This game has play on Stream, Wii U, 3DS, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.


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Dream Island

  • World 1-1 Dream Island of Journey
  • World 1-2 Firey's Land
  • World 1-3 The Beach
  • World 1-4 Deep Deep Ocean

Leafy's Wet Land

  • World 2-1 Leafy's Forest
  • World 2-2 Rose's Bayou
  • World 2-3 Hector's Lakes
  • World 2-4 The Waterfall

Flowers Forest

  • World 3-1 Flower's Forest
  • World 3-2 The Rain Cloud
  • World 3-3 Daisy's Jungle
  • World 3-4 The Water Hole

Evil Leafy's Kingdom

  • Zone 1 The Four's Lab
  • Zone 2 The Final Boss

Mushroom Kingdom - After beat Evil Leafy's Kingdom (Wii U, 3DS, and Switch)

  • World M-1 Mushroom Kingdom
  • World M-2 Goomba's Underground
  • World M-3 Koopa Troopa's Skyshroom
  • World M-4 Bowser's Castle

Special World - After beat Evil Leafy's Kingdom

  • World S-1 The FINAL Final Boss
  • World S-2 The Hardest Level


Before Switch released was January 2014 and Switch released was May 2017

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