Battle for Desert Town is created by bladethe blade. It has 42 characters. OH AND DON'T EDIT IT WITHOUT MY PERMISSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Elimination Table

42nd Flower

Reason: Didn't do the challenge

and was a very unpopuler contestant

Team Votes Username

41st Plus

Reason: Didn't do the challenge
Team Votes Username
Teamless 0 MarioSonicEpic123
40th Blocky Reason: Didn't do the challenge
Team Votes Username
The Vicious Vipers 3 Yum sepillo
39th Barf Bag Reason: Didn't do the challenge
Team Votes Username
Team Fighting 7 Esden Grohe

BFDT (challenge 1)

Its the first challenge of the game. It was to create  team name.

BFDT (result 1)

all the team names were great, but TNT's, Pencil's, Lollipop's and Bottle's wre the best. So They became Team Captains. TNT's was "The Network of Exploding Devices" Pencil's was " Team Gravity Modifiers" Lollipop's was " Team Fighting" and Bottle's was " The Vicious Vipers"

BFDT (elimination 0.5)

the team captains were gonna choose the team, but until a twist. The twist was...... the 4 people that had been choosen last and 2 people that was teamless were up for elimination. The viwers would vote the 2 people that are teamless. So the person with the least votes would go to TNT's team, second least votes to Pencil's team, third  least votes to Lollipop's team and fourth least votes to Bottle's team.

BFDT (elimination 1/ challenge 2)

It was scary to see who was eliminated, but flower and plus were eliminated. So Teardrop went to TNT's team, Glue went to Pencil's team, Lightning went to Lollipop's team and Basketball to Bottle's team. Then came the second challenge which was called "Oh no where's my limbs" the contestants would all lose there limbs. There were three choices and they were: 1. Eat some limb food, 2. Get recovered by the master recovery center or 3. Wait until your limbs grow. But one of were the right one

BFDT (result 2)

The contestants had to choose the right noe and it ended up being TNT and grassy who chose the right one which was eat some limb food. So The Vicious Vipers werre up for elimination.

BFDT (elimination 2/ challenge 3)

This time Bocky was eliminated and contestants had to do a quiz. There are 10 questions.


Black Hole (BFDT)

Black Hole Pose (Battl for Desert Town)

8-ball (BFDT)

8-ball Pose (Battl for Desert Town)

Basketball (BFDT)

Basketball Pose (Battl for Desert Town)

Barf Bag (BFDT)

Barf Bag Pose (Battl for Desert Town)

Bell (BFDT)

Bell Pose (Battl for Desert Town)

Blocky (BFDT)

Blocky ( Battle for Desert Town

Bottle (BFDT)

Bottle ( Battle for Desert Town

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