Battle for Corn n' Carrot Castle is a fanfiction by PikminComet.

Current Teams + Remaining Contestants (credit to pose makers)

Sacred Superstars

Techno Carpets

As always, GG my friends. (aka ded/eliminated contestants)

Episode 1: Not an Island (Released 8th March 2014)

Hot Chocolate: Hello! Welcome to BFCACC! I'm your host, Hot Chocolate! Here's the contestant!

Baseball: I'm so happy to be here!

Ruby: Wow! a castle!

  • After all 44 contestants were welcomed*

Hot Chocolate: The teams are Epic Cakes and Epic Creams. The first challenge is to find the castle. Start!

Axe: Look a Carrot!

Pen: No! It's a Corn!

  • All of them run to the Carrot/Corn*

Lego Brick: Wait, it's a castle! Come on team! Go in the castle!

  • The Epic Cakes run to the castle*

Badge: Yes, we did it!

  • Epic Creams arrive*

Eggy: Aww......

Hot Chocolate: So viewers, vote one of Epic Creams in the poll to go home!

Episode 2: And it Begins.... (Released 9th March 2014)

Hot Chocolate: Alright Epic Creams. We got 5 votes for the elimination. Everybody is safe except Tether Ball, Gelatin, Baseball, Tune, Tissues and Trophy. All of you got 1 vote each. So the last one to get voted is eliminated. And that's......... GELATIN!!

Gelatin: WHAT?!

Hot Chocolate: Now you have to go to NAD.

Gelatin: What is that?

Hot Chocolate: Not Awesome Dudes.

Gelatin: NO! *Gets flinged by the flinger*

Hot Chocolate: The next challenge is to run 1 Kilometers. Start!

  • 250 Meters later*

Paintbrush: How many more meters?

Book: 750.

Paintbrush: D:

  • 600 meters*

Rubik's Cube: Ow, my leg! It hurts! *Falls*

  • 1 Kilometers*

Cauliflower: *cough* Yes! We made it!

Hot Chocolate: Vote somebody on Epic Creams in the poll to be eliminated! (Ended)

Episode 3: Go for it! (Released 10th March 2014)

Hot Chocolate: Once again, we got 5 votes. Everybody is safe except for Teardrop, Book, Trophy and Yin -  Yang. Safe with 1 vote is: Trophy and Book!

Book: Yeah!

Hot Chocolate: Teardrop and Yin - Yang, one of you will go to NAD with 2 votes. One is safe with 1. And that is....... YIN - YANG!

Yin: Yes!

Yang: NO!

Teardrop: D: *Gets flinged*

Hot Chocolate: The next challenge is....

  • A giant Robot Flower appears*

Dice: Oh snap.

Hot Chocolate: Yes you will be fighting them! GO!

Giant Robot Flower: I will crush you if i'm dead!

Ruby: Run.

Everybody: *runs* AAAAHH!

OJ: Hey! Look at this Bomb!

Bomb: H-e-e-e-y!

OJ: Hmmmm....... OH I HAVE AN IDEA! :D *Grabs Bomb*

Bomb: N-N-O-O-O-O!

  • OJ throws bomb at Giant Robot Flower*

Hammock: Hey! Look at this Axe! *Grabs Axe*

Axe: Put me down!

Hammock *Throws Axe at Giant Robot Flower*

  • Big explosion*

Hot Chocolate: Well.... Vote for one of Epic Cakes to be eliminated in the poll below. (Ended)

Episode 4: This Means War (Released 15th March 2014)

Clover: What's taking him so long?

Yin: Yeah, it's already 1 hour!

Hot Chocolate: I'm back! With sadness. We got only one vote. It turns out who get that vote is Taco......

Taco: Aww.....

Hot Chocolate: That shaped like a Burrito!

Burrito: I'm a Burrito! *Gets Flinged* AAAAH!

Dice: Where's Hot Chocolate?


Soap: Who is that....?

?:....... RAWR! *Claws Soap and Dice*

Mario Hat: Well, the world doesn't say that we can't run away.

Everybody Runs Away*

?: *Traps Rocket and Pen*

Trophy: You've gotta be kidding me, right?

