(Annoucer sunbathes in Mallorca)

Annoucer: Life is beautiful.

(Annoucer has his own helper)

MePhone 4: Annoucer! We have to get back to the show!

Annoucer: I have no intention after what happened to me there. There are some morons there!

MePhone 4: You'll get $ 5,000,000 for your return.

Annoucer: Buy tickets.

(Annoucer and MePhone 4 return to the show)

Annoucer: I'm back!

Everyone: Great ... (Sarcasm)

Annoucer: I see you are happy. It's nice. And now it's time for the task, but first the breakfast that will cook you all the well-known Chef's cuisine.

(In the canteen)

Golf Ball: Oh my God! Is this food at all? It probably has 0% nutrients.

Chef of the kitchen: Eat and do not waste it!

Golf Ball: Sam eat as good!

(Chef's eyes were red and he started to smoke from his ears)

Golf Ball: Relax, I'm eating !!

(Golf Ball is vomiting)

Tennis Ball: What's wrong with you?

Golf Ball: Do not ask ...

TV: Where is Match?

(In Reds)

Crayons: Where is Pencil?

(Pencil does not know where the canteen is and Match did not wake up)

Pencil: Where is the canteen?

MePhone 4: There ...

Pencil: Oh.

Annoucer: Collection! Today you will compete in three different disciplines.

Golf Ball: Interesting in which disciplines.

Annoucer: First team in tobogganing, then you will choose one of the team in the skeleton, and finally four in bobsleigh.

Gelatin: I'm on skeleton!

Crayons: That's and I'll go sledging in two.

Pencil: I'm two in sledging.


Match: Me on skeleton and two in sledge.

Golf Ball: Maybe I will go on two sleds.

Annoucer: You have representatives, ok. Time for the first discipline, or sledge.

(On the track)

Annoucer: First, the Reds.

Crayons: Apple, you must give us a good start.

Apple: OK.

Annoucer: Start!

Reds: You're going !!!!!

(Gelatin arrives at the start)

Apple: How fast it goes!

(Apple hits the button that allows Gelatin to start)

Pencil and Crayons: You give !!!

Gelatin: Easy as butter, but bends are difficult. Oooo ... bend, but some sharp. I think I'll roll over. Is! I did not fall out. Another turn. Even sharper ?! Oooooo! A bit to the side I would have fallen over. End!!!

(Gelatin hits the button) (Pencil and Crayons move off the runway)

Pencil: Do not lift me!

Crayons: You do not know jokes?

Pencil: No, I do not know.

Annoucer: Red Slide 2: 23: 635.

Pencil: If it were not for Crayons, we would have faster time.

Crayons: Will you live like this?

Pencil: Yes, I will!

Annoucer: Now Blue.

Tennis Ball: Now you have to start well.

Golf Ball: You can handle it!

Match: Do not get it!

(Tennis Ball starts)

Tennis Ball: Hmmm ... Somehow it's going so slowly, especially in curves. Or maybe I am so heavy? Just hit the button.

(TV starts)

TV: Fast ... Adrenaline like mushrooms in the previous task.

(TV hits the button, Golf Ball and Match start)

Annoucer: Blue Time: 2: 22: 765. Blue 1: 0. Skeleton now!

(Gelatin at the start)

Gelatin: Why do you have to bend down to speed up this sledge?

Annoucer: Start!

Gelatin: Why do I run after this ice? I think I've been fast. Hop! Again this tour? Seriously...

Annoucer: 0: 34: 231

Gelatin: Quick!

(Match is on the start)

Match: Can I push or kick those sleds?

Annoucer: No! START!

(No comment)

Annoucer: 0: 35: 164

Match: Ehhh ...

Annoucer: And finally bobsleigh. The decisive competition. Reds!

Pencil: Apple, will you be a driver?

Apple: No.

Pencil: And you Gelatin?

Gelatin: Yes!

Annoucer: The driver may be the one who did not go in the skeleton.

Gelatin: Seriously ?!

Pencil: Ehhh ... Crayons?

Crayons: Yes!

Annoucer: Start!

(Reds are starting)

Crayons: I do not know how to deal with it!

Pencil: NOW YOU SAY ?!

Gelatin: I think you fell down.

(The Reds are overturning)

Annoucer: The Reds do not finish the race. For Blue, it's like a shot at an empty goal.

(Blue Jechali and finished after 10 minutes, but finished the race)

Annoucer: 2: 1 for Heavenly. Reds, you're going to the eliminations.


Apple: Pencil!

Pencil: What?

Apple: Come on! We have to talk.

Pencil: What do you want?

Apple: We have to eliminate Crayons.

Pencil: You do not have to tell me. It's an imbecile. And Gelatin?

Apple: Gelatin!

Gelatin: What?

Apple: Come on!

Gelatin: Well, what?

Apple: Who do you vote for?

Gelatin: On Crayons.

Apple: That's good.


Annoucer: Well, I have counted your votes and ... I will not keep you in suspense, but Crayons is eliminated.

Crayons: What ?!

Pencil: Are you still surprised? We lost because of you.

Crayons: Oh no no no ... I'm not going anywhere.

Annoucer: I have a laser teleporter.

Crayons: Ehhh ...

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