Battle For Dream Planet is a camp created by TheSwoobatNinja it had 21 contestants divided into 3 teams!

BFDP Cast (Made by SuperCDLand)


1. Come Up with a team Name: The Contestants had to come up with a team name and the three best would pick the teams and recieve a immunity token

Winners: Epic Pineapples

Losers: Skeleton Riders

Immune: Rocky

Token Winners: Woody (Immunity Token), Tennis Ball (Immunity Token), and Rocky (Immunity Token)

Eliminated: Fiery (TeamSevenYT) 2 Votes

2. Halloween Costumes:Come up witha Halloween Costume, but only half of them did.

Winners: Skeleton Riders

Losers: Epic Pineapples

Immune: Eggy and Saw

Token Winners: Eggy (Immunity Token),and Needle (Win Token)

Eliminated: Clock (yoshiman4321) 4 Votes

3. Vehicles of doom:Pick a vehicle and it will give you a certain amount of points

Bus: 10, Train: 8, Subway: 6, Motorcycle: 4, Car: 2, Racecar:0, Tractor: WT, Mystery: Teleporter

Winners: Skeleton Riders

Losers: T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A

Immune: Balloony

Token Winner: Eggy (Win Token)

Eliminated: Ice Cube (rejoined right after) 2 Votes. Pin (Thedomster9000) Quit

4. The Power of three: Team up with Teams of three and do an obstacle course, Also Pin quit and Ice cube rejoins.

Winners: Bubble, Coiny, Pen

Losers: Eggy, Saw, Leafy

Immune: Spongy, Pillow, and Woody

Token Winners: Bubble (Immunity Token), Coiny (Immunity Token), Pen (Immunity Token), Grassy (Win Token), Marker (Win Token), and Ice Cube (Win Token)

Eliminated: Saw (cyberkittenz) 4 Votes

5. BFDI Favs and Least Favs: Tell who your favorite and least favorite BFDI(A) character is.

Winners: Skeleton Riders

Losers: Epic Pineapples

Immune: Pillow and Eggy (XQZ)

Token Winner: Ice Cube (Win Token)

Eliminated: Spongy (challengerobjects163) 6 Votes

6. Hungry,Hungry Contestants: Eat cake slice without throwing up. All the members of Team Epic Pineapples was spited into 2 and place them on Team Skeleton Riders and Team T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A. for a while.

Winners: Skeleton Riders

Losers: T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A

Immune: Woody

Token Winner: Rocky (Win Token)

Eliminated: Balloony (JDOCJO5814) 3 Votes

7. Recommended Characters:The contestants must created thier own recommenend characters, also the eliminated contestants are compete the changelle for the spot back to the game, but everyone expect Firey had a chances to rejoin the game.

Winners: Skeleton Riders

Losers: T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A

Immune: None

Token Winner: Saw (Revenge Token)

Rejoins: Saw (cyberkittenz) 5 Votes

Eliminated: Grassy (Thewugglejack) 2 Votes

8. Guess That Ridder: The contestants must solve the ridder,also some contestants had move to another teams.

Winners: Skeleton Riders

Losers: Epic Pineapples

Immune: None

Token Winner: None

Eliminated: Ice Cube (Sylroxx1) 5 Votes

9. Hide and Seek With Evil Leafy: The contestants play hide and go seek with Evil Leafy.

Winners: Epic Pineapples

Losers: T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A.

Immune: Coiny

Token Winner: None

Eliminated: Leafy (SuperMightyMicheal) 2 Votes

10. The Number Game: The Contestant must pick up a number, that it.

Winners: T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A.

Losers: Skeleton Riders

Immune: None

Token Winner: None

Eliminated: Rocky (Tacoburger22) 3 Votes

11. Race of the PM's: PM me also the teams have merged and a debuted joins the game

Danger Zone: Teardrop, Needle, Pillow, Tennis Ball

Eliminated: Pillow (Mapmaker42) 2 votes

Debuts: Puffball (Tacoburger22) 12 Votes, Bomby (principedorado) 1 Vote

12. Dodgeball. Throw dodge balls at each other

Danger Zone: Bubble, Bomby, Needle, Tennis Ball

Token Winners: Puffball (Win Token)

Eliminated: Bomby (principedorado) 5 Votes

13. Jokes on you: The challenge was to tell me a joke meanwhile the eliminated contestants took a quiz and the contestant with the highest score rejoined!