?: *Catches Fan, Kite and Pencil* 

?: You're next, Cauliflower!

Cauliflower: IT'S MISTAH CAULIFLOWER! *Jumps and Slaps him*

?: That doesn't affect me, Cauliflower!

Cauliflower: GRRR..... *Slaps him 50 times*

Hot Chocolate: Okay, you won!

Camera: W-w-w-what?

Hot Chocolate: Okay, i was mad because i only got one vote. Vote one of Epic Cakes in the poll below!

Episode 5: Here it comes! (Released 27th March 2014)

Hot Chocolate: Alright! So let's get to the elimination. Pencil get only 1 vote!

Pencil: Yay!

Hot Chocolate: Same with Hammock!

Hammock: YUYZ!

Hot Chocolate: Asthma Inhaler and Axe got 2 votes each. But i see it when Axe got 2 and Asthma Inhaler only got 1! So, bye Axe!

Axe: What?! *Flinged to NAD* NO!!!!!!

Hot Chocolate: This challenge is to make Pies! START!

Tether Ball: Alright, Eggy! What should we do? *Touchs Eggy*

  • Eggy brokes*

Tune: Alright, we got the egg.

Soap: GERMS!

Nickel: *Sarcasm* Oh yeah, so dirty. 


Nickel: *Sarcasm* Yes, just so dirty.

Hot Chocolate: I'm bringing three of my friends (or OCs) to judge.

Judgers Epic Cakes (The Germ Pie) Epic Creams (The Egg Pie)
Hot Chocolate 6/10 9/10
Arrow 2/10 10.5/10
Wet Tissue 0/10 10/10
Helmet 4/10 10/10
Total 12/40 39.5/40

Hot Chocolate: Vote one of the Epic Cakes in the poll below!

Episode 6: It's Time For Cake at Stake (Released 2nd April 2014)

Hot Chocolate: For the elimination, we got 4 votes. Which is OK. Lightbulb got 1 vote.

Lightbulb: OMGA!

Hot Chocolate: It's down to Soap and Petroleum Drop. The final one that safe is........ Petroleum Drop!

Soap: What? Me? Nickel was supposed to get eliminated! I was going to clean the pie!

Nickel: *whispers* Could you get her out?

  • Soap gets flinged*

Hot Chocolate: Now your challenge is to cook for me! One team have to cook 3 foods and get 1 drink!

Pen: Alright guys, i got this frying pan!

Knife: Where did you buy it?

Pen: Walmart!


Lego Brick: We made some Sandwiches, a Cherry Donut, an Ice Cream and a Chocolate Milkshake!

Hot Chocolate: Cool! You get 34 out of 40.

Eggy: Well, my team has Bananas, Tofu, Salad and a Hot Tea!

Hot Chocolate: Well, that's great. But not good as Epic Cakes. You got 28 out of 40. Vote one of the Epic Creams in the poll below to go home! Also, there's a rejoin. You can also vote!

Episode 6' 5: Somebody is Back! (Released 3rd September 2014)

Alright, After being inactive in the Object Community for almost 7 MONTHS because i'm bored, i'm finally back. I only come back to continue my fanfics. Episode 7 will be made as soon as possible. Also, with 11 votes, Teardrop is back. Hammock is also eliminated with 12 votes. See you soon.

Episode 7: Freezing Sandland (Released 4th September 2014)

Hot Chocolate: Welcome back to Battle for Corn'n Carrot Castle! With 11 votes Teardrop returns!

  • Brings Teardrop out of NAD*

Hot Choclate: With 12 votes, Hammock is eliminated. *Flings Hammock*

Hot Chocolate: Your challenge today is to stay at a Sandland and a Snowland for 24 hours. Epic Cakes will stay at Snowland, while Epic Creams got to stay at Sandland.

Baseball: Why do we need to stay in Sandland?! It's hot and humid there.

Pen: Hey! a Snowland is cold too.

Hot Chocolate: Start!

Rocky: Bleh! *Barfs a Christmas Tree in Snowland*

Yin: Oh no! Is this a Quicksand?!

Yang: Of course it is, Stupid!

Ruby: Hey! I'm building a Snowman!

