(House of Reds, Tennis Racket is in the team leader's bed)

Tennis Racket: Crayons, please give me darts!

Crayons: May you choke on them. (He spoke through the nose)

Tennis Racket: What did you say? You can delight in taking Gelatin's place, that is ON THE TOWN.

(Gelatin outdoors in the night, without bed and internet, looks sad)

Crayons: I did not say anything.

Tennis Racket: I hope. Apple fan more slowly!

(Apple fan the fan)

Apple: Yes ... (Sarcasm)

(Wind like on the hill)

Tennis Racket: Too fast!

(Apple fancies even faster)

Tennis Racket: Enough! To the wardrobe!

(Crayons and Pencil put Apple into the wardrobe)

Apple: Leave me alone!

(Meanwhile, the Blues)

Golf Ball: You have to develop a tactic for today's task.

Tennis Ball: But we do not know what the task will be today. How should we develop anything?

Golf Ball: All you need to do is motivate you to act. TV, what about Rocket?

TV: What's that for you?

Golf Ball: It's a spy.

TV: We had to develop a tactic!

Golf Ball: But he is spying on the Reds.

(TV connects to Rocket via skype)

TV: Rocket, how are your opponents?

Rocket: They have very, very low morale. They will probably not do anything.

Annoucer: Rocket? What are you doing here?!

Rocket: Yyyyyy ... I gather mushrooms.

Annoucer: I know, but you are not telling me!

Rocket: If not.

(Remembrance: During the elimination, Rocket said "If it was me")

Annoucer: Good teams, please put in the cafeteria.

(At the collection)

Annoucer: You will be collecting mushrooms today.

Golf Ball: I wonder where this idea comes from ...

Annoucer: Calm! You have an hour. START!

(In the forest)

Tennis Ball: Golf Ball! What tactics?

Golf Ball: Collect as many mushrooms as possible.

Tennis Ball: Wow! But you always had so many ideas.

Golf Ball: But they were not mushrooms!

Tennis Ball: But ...

Golf Ball: Collect as much as possible! This is a tactic, and the Reds will lose because only the Tennis Racket has made it.

TV: Hey Golf Ball! I have a whole basket of mushrooms!

(Golf Ball glances to the basket, only there are poissined themselves