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Two (TPOT)

Two (TPOT)
I'm glad the 40 of you have made the wise choice of instead battling for The Power of Two!

The Power of Two is the fifth season of Battle For Dream Island.


After the years of Battle for B.F.D.I. when Two appears in and switch their show, 40 contestants, 1 limitless power and this is, The Power of Two!


The Power of Two has 42 contestants competing: 40 veterans coming from Battle for BFDI, and two recommended characters that were up for voting in "The Escape from Four". Winner and Price Tag were chosen, and are the two newcomers. This time, Two is the host instead of Four.



Characters that were up for debut in TPOT[]

International broadcast[]

BFDI:TPOT air in Canada Only In Canada Object TV

BFDI:TPOT are worldwide In Object TV International was at BFDI:TPOT