  • Firey appears and melts the Snowman*

Ruby: Hey! My Snowman!

  • 24 Hours Later*

Hot Chocolate: In the Snowland, since Firey burned the whole place, then Epic Cakes is up for elimination. And Firey, go away.

  • Flings Firey*

Hot Chocolate: Vote the members in Epic Cakes for double elimination!

Episode 8: New Things are New (Announced 14th September 2014, Completed 8th August 2015)

Hot Chocolate: Epic Cakes, come here! *goes to the elimination area*

Lightbulb: OMGA! What place is this?

Hot Chocolate: The elimination area. The player that is eliminated will be teleported somewhere.

Hot Chocolate: The prize today is nails!

Ruby: Seriously?

Hot Chocolate: Everybody is safe except for Cauliflower, Taco and Rocky!

Everybody who is safe: GAH! *dodges the nails*

Hot Chocolate: I'm sorry Cauliflower. But with 3 votes you've been eliminated.

Cauliflower: I'TS MISTAH CAULI- *gets teleported*

Hot Chocolate: Taco and Rocky, you got 1 votes each the tiebraker is....... FIGHTING! START!

Rocky: BLEH! *barfs into taco*

Taco: I won't lose to stupid peoples, cause i am evil! *barfs lemon*

  • The lemons and the barfs hit each other, but taco has his lemon empty and rocky cannot barf again

Taco: Well i guess there is only one way! *kicks Rocky but she also slips*

  • Taco falls then Rocky falls

Hot Chocolate: Well, sorry Taco. *Teleports Taco*

Hot Chocolate: Today we will have new teams! Team captains will be picked by random!

  • Meanwhile, in real life

PikminComet: lol, i didn't touch this article for 5 months. Oh well, let's make a new one, WITH A TWIST! *evil face*

  • Back to Object World

Hot Chocolate: ...BY A CHALLENGE! A CHALLENGE THAT WILL MAKE YOU ALL DIE! HAHAHAHAHAHA-Sorry, i have a little bit of overeaction. (is that even a word?) So, you need to take a quiz with only 2 questions but if you answer the question wrong, you will be dead, forever. Which means, we need to kill all the eliminated contestants,

  • cut to NAD

Gelatin: Hey guys, is that a TNT?

Burrito: Of course it is, Dummy! *TNT blows up*

All Contestants: NO WAY!!

Hot Chocolate: OH, YES WAY!! START NOW! (oh and btw, i will use a randomizer in this challenge)

Question 1: How many contestants die or eliminated as this time?

a.7 b.6 c.8

Rocky: Bleh! *Barfs at answer a, then a bridge appears and rocky passes.*

Badge: Uh, 8? *An anvil comes from the air and smashes Badge* (37th)

(Sorry, but i'm lazy here, but Icicle, Kite, Sharpener, Camera, Clover and Rocket also answers the question wrong and they respectively got 36th to 31st place)

Question 2: What is PikminComet's favorite pokemon? (just so you guys also know)

a. Jirachi b. Victreebel or Utsobot c.Goodra or Numelgon

Nickel: Of course it's Jirachi! *gets lit in fire* (30th)

Fan: Easy! It's Goodra! *passes*

(Randomized again, Asthma Inhaler, Eggy, Lightbulb, Pen, Dice, Trophy and Book got the answer wrong and respectively got 29th to 23rd place.)

Hot Chocolate: So that's the challenge, folks! Time to pick the teams! Yes! The leaders are also will be picked by random! (Sorry if your favorite character is gone now, i feel that there are too many contestants here.)

Sacred Superstars

Whistle (Leader)

Mirror (Co-leader)






Mario & Luigi Hat


Tether Ball

Rubik's Cube

Techno Carpets

Tissues (Leader)

Ruby (Co-leader)







Lego Brick

Pet. Drop

Yin - Yang

Hot Chocolate: No elimination this episode.

Episode 9: Full of Fire (Released 16th August 2015)

  • At the airport

Hot Chocolate: Okay, guys, i will not be hosting this show again....

Everybody: WHAAAAAAT!?

Hot Chocolate: Magazine will take on from now on, i am going to London...

