Ball and Teardrop
  • Tree and Domino
  • OJ and Woody
  • Poptart and Cookie
  • TNT and Rocky
  • Bow and Taco (II)
  • Balloon and Balloony
  • Snowflake
  • Salt
  • Pen and Bomb
  • Paintbrush
  • Pickle and Ketchup
  • Eggy and Fanny
  • Apple and Snowball
  • Remote
  • Blocky and Eraser

All other contestants did not do the challenge.


  • Bow and Taco (II) with Swedish Glaceons (giving them a Win Token)
  • Snowflake with Hawaiian Pokemons (giving him a Win Token)
  • Salt with Chinese Zekroms (giving her a Win Token)

Resign-ups: None

Elimination 1

The first ever contestant picked by a team leader...

Up for elimination: Everyone except for Bow, Taco (II), Salt and Snowflake.

Notes: Team leaders must pick the contestants they want in their team. The 5 people not chosen are ELIMINATED.


  • Basketball (no votes)
  • Balloon (no votes)
  • Eggy (no votes)
  • Blocky (no votes)
  • Knife (no votes)

Cause of elimination (CoE): Basketball was eliminated because he did not do the challenge and was an unpopular contestant. Balloon was eliminated because of the back-story personality he had in Inanimate Insanity. Eggy was eliminated due to her unpopularness. Blocky and Knife were eliminated because they were fighting in the first episode.

Challenge 2: "Quiz of Honor!"

Information: Answer all the questions given to the host and try to get them correctly. This quiz also has Bonus Questions. Whoever gets the correct answer on 1 bonus question gets a Win Token, 2 bonus questions = Immunity Token, Bonus question 3 correct = Revenge Token. The number of questions correct will determine how many points you get to win the challenge. Questions were:

1. Q: Who was the first person eliminated in BFDI?

​A: Flower

2. Q: In Stick Maze 1 (in my YouTube channel), which color won the maze?

A: Stizza (or Red)

3. Q: Which educational show for toddlers involves:

  • 4 kids with different talents
  • The topic of the show focusing on classical music & stuff. :P
  • A rocket ship

​A: Little Einsteins

4. Q: Who created The Epicer Camp?

A: ufus630

5. Q: Where did the quote "I like trains" come from?

A: asdfmovie (the line came from asdfmovie2)

BQ1: Q: Who was technically the first person eliminated in BFDI?

A: Woody, because Flower, Blocky and Spongy rejoined the game.

6. Q: Who was Fanny in BFSP?

A: flynngundo

7. Q: I have a dog... what's his name? (hint: look after dog names commonly used)

A: Fido (R.I.P Fido, September 14, 2012. T_T)

8. Q: Marshmallow has a nickname... what's her nickname? (hint: check the II wiki!)

A: "The Sweet One"

9. Q: What's the title of IanH's first "Ian is Bored" video?

A: Google Shenanigans

10. Q: Do I have Windows or Macintosh?

A: Macintosh

BQ2: Q: How old am I? (hint: the age in my YouTube channel is NOT my real age.)

A: 13. (No, really. ._.)

11. Q: What is my favorite number? (hint: it's around here somewhere... )

A: 11

12. Q: Who is this character?

Hm... I wonder who this is...

A: Noah

13. Q: Do I use Keynote or PowerPoint?

A: Keynote

14. Q: In the next episode of BFDIA, who's obviously going to be eliminated?

A: Donut (and he did)

15. Q: Do I have a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360?

A: A PlayStation 3. 16. Q: Who is the only animal-like contestant in this camp?

A: Teddy Bear

17. Q: Which contestants never spoke a word in the first episode of BFDIA?

A: Rocky, Needle, Spongy, Teardrop, Dora, & Ice Cube. (it says Bomby in the video too, but it was a mistake)

18. Q: What is the name of this gun? (not showing a pic BTW)

A: Pancor Jackhammer

19. Q: Is it true or false that I have a sister?.

A: It's true, I have an annoying sister.

20. Q: Who is "BlockyCuzco" known as?

A: SammyShinx

BQ3. Q: Which special mission in MW2 is the easiest to get out of the map?

