Battle For Dream World (Битва За Мир Мечты) is a Russian object show made by the user named DIMA TV. It has four seasons and the fourth season is the current one with 3 episodes so far.


BFDW is a traditional object show. It has a host and contestants that compete for a prize which is the Dream World.


Hosts: Joystick, Orange Speaker Box.

Female Contestants: Rose, Waffle, Notebook, Blueberry, Pill(left half), Clock, Cake, Donut, Plank, Pen, Cup, Candy, Wheel, Cookie, Potato, Bomb, Spoon, Fork, Eggplant, Egg, Pillow, Jar, Soap, Melon, Domino(upper half), Arrow, X, Apple, Paint.

Male Contestants: Glue, Balloon, Orange, Lime, Lemon, Medal, Cactus, Cucumber, Shield, Bow, Pill(right half), Tulip, Wrench, White Spray Can, Black Spray Can, Smiley, Watermelon, Pelmesheek, iPhone, Circle, Chip, Cube, Lollipop, Marker, Nut, Bread/Baguette, Drawing, Sock, Domino(bottom half), Onion, Stump, Tongue, Eye.
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