Magazine: Hi guys! Also, bye Hot Chocolate! We will miss you!

Hot Chocolate: Thanks. :) *rides the plane*

Magazine: Today, your challenge is to mak- AUUUUGH! *slips and falls to a camp near the cliff*

Magazine: Where am i? Hmm, it smells weird here.... *sees fire* ACKKKK! THERE IS A HEAVY FIRE HERE!

Lego Brick: Hmm, is that a fire down there?

Yin: Oh no! Magazine falls to the cliff, which means we need to safe him!

Yang: Hah! Good riddance!

Yin: Shut up, Yang!

Cherries: Hey, we have a rope!

Whistle: Good then!

Tether Ball: Can i touch it? *touches the rope*

Everybody: NOOOOOOO, DON'T!

  • The rope turns into a sword, then Tether Ball, Cherries, Whistle and Pencil got sliced and they died

Ruby: Uhhh... Are they dead?

OJ: Don't worry, i learned science and i made a recovery center, which will revive any contestant, but nah, i can't safe the eliminated contestants because it's against the rules.

  • Tether Ball, Cherries, Whistle and Pencil revives

Baseball: Hey, i renember, Hot Chocolate buys a ladder in case of an emergency, let's find the ladder!

Everybody: Yeah!

  • After one hour

Tissues: ACHOOO! Where is the ladder?

Notebook: Hmm...

  • flashback

Hot Chocolate: Let me bring this ladder!

  • End of flashback


Knife: Why should i?

Mirror: *Grabs Knife*

Knife: HEYYY!

Mirror: No time to answer, sorry!

  • At the airport

Petroleum Drop: Hey, Hot Chocolate! Do you have a ladder?

Hot Chocolate: Yes, i do!

Yin: Give it to me!

Hot Chocolate: Okey dokey! *throws ladder to Yin*

Yin: Ouch! But thanks!


Yin: NO WAY!

  • Yin and Yang fights, however the ladder flies from Yin's hand and the ladder crushes Teardrop

Teardrop: ....

Whistle: Team, go to the cliff!

  • At the cliff

Protactor: Go down the cliff!

Mario Hat: Okay!

Luigi Hat: Mario, i'm scared, i might fell off!

Mario Hat: Shut up, Luigi!

  • Mario hat and Luigi hat climbs down the ladder

Mario Hat: Hey, are you coming or not?

Magazine: YAYYY!

  • Magazine, Mario hat and Luigi hat climbs the ladder

Magazine: For saving me, Sacred Superstars got immunity!

Paintbrush: *sigh*

Magazine: Readers, this guys wants to go home, so vote for team Techno Carpets!

Episode 10: Year MMMDLXXXVII (Released 15th July 2016)

Magazine: Oh kewl, i never knew this fanfiction could get to a double digit episode!

Notebook: Hey... What about the elimination?

Magazine: Oh yeah! Techno Carpets, come here. For the prize, we will have snakes!

Pencil: What!?

Ruby: Eek!

Magazine: If i didn't call you, then you have 0 votes! Lego Brick, Yin-Yang and Pencil! *throws snakes to everyone else*

Tissues: Ack! Oh no- ACHOO!

Paintbrush: Why would you give us this!?

Fan: Uhh... Can i just give it to someone... To you Baseball!

Baseball: What? NO!

Magazine: Pencil.

Pencil: .....Yeah?

Magazine: You're safe with 0 votes, i was just trolling you lololol *throws snake*

Pencil: Grr- AHHHH!

Magazine: Yin-Yang.

Yin-Yang: What?

Magazine: You have been eliminated with 2 votes.



  • Yin-Yang got dropped into a pool of lava

Petroleum Drop: Oh yeah, i forgot that you need to die.

Magazine: Which means, Lego Brick is safe with 1 vote. *throws snake*

Lego Brick: Uhh... No thanks...

  • Meanwhile...

OJ: Tether Ball! You need to stop touching things!

Tether Ball: Umm... *touches OJ and then OJ breaks*

Knife: Hey! He just told you not to do that!

Tether Ball: Sorry...

Luigi Hat: Mario...?

Mario Hat: What?

Luigi Hat: Umm... Why is there a portal there?