Danger Zone: Coiny, Tennis Ball, Pen, Eraser

Eliminated: Tennis Ball (SuperMightyMicheal) 8 Votes

Rejoins: Spongy (11/18)

14. I M SO SMRT: The contestants are taking a pop quiz.

Danger Zone: Pen, Needle, Eraser, and Spongy

Token Winners: None

Eliminated: Spongy (challengerobjects163) 1 Vote

15. Chirstmas Time!: The contestants must find the presents in 10 different places.

Danger Zone: Coiny, Pen, Needle, Eraser

Token Winner: Eraser (Chirstmas Token)

Eliminated: Needle (funnyicecube300) 4 votes

16: Guess Who: The challenge is to guess the character from different object show, also since Eraser use a Chirstmas Token and chooses Tennis Ball to rejoins the game, the next elimination will be a double elimination.

Danger Zone: Everyone (Except for the Coiny, Pen, Woody, and Marker)

Token Winner: None

Rejoins: Tennis Ball (SuperMightyMicheal) (Eraser picked him)

Eliminated: Tennis Ball (SuperMightyMicheal) 2 Votes and Eraser (2319mi) 2 Votes

17: Open Teh Box: The challenge is to find the way to open the box.

Danger Zone: Eggy, Coiny, and Pen (Puffball and Woody did not do the challenge)

Eliminated: Eggy (SalamenceJacketJeans) 3 Votes (1.5 with WT) (Even with his WT, he still eliminated)

18. Poop Quiz: The challenge is the quiz, that it.

Danger Zone: Marker, Woody, Saw, Pen

Eliminated: Saw (cyberkittenz) 1 Vote

19. Your A Mafia!: The contestants played the game called Mafia. The eliminated contestants must voted someone to also eliminated. Speaking of the eliminated contestants, they had the last chance to rejoin the game.

Wins Immunity: Teardrop, Puffball, and Coiny

Losers: Marker, Pen, Bubble, and Woody

Token Winner: Coiny (Last Win Token) and Eggy (Last Revenge Token)

Rejoins: Eggy (SalamenceJacketJeans) 8 Votes

Eliminated: Marker (Maximumpower2002) 3 Votes

20. Chairs!: The challenge is the musical chairs and whoever didn't sit on the chair, you out!

Wins Immunity: Puffball, Eggy, Woody, Coiny

Losers: Bubble, Teardrop, Pen

Token Winner: Puffball (Last Immunity Token)

Eliminated: Bubble (lepnongames) 3 Votes


Elimination Table

Contestant Team Placing Status Stage Reason
Fiery- TeamSevenYT Skeleton Riders 24th ELIMINATED Teams Neglected the challenge
Clock-Yoshiman4321 Epic Pineapples 23rd ELIMINATED Teams Neglected challenge and angered other contestants by complaining about how his team name didn't get picked
Ice Cube- Sylroxx1 T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A Rejoins in Results 4 Rejoined Teams Neglected Challenge
Pin- 3DSdr T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A 22nd ELIMINATED Teams Quit
Saw- cyberkittenz Epic Pineapples Rejoins in Elimination 7 REJOINED Teams Saw was eliminated because he was up against two popular contestants
Spongy- Challengerobjects163 Epic Pineapples Rejoins in Results 14 REJOINED Teams Neglected challenge and was controlled by the same person as grassy
Balloony- JDOCJO5814 T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A 21st ELIMINATED Teams Reasons Unknown
Grassy- Thewugglejack T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A 20th ELIMINATED Teams Would have been safe if Tennis Ball hadn't used his Immunity Token
Ice Cube- Sylroxx1 Epic Pineapples 19th ELIMINATED Teams Change Neglected Challenge
Leafy- SuperMightyMicheal T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A 18th ELIMINATED Teams Change User controlled two contestants
Rocky- Tacoburger22 Skeleton Riders 17th ELIMINATED Teams Change Tried to get rid of Bubble who had an alliance who voted for Rocky
Pillow- Mapmaker42 Epic Pineapples/Skeleton Riders/ T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A 16th ELIMINATED Point System Neglected Challenge
Bomby- principedorado None 15th ELIMINATED Point System Blindsided by Bubble's alliance
Tennis Ball- SuperMightyMicheal T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A/Epic Pineapples Rejoins in Elimination 15/ Challenge 16/ Rejoin Ceremory 3 REJOINED Point System Big Threat
Spongy- challengerobjects163 Epic Pineapples 14th ELIMINATED Point System Neglected Challenge
Needle-funnyicecube300 Epic Pineapples/Skeleton Riders 13th ELIMINATED Point System Reason Unknown
Tennis Ball- SuperMightyMicheal T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A./ Epic Pineapples 12th ELIMINATED Point System Big Threat
Eraser- 2319mi T.T.T.G.T.W.A./ Skelton Rides 11th ELIMINATED Point System Neglected Challenge
Eggy- SalamenceJacketJeans Epic Pineapples/Skeleton Riders

