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Battle for Dream Island
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Country of origin

United States of America



YouTube channel


Run Time

January 1, 2010 - January 1, 2012


Squishy Cherries
Squashy Grapes
Another Name after episode 9

Created by

Michael Huang
Cary Huang

Developed by

Succeeded by

Battle for Dream Island Again

Battle for Dream Island, abbreviated as BFDI, is an object show that first premiered on January 1, 2010, on the YouTube account jacknjellify. The show takes place in a fictional location known as Goiky. There are a total of 25 episodes in the 1st season. It is known as the first-ever object show. This show ended on January 1, 2012; being succeeded by Battle for Dream Island Again. and then there was Battle for BFDI, which came out in late 2017-2018


This season involves 20 (later 21) inanimate objects who are casually living together. But when the host, the Announcer, falls from the sky and tells everyone about the luxurious island otherwise known as Dream Island, competition sparks, and everyone begins battling each other for the island. The announcer hosts almost all of season 1 but leaves in Episode 25: Return of the Hang Glider.

20+1 Contestants

There are a total of 20 contestants later 21.

Sequel Series

The sequel to BFDI called BFDIA, Battle For Dream Island Again began on June 29th, 201,2, and has since been on a hiatus since episode 5e. It has 22 contestants, competing once again for Dream Island. But now called Farm island. Another sequel that was released on September 1st, 2016 was IDFB also known as Island Dream For Battle or It's Deep Fried Breaths! From Coiny at the end of the episode “Welcome Back!“ And is left on another hiatus because of school.

BFDI shorts were planned to be released between the IDFB episodes, one was when they went on a hiatus. There was supposed to be a second BFDI short but didn't make it to DEC. 1ST. That's the most up to date for IDFB, because Short 2 was planned to be released.

There is also another sequel called Battle for BFDI hosted by Four, which began on November 3rd, 2017.


List of Season 1 Episodes

  1. Take The Plunge
  2. Barriers And Pitfalls
  3. Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?
  4. Sweet Tooth
  5. Bridge Crossing
  6. Power of Three
  7. Puzzling Mysteries
  8. Cycle of Life
  9. Insectophobe’s Nightmare
  10. Crybaby!
  11. Lofty
  12. A Leg Up in the Race
  13. Don’t Lose Your Marbles
  14. Half a Loaf Is Better Than None
  15. Vomitaco
  16. Bowling, Now with Explosions!
  17. The Reveal
  18. Reveal Novum
  19. Rescission
  20. Gardening Hero
  21. The Glistening
  22. Don’t Pierce My Flesh
  23. Hurtful!
  24. Insectophobe’s Nightmare 2
  25. Return of the Hang Glider


  • BFDI is the first object show ever to be created.
  • Match was the first to speak in the first episode and repeated the first word as the last word in the last episode.
  • Almost every episode was released each month on the 1st.
  • Because the show was so popular, it inspired people to create Inanimate Insanity, Object Overload, etc.
  • BFDI has the most seasons out of any other object show, at 5, which are BFDI, BFDIA, IDFB, and BFB and TPOT.
  • There is a secret message if the first spoken word of the first episode, the second spoken word of the second episode, and so on, are taken and put in order. This is also true for BFDIA ,might be true in IDFB, but is not true for BFB.
  • Firey is the first object show character that is ever made.



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