Battle for Dream Island is one of NB-II's fan-fictions. Some contests might be same from the original BFDI (created by jacknjellify). Here are some changes: relationships will be added, friendships will be different, enemies change, etc..


  • Flower
  • Spongy
  • Blocky
  • Woody
  • Pin
  • Needle
  • Teardrop
  • Golf Ball
  • Coiny
  • Snowball
  • Match
  • Eraser
  • Pen
  • Tennis Ball
  • Pencil
  • David
  • Ice Cube
  • Rocky
  • Bubble
  • Leafy
  • Firey

Episode Airdates

Episode 1: Do You Have Your Coins? Part 1 (Airing)

Episode 2: Do You Have Your Coins? Part 2 (Airing)

Episode 3: Baking Pizza (Airing 12/30/11)

Episode 4: New Year Special: Get the Fireworks (Airing 1/1/12)

Episode 5: Paintball Gun Fun (Airing 1/2/12)

Episode 1: Do You Have Your Coins? Part 1

Speaker: Welcome to BFDI! I am your host, Speaker Announcer. In this show, 20 contestants will compete for a luxurious island, Dream Island. And the winner even gets to decide who goes in and who doesn't.

(Intro Music Plays)

Speaker: Let's see how our contestants are doing.

(Scene Cuts to Pin sitting on a tree angrily)

Pin: I can't believe everyone insulted me!

Speaker: Hey, that doesn't matter, because there might be something that would make you happy.

Pin: No, no! I don't want to hear it!

Speaker: Well, you may-

Pin: I don't want to hear it!

Speaker: You might get a chance to win something that is very luxurious: Dream Island. You may enjoy it there. And if you win, you might be able to choose who gets in and who doesn't.

Pin: So the person who wins Dream Island gets to decide?

Speaker: Yes. Before we continue, Pin, you are the only contestant here right now. Let's meet the others, starting Rocky.

Rocky: *barfs on screen*

Speaker: Next one arriving? Eraser.

Eraser: I don't like any arrival welcomes.

Pin: What are you, greedy?

Eraser: Shut up! I'm not greedy!

Speaker: Next one arriving in Leafy and Ice Cube.

Leafy: Yay! Great to be here! Maybe if I win Dream Island, I will let everyone in!

Pin: Are you... nice or something?

Leafy: Uh... yeah...

Speaker: Up next is Bubble.

(Bubble trips and pops over a log)

Speaker: Up next is Tennis Ball.

Tennis Ball: No welcomes for me please.

Speaker: Come on people. Be cheerful.

Speaker: Anyway, next up is Pencil and Match.

Match: OMG, is this actually paradise?

Pencil: And wood?

Speaker: No. It's just a land where you battle for a luxurious island also known as Dream Island.

Match: Well, I would really want to win it because since I am a match, I can set things in fire.

Speaker: Whatever. Up next is...

(Firey and Coiny come to the show spanking each other's mouths)

Speaker: ...Coiny and Firey, also known as the slappers.

Firey: You shut your mouth!

Coiny: No, you shut your mouth, dumby!

Match: *whispering to Pencil* I think the slappers what something from each other.

Pencil: Maybe they want to slap?

Speaker: And... spankings over. Up next is Pen.

Pen: It's really nice to be here.

Eraser: That's how a man acts-

Pin: *covers Eraser's mouth* That is not how a man acts like!

Speaker: And next is Woody.

Woody: *sighs*

Pencil: Why is he too quiet?

Match: I don't know what he thinks about...

Speaker: Enough of the whispering Match. Next is Snowball.

Snowball: No matter what I do, I am going to crush these weaklings and win Dream Island because I'm strong! *laughs evilly and everyone stares at him*

Speaker: Enough, enough, enough of this excitement, because we have to move on.

Snowball: Aw, come on! I was going to finish my speech!

Speaker: Golf Ball.

Golf Ball: I have a 8.444% chance of winning Dream Island! And when I win, I will have a 6.777 chance of competing next season! If there is... season two.

Speaker: Whatever. Next one coming is Needy...

Needle: *slaps Speaker* Don't call me Needy!

Speaker: Calm down. Anyway, next one coming is Spongy.

Spongy: *walks*

Match: Oh great, he looks fat!

Leafy: Match, that wasn't very nice!

Speaker: Leafy, enough of that whole kindness thing. Next one coming is Flower.

Flower: I am not getting eliminated!

Firey: What is wrong with her?

Flower: Firey, don't question it!

Speaker: Next one coming is Teardrop.

Teardrop: *stares at Speaker*

Speaker: What?

Match: Can't she like, not talk or something?

Speaker: Enough of the chit-chat, which is what I am going to say again. Last one coming is Blocky.

Blocky: Sorry I am late guys, it's because someone kept on attacking me.

Speaker: And did you get injured?

Blocky: No!

Speaker: Well, staff shows up, because we need to get on to the first coins. Here's a stack full of coins. They are nickels, dimes, pennies, and quarters. The first partner gets the heads, and second partner gets the tails.

Match: So, all we have to do is flip a coin?

Speaker: Um... maybe. Alright, partner up.

(To be continued!)

Elimination Table

Coming Soon...

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