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Idol Found Normmaly

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Episode 1 The Cake Game

Welcome Contestants to Our Cake Lair you will be battleing for This Kingdom! Lets Meet you all Yin Yang Gear Snow Loli pop Latte Skull head And Lots More your first challenge will be your team's Who ever wins get's to pick "But What if we lose" yes Yin then you be Treated With LOL OR TLC I Still havent made up my mine but their both pretty Dark And Scray And if you lose you be up for cake at stake and its an double so look out the challenge is to stand on an beam Go! As Also Who Ever Wins Will Be The First Team Captain As We See Target,Latte,Skullhead,Booger And Yin Fall Of First Jawbreaker Tried To Push Evil Leafy She End's Up Failing Really Bad And Evil Leafy Go's Inside Jaw-Breaker I Count That As A INVAILD Go Putting Both Of Them Up For Elim Gear Pushing The Metal End He Ends Up Breaking Half Of The Beam Which Does End Up Putting Golden Crystal,RVC,Skull Head,Negtaive Skullhead,Target,Yang And Himsleft Off Negtaive Skullhead Just Hangs On And Go's In For The KILL AND He Kills Lollipop,Jammy Go's In For Map Oh Wait I Just Got An Report Form Candle Were Going In "Well Yes Thank You Cake,Well Befriended Map Peanut Butter And Map They Are Well Teaming up" Thanks For That Candle! Purple Ball Bill And Brick Both Somehow Silp Off! Gasoline Is Well Makeing Gas On The Sides Makeing it Sillpery An One More Report Form Candle "Thanks Cake Again,Gasoline And Putting Gas On The Sides And Edges Makeing it Easyer For Him To Win So We Will Have To Watch And See Won't We" Thanks Candle Again But Let See If It Will! And It Works It Just Down To Him And Map.Voteing Has Started And The Teams But Let See Who's Going Home Playing Card Will Annouce Who Go's Home And It Is Evil Leafy Is Out.

Episode 2 An Great-Wreckage

The Next Challenge Is A Ship Maze

Episode 3 Yin Or Yang

Episode 4 Barftpafto

Episode 5 Coral Sea

Episode 6 Hallow-Mansion

Episode 7 An Merry Tree

Episode 8 Race Rivals

Episode 9 Daylight Saveing's

Episode 10 An Fanny Situation

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