Battle for Dream Island Again

Country of origin

United States of America


Reality TV/Comedy/Animation/Game Show/Competition

YouTube channel


Run time

June 29th, 2012 - August 1st, 2013

Upload time

  • Each half a month (June 30, 2012 - August 1, 2012)
  • Each month (August 1, 2012 - September 1, 2012)
  • Irregular (September 1, 2012 - September 1, 2016, on hiatus)


W.O.A.H. Bunch
Team No-Name
FreeSmart (as of Ep. 5e)

Created By

Michael Huang
Cary Huang

Developed by

Preceded by

Battle for Dream Island

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  1. Battle for Dream Island Again, otherwise known as BFDIA, is the second season of Battle for Dream Island. It is the successor to Battle for Dream Island, and features 12 returning contestants from BFDI, along with 10 new contestants (6 are the recommended characters from the 1st season).

The Overview

This season involves 22 inanimate objects (12 veteran, 10 rookies) that were voted by the viewers to compete for Dream Island, which despite declaring a winner last season, still doesn't have an owner. The contestants are divided up into 2 teams, and before a contest, players may switch teams if they want to. Contests are chosen by spinning a wheel, and the winning team gets immunity, while the losing team are up for elimination. The viewers vote by rating (liking/disliking) contestants' videos. The contestant with the most likes on his/her video can spin a wheel, and recieve a prize depending on when the wheel stops, while the contestant who has the most dislikes on his/her video is eliminated.


There are 22 contestants in BFDIA, including three hosts.

Old contestants

Debuting contestants


List of Season 2 Episodes

  1. Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know
  2. Get Digging
  3. Insectophobe’s Nightmare 3
  4. Zeeky Boogy Doog
  5. Get in the Van / BFDIA 5b / No More Snow! / It’s a Monster / The Long-lost Yoyle City


Original Contestants

Debuting Contestants


  • This season has 22 contestants, which is one more than the previous season.
    • It will be 23 contestants later due to the prize of BAGUETTE is to choose a recommended character to join BFDIA!
  • BFDIA is on hiatus, so the next release date may not be rare, just delayed. Cary and Michael have highschool finals, and this is the reason.
  • delayed
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