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BFDL- March 4 2013 BFDLR- September 26 2013


BFDL- September 8 2013 BFDLR- TBA

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Battle for diamond land is a camp created by MrAndrewtb. BFDLR has 40 contestants all together all from various object shows. It contains 9 BFDI recommended characters. 6 newbies in BFDIA. 11 contestants from BFDI. 3 object mayhem. 2 from object twonivirse. 3 from object overload. 4 from object univirse. 3 from inanimate insanity. Yarn hosts this wonderful camp and disc co-hosts. BFDL has 24 contestants all together. It contains 7 BFDI contestants. 1 BFDI newbie. 1 random. 1 II recommended. 13 II characters. 1 II 2 newbie


Tetris- Smithchadspantz

Tune- Steven Davenport

Oj- BlasteroidBob21

Kite- Mareo Deleon

Marker- Plasmadamoska

Cup-  Johnathan Sapurta

Ice cream- Isubtoeveryone


Gelatin- Nicholas Sternes

Firey-  Aunderia Johnson

Butter- Enzo s.s

Tennisball- Knifethebeast

Ice cube- Esden Grohe

Jigsaw- Oshawott otter

Nickel- theTMEOguy

Coiny- Connor Spalding

Fries- gamer14ization

Camera- Secondyo

Clock- Objectville

Baseball- Supernin10

Disc- liam reily

Donut- Nat4274


Paintbrush- Jacon mengi

Candy- Mrda6ve

Rocky- Maximumawesomeness

Pillow- John the advark

Eggy- TBA

Fanny- TBA

Lollipop- TBA

Naily- TBA

Pencil- TBA

Pie- Brad Leggey

Teardrop- Brad Leggey

Tennisracket- Plasmadamoska


Golf ball- Eric DeWitt

Raincloud- Smitchadspantz

Oj- Funnyicecubealex

Baseball- BTD5king

Lightbulb- Ian christopher

Yin-yang- Comentingeevee

Bubble- Seth trooper

Woody- Thegokutesayin

Teardrop- KrazyKitten100

Needle- Theaweomecoolstuff1

Apple- Bowserjr2215

Coiny- Mrda6ve

Paintbrush- Ultimatewingeddmelody

Cookie-  Mariosonicepic123

Taco- Jas88themage

Nickel- MsSpartaProductions

Pin- Bgyoshifan kyle

Salt- Mareo Deleon

Bomb- Levi Cohrane

Bow- Levi Cohrane

Pepper- Eric DeWitt

Balloon- Sonicdjsdit

Knife- BlasteroidBob21

BFDLR poses

Baseball pose

Baseball pose

Books pose

books pose

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