Magazine: That's right, for this challenge, you need to go to year 3587 to find something cool and bring it here!

Baseball: Eh. Sounds easy. Everything in the future is cool.

Magazine: Yeah, but getting them is not as easy as you think... Ok, stop chit-chatting. START!

  • Everyone gets into the portal

Teardrop: ...(Hey, i found a bazaar, maybe i can find some things!)

Cherries: Hey, Rubik's Cube, want to work together?

Rubik's Cube: Sure!

Notebook: Hey look, theres tons of gold there! SUPER NOTEBOOK ACTIVATE!

Fan: Oh no...

  • Meanwhile...

Protactor: Oh, look! There's a super cheap shop!

Tune: Not so fast...

Protactor: GAH!

Mirror: Hey! We have to find something!

Rocky: Bleh! *barfs an metal ball*

Mirror: Eh... Ok...

Fan: Found one!

Tissues: Have to be careful to not- ACHOO!

  • Later...

Magazine: Ok, so team Sacred Superstars got a big point, aka 100.000 dollars.

Sacred Superstars: Yay!

Magazine: But, team Techno Carpets get 1.000.000 dollars!

Sacred Superstars: Aww...

Magazine: Readers, vote for the contestants of Sacred Superstars on the poll below. Voting ends whenever i want to end it.

OJ: ...

Episode 11: The One that Couldn't (Announced 17 February 2017, Completed 29th April 2017)

PikminComet: You know, since it has almost been a year since the last episode, lets make another episode while messing up this fanfi-OFAJSIJDISA

Paintbrush: Man, PikminComet sucks so bad. If you can't make a story, then just cancel it!

PikminComet: *faintly* Hey, i heard that!

Whistle: Either way, where is Magazi-

Rocky: Bleh! *barfs Magazine out*

Tether Ball: Ew...

Magazine: Geez, living in there for 9 months really hurts...

Knife: Wait a second, 9 months... That means, Rocky had you as a-

Magazine: Don't even think about it.

Cherries: BABY!

Magazine: *sigh* Let's just do the elimination, Sacred Superstars, go to the bonfire!

  • at the bonfire

Magazine: So, the only contestants who got votes were Tether Ball, M&L Hat, Teardrop, and Knife! The prize will be spikeballs!

Mirror and OJ: Not again! *shatters*

Magazine: Knife, M&L Hat...

Luigi Hat: Yeah..?

Magazine: Both of you are still in the game, with 1 vote.

Knife: Cool! *gets hit*

Mario Hat: Yeah brother! We did it!

Luigi: MAAARIIIOOOOO! *gets hit by a spikeball*

Magazine: Tether Ball, you always bring bad luck to everybody. Teardrop, you are a rejoiner, and you're also useless.

Tether Ball: Oh nooo!

Teardrop: ...

Magazine: Teardrop, enjoy the spikeball, because you're save with only 1 vote!

Teardrop: *cheers silently, and then gets hit*

Magazine: With 2 votes, you are eliminated, Tether Ball. Hopefully if i touch this button it won't bring bad luck. Sayonara!

Tether Ball: GAAHHH! *falls into lava pit*

Protactor: Finally, that weirdo is gone!

Magazine: I don't know, maybe you will be the one next gone.

Protactor: No way!

Rubik's Cube: What's the next challenge?

Magazine: Good thing you asked that. The next challenge is to knit a whole theme park!

Tissues: Sheesh... ACHOO!

Petroleum Drop: Welp.

Lego Brick: Umm... BOTO confirmed?

Magazine: I guess so. Now, stop chit-chatting. START!

*Team Sacred Superstars*

Whistle: Umm... so i have a thread right here...

Mirror: Are you serious? You can only knit a doll using a thread that long!

Teardrop: *sigh*

Cherry 1: Welp, there goes our team.

Cherry 2: No, we can still do it! If we believe in...

Protractor: Cherries, instead of being annoying, you can help us.

Rocky: Bleh! *barfs at the rollercoaster*

OJ: Rocky! I worked on that since yesterday!

Knife: Yesterday?

OJ: Umm... I can explain...

*Team Techno Carpets*

Tune: So... How are we gonna get a yarn?