A: Hidden

Location: Salamence's airplane

Notes: Bonus question 3 was optional to answer.


  • Tree and Domino
  • Balloony
  • Paintbrush
  • Tennis Ball and Teardrop
  • Gelatin and Needle
  • Rocky and TNT
  • Apple and Snowball
  • Immunity Token
  • Poptart and Cookie
  • Pen and Bomb
  • Fanny
  • Nickel and Baseball
  • Naily
  • Remote
  • Bow and Taco (ll)

​Salt was excused due to her going on a vacation (unknown?), and OJ and Woody were excused because they did the challenge slightly late to the deadline. The rest did not do the challenge.



  • Swedish Glaceons with the most points at 100.


  • Tree and Domino having the most correct questions. (giving them a Win Token)
  • Tennis Ball and Teardrop having 2 of the bonus questions correct. (giving them an Immunity Token)

Resign-ups: None

Elimination 2

Up For Elimination: The Chinese Zekroms and the Hawaiian Vulpixes

Notes: This is the first REAL elimination, and the NEW BFDI assets debuted in this episode.

Who will be eliminated?! *le gasp*


  • Snowball (6 votes) (CZs)
  • Teddy Bear (6 votes) (HVs)

Cause of eliminationSnowball was eliminated because of his past life in BFDI. Teddy Bear was eliminated because she did not do all challenges.

Challenge 3: Rafflesia Rubble Trouble

W.I.P :P

Elimination Table (W.I.P)

Contestant Team New Teams Status Placing Reason Votes
Basketball - SammyShinx None N/A 1st Teamless in Results 1.5 65th Place

Not chosen into any team due to his unpopularness.

Balloon - challengeforobjects163+

2nd Teamless in Results 1.5

64th Place Due to her past life in Inanimate Insanity. N/A
Eggy - JDOCJO5814 3rd Teamless in Results 1.5 63rd Place Eggy was not chosen because she was a unpopular contestant. N/A
Blocky - co1669 4th Teamless in Results 1.5

62nd Place

Blocky had a conflict with Knife, which caused no-one to pick him into their teams, along with Knife. N/A
Knife - UltraToons+

5th Teamless in Results 1.5

61st Place See above. N/A
Snowball - rj3ful Chinese Zekroms (CZs)

6th Eliminated in Challenge 3

60th Place Eliminated due to his past life in BFDI. 6
Teddy Bear - dudeski7373 Hawaiian Vulpixes (HVs)

7th Eliminated in Challenge 3

59th Place Teddy Bear didn't even do a single challenge, and therefore was eliminated. 6
Bomb - Neir666 Swedish Glaceons (SGs)

Returns in Challenge 5

Was targeted to be of one of Immunity Token's alliance members. 4
Naily - SammyShinx HVs 8th Eliminated in Challenge 4 58th Place Neglected to do challenges, and was eliminated. 6
Mushroom - babycakestdifan123* SGs 9th Eliminated in Challenge 5 57th Place Mushroom barely even did a challenge, and was eliminated immediately. 2
Orange - Cherokee Urraca* CZs 10th Eliminated in Challenge 6 56th Place Didn't even scarcely do a challenge (in this case, 1.). Therefore, people thought he was useless and eliminated him. 5
Snowflake - Jamma5555* HVs 11th Eliminated in Challenge 6 55th Place Was targeted as threat, because he won the first challenge. 6
Immunity Token - jaggerbug*** SGs 12th Eliminated at Challenge 6 54th Place IT's hatred of Pickle and him being a floater, caused people to show their hate to him, and therefore eliminated him from the game with the most votes in BFGP's history. 20
Marshmallow - VictiniTV24*** SGs 13th Disqualified at Challenge 6 53th Place Disqualified due to Immunity Token controlling her with a fake account. N/A
Pepper - mcsideways CZ's 14th Eliminated in Challenge 7 52th Place Pepper was seen as floater, so contestants decided to eliminate her. 7
Salt - gopokemon121* CZ's 15th Eliminated in Challenge 7 51th Place Was seen as threat, because she won the first challenge. 5
Match - slainender* CZ's 16th Eliminated in Challenge 8 50th Place Match barely did any challenges and she was eliminated due to this. 6
Bomb - Neir666 HV's 17th Eliminated in Challenge 8 49th Place Seen as a threat for being an expected member from IT's alliance, being a rejoiner, and he would do challenges everytime he was at the verge of resign-ups. 5
Bow - scabscab1 SG's None 18th Eliminated in Challenge 9 48th Place People found her really annoying, and absolute did the worst at challenges.  N/A
Taco (I.I) - scabscab1 SG's