Rejoins in Elimination 20/Challenge 20/ Rejoin Ceremory 4

REJOINED Point System Downgraded Got eliminated, thanks to Teardrop's Elimination Predition Video.
Saw- cyberkittenz Epic Pineapples/ Skeleton Riders/ T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A 10th ELIMINATED Point System Downgraded Would have been safe if it weren't for Woody's IT
Marker- Maximumpower2002 T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A./Skeleton Riders 9th ELIMINATED Immunity Challenges Two of his friends picked him eliminated because they didn't know who he was
Bubble- lepnongames Skeleton Riders 8th ELIMINATED Immunity Challenges



Coiny- SuperCDLand Skeleton Riders/T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A Competing
Eggy- SalamenceJacketJeans Epic Pineapples./Skeleton Riders Competing
Marshmallow- Thedomster90000 None Competing
Pen- WeegeeDS Skeleton Riders/T.T.T.I.G.T.W.A. Competing
Puffball- Tacoburger22 None Competing
Teardrop- 2000mrpie Skeleton Riders Competing
Woody- Taopwnh6427 Epic Pineapples Competing

Facts and Trivas

  • Pin is the only contestant in BFDP to quit.
  • Tennis Ball is the first contestant to use a token (Immunity Token).
  • Needle is the first contestant to use a win token.
  • Grassy has been put up for resign ups the most at two times.
  • Saw is the longest rejoiners in this game.
  • Puffball is the longest debuters in this game.
  • Ice Cube, Saw, Spongy, Pen, and Tennis Ball are rejoiners in this game.
    • They all rejoined for different reasons
      • Ice Cube rejoined because Pin quit.
      • Saw rejoined because he recieved enough votes to rejoin.
      • Spongy rejoined because he won the rejoining challenge.
      • Pen rejoined due to miscounted votes.
      • Tennis Ball rejoined due to a Christmas token.
  • Pillow and Saw are the only contestants to put on all three teams.
  • Ice Cube, Rocky, Coiny, Puffball, and Eggy are the only contestants to had two tokens.
  • Team Skeleton Riders made the longest win streak (Challenge 2- Challenge 8).
    • It the only team to lost two members (Firey and Rocky)
    • The first team to lost a team captain (Rocky).
  • Fiery was the first person to sign up and was the first eliminated!
  • Fiery, Pin, Spongy, Eraser, and Pillow are the only contestants who have not done a confessional yet.
    • Clock is the lowest ranking contestant who did a confessional.
    • Eraser is the highest ranking contestant who hasn't done a confessional.
  • Needle is the first contestant to get a Win Token.
  • Coiny is the last contestant to get a Win Token.
  • Rocky, Tennis Ball, and Woody are the first contestants to get a Immunity Token.
  • Puffball is the last contestant to get a Immunity Token.
  • Saw is the first contestant to get a Revenge Token.
  • Eggy is the last contestant to get a Revenge Token.                                         

Clash Of The Objects

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