Pencil: Well... I heard there's a knitting machine in that factory over there!

Ruby: Then, what are you waiting for?

Pencil: I'm waiting for Match to debut in IDFB!



*Back to Team Sacred Superstars*

Knife: Ok, so i've been working all day knitting this hot dog stand! It even includes edible hot dogs made from a thread!

Protactor: Eww...

Mirror: Eh, i've also knitted the merry go-round, so i guess we're gonna win this challenge!

OJ: What about the rollercoaster?

Mirror: Who cares about the rollercoaster? Wait, where's Rocky anyways?


Rubik's Cube: There you are... Why are you not barfing anyways?

Protactor: Isn't that a good thi-

Rocky: BLEH! *releases a huge barf*

Whistle: Oh no! Our theme park!

Magazine: Challenge ended! Apparently, Techno Carpets won with their ball of yarn because the only thing Sacred Superstars had was a... vomit party...

Mirror: Not again!

Paintbrush: Huh, we actually did something...

Magazine: Today, there is no viewer vote, so, Sacred Superstars, you can vote anybody on your own team!

*after voting*

Magazine: Everybody is save except Cherries and Rocky! The price today is a slice of anchovy pizza!

Protactor: Ew...

Magazine: Suprisingly, Cherries, you actually got more than 1 vote...

Cherry 1: Oh no!

Cherry 2: Don't tell me this is the end of our journey...

Magazine: Which is 2 votes. Good job, you're safe. Have your anchovy pizza!

Cherry 2: Yay!

Cherry 1: Wait.. How can you like that kind of Pizza? And, who even votes us?

Knife: *whistles*

Magazine: That means, Rocky is eliminated with a total of 8 votes. Hasta la vista!

Rocky: BLEH! *barfs hugely before getting crashed by a tree*

Magazine: Ehh... Atleast it didn't smell bad!

Episode 12: Lockdown (Released 27th May 2017)

Magazine: Since today there's no viewer vote, let's get back to the rejoin!

Lego Brick: Umm... What?

Notebook: Cool! I want a taco who looks like a burrito come back to this show!

Magazine: Oh, sorry... I mean, we'll have a normal challenge!

Everyone else: Aww...

Baseball: Dude, you're becoming more clumsy these days!

Magazine: Well sorry, the creator says that my personality doesn't match!

PikminComet: Oh, uh... We need to make personalities more balanced! LEL *runs away*

Protactor: By the way, what would be the challenge?

Pencil: Ooh! I hope it will be a stabbing contest!

Knife: Well, i hope it would be a killing contest!

*everybody stares at knife

Magazine: Well guys, he's kinda right. Today, the challenge will be a malware-creating contest! The teams will create viruses, and the other team has to kill the virus.

OJ: Wow, that makes me wanna cry...

*everybody looks at OJ

OJ: What?

Mirror: Now, what are we waiting for?

Magazine: Me saying "START!!!"

Whistle: Welp.

Magazine: Wait, what are you all doing?

Cherries: Uhh... Waiting for you to say start?

Magazine: I ALREADY SAID START! Oh what the heck, just start right now.

*Techno Carpets

Paintbrush: So... What are we going to create?

Fan: How about, we create one that you need to answer a hard math question?

Tissues: Which is...- ACHOOO!

Fan: 999999999999999999999999999999999+9888888888888888888888888888888888888x0!!!

Petroleum Drop: Real funny, Fan.

  • cut to Sacred Superstars

Luigi Hat: Brother, are we going to lose a-again?

Mario Hat: I don't know, don't be a pessimist you idiot!

Luigi Hat: Ma-mario?

Rubik's Cube: So, how about we make a malware that forces you to win in a Rubik competition?

OJ: Huh, that actually sounds good. But, how are we going to do that?

Protactor: Heh, i got this device from year 3587, it can detect any type of motion.

Mirror: Cool!

  • back to Techno Carpets

Notebook: Ugh, what are we going to build? Do we really need Super Notebook's help this time?

Tune: I think we should stay to the math operation stuff.

Ruby: Ooh! I think 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999x0 was a good question :D!

Pencil: *sigh* Me too, Ruby.