19th Eliminated in Challenge 9

47th Place See above. N/A
Pen - Neir666 HV's

20th Eliminated in Challenge 9

46th Place Pen was a floater, he did barely any challenges at all, and he would only do challenges at the verge of resign-ups. N/A
Bricky - Spongy318 N/A CC's Debuts in Challenge 9 -- N/A
Lightbulb - colbyits* CZs PE's

21th Eliminated in 

Challenge 10

45th Place Lightbulb not doing the challenge, caused her elimination. 12
Bottle - OfficialMatrVincent* HVs YC's

22th Eliminated in

Challenge 10

44th Place Bottle's owner seems as threat, so viewers decided to go for him, to be eliminated. 12
8-Ball - Kalasi97* HVs



Not Yet Eliminated

Apple - rj3ful HVs YC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Balloony - challengeforobjects163+ CZs

Prideful Eagles


Not Yet Eliminated

Barf Bag - GatlingGroink57* SGs PE's Not Yet Eliminated --
Baseball - xXRustyCrayonXx HVs

Corn Chips


Not Yet Eliminated --
Bell - taopwnh6247* HVs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Bricky - Spongy318 N/A CC's Not Yet Eliminated --
Bubble - Jake Roemmelt* SGs YC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Clock - misterpichu777* CZs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Coiny - Jeremy Rocha*+ CZs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Cookie - BuildermanVSNotch* SGs YC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Domino - goldenzoomi HVs PE's

Not Yet Eliminated

Eraser - taopwnh6427* HVs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Extinguisher - baigrei* HVs YC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Fanny - JDOCJO5814 SGs PE's

Not Yet Eliminated

Fries - raytonlin1* SGs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Gelatin - Tacoburger22* SGs YC's Not Yet Eliminated --
Golf Ball - mqmham* HVs PE's Not Yet Eliminated --
Grassy - MysteriousBFDIFan* CZs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Hearty - Kalasi97* SGs PE's

Not Yet Eliminated

Ketchup - thedomster90000 CZs PE's

Not Yet Eliminated

Marker - gopokemon121* HVs CC's Not Yet Eliminated --
Magnifying Glass - Jeremy Rocha*+ HVs YC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Needle - Tacoburger22* HVs PE's Not Yet Eliminated --
Nickel - xXRustyCrayonXx CZs YC's Not Yet Eliminated --
Orange Juice - ScienceStorm1 SGs YC's Not Yet Eliminated --
Paintbrush - CampsAndGames+ CZs PE's

Not Yet Eliminated

Pencil - cyberkittenz* CZs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Pickle - thedomster90000 SGs YC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Pie - waliugifreak789* SGs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Pillow - Ben1178* CZs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Pin - prowerpower121* HVs YC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Poptart - DarkMewtwo120* SGs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Remote - MrAndrewtb+ CZs PE's

Not Yet Eliminated

Rocky - 2000Mrpie* CZs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Rubber Ball - xCrazyFilmaker*+ CZs PE's

Not Yet Eliminated

Saw - Jake Roemmelt* CZs YC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Taco (BFDI) - TheSwoobatNinja* SGs YC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Teardrop - Jeelhu77 HVs PE's

Not Yet Eliminated

Tennis Ball - Jeelhu77 HVs PE's

Not Yet Eliminated

TNT - sourcream812* SGs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Tree - goldenzoomi CZs YC's

Not Yet Eliminated

Win Token -TheSwoobatNinja* SGs PE's

Not Yet Eliminated

Woody - ScienceStorm1 HVs CC's

Not Yet Eliminated


  • = Means that they resigned-up.

+ = Means that they have a new account, but still led by the same person.

      • = Means that they cheated and can never rejoin or debut.


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