Magazine: TIME IS ALMOST UP! In the end, one of the team member choosed by the opposing team will need to fix the opposing team's malware. Don't forget, there is a triple elimination this time!

Lego Brick: What!? You're crazy!

Tissues: Eh, he probably made a mistake because he's clums-ACHOO!

Magazine: No, this is not a mistake...

Tune: Guys, i got an idea! To fix the malware, you need to use your own voice. I got this microphone here, since we can choose who needs to solve our math operation, this idea is going to work!

Techno Carpets: Yeah!

  • after some time

Magazine: Time's up! Teams, choose any opposing team member to fix your own malware!

Whistle: In our computer Rubik's Cube competition, we choose Ruby!

Pencil: Wait! But she's the dumbe-

Tissues: In our-ACHOO! math solving malware requiring voice, we choose Teardrop!-ACHOO!

Sacred Superstars: *gasp*

Magazine: Alright. Start now!

  • Sacred Superstars

Mirror: Come on Teardrop, you can do it! 999999999999999999x0 is a super easy question!

Knife: It would be obviously, but she can't even speak at all!!! There's no point in this competition, we will lose!

  • cut to Techno Carpets

Malware from Computer: Start!

Ruby: Mine is done.

Malware from Computer: Congratulations, you have won the Rubik's Cube competition. This malware will self destruct in 3.

Everybody: WHAT!?

Malware from Computer: 2.

Ruby: Sometimes, you just need to fix any voice based tools. :)

Malware from Computer: 1. Self-Destructing....

  • large explosion happens

Magazine:... Well, it's safe to say that Carpets won the contest 1 more time. Superstars, sorry, but from a disadvantaged 9 member-ed team, it will decrease further to 6.

Whistle: Aww...

Magazine: Two of the contestants eliminated will depend on your votes. One of the contestants eliminated will be from a reader vote next episode. So, what are you waiting for, vote! Since today there's a double elimination, you can vote twice!

  • after everybody have voted

Magazine: We actually got 18 votes. It's actually more than every episode on this fanfic LOL

Protactor: That's pretty sad...

Magazine: Anyways, if i called your name, you are safe. The prize today is Hot Doges.

Cherry 1: Hot Doge?

Cherry 2: I thought it was spelled Hot Dog...

Magazine: Oops, i mean, you will all receive a Doge Plushie that has a Warmer! So, Cherries, Protactor, and Whistle, you're intrestingly safe with 0 votes.

Protactor: Aww... It's really cute.

Magazine: M&L Hat, you're both safe with 1 vote.

Mario Hat: Phew!

Luigi Hat: Bro, are we still safe?

Mario Hat: Yes, Luigi. *facepalms*

Magazine: Mirror and OJ...

OJ: Yeah?

Magazine: You're both eliminated safe with 3 votes!

Mirror: Cool!

Magazine: Knife, Teardrop, Rubik's Cube. It's down to 3 of you. I bet all of you knew what you did wrong, right?

Teardrop: *nods*

Knife: NO!!!

Magazine: Too bad Knife, you're actually eliminated with 7 votes.

Knife: What!? But i'm not the mean one anymore! *gets freezed, and then gets smashed by a giant hammer*

Rubik's Cube: Ouch...

Magazine: Teardrop.. You're sssssss.......


Magazine: Just kidding. Teardrop, you're eliminated the second time with 4 votes. You thought it would be awesome to be a rejoinee? Well, good luck!

Teardrop: Wait!

Everybody: WHAT!!?

PikminComet: Look ok, Teardrop already speaks in any other fanfic, so why didn't she speak on this one?

Teardrop: I would like to say sorr- *gets freezed, and then gets smashed by a giant hammer*

Magazine: It's too late to apologizeee.... It's too lateeeeeeee......

Whistle: *whale sounds*

Magazine: By the way, here's your Doge Plushie, Rubik's Cube.

Rubik's Cube: Nice! It feels warm...

Magazine: So, all of you are safe for now. However, next episode, one of you will also die. Readers! Vote for any contestant in Sacred Superstars!

Episode 13: Castle Campers (Announced 20th June 2017)


Eliminated Contestants (in order, spoiler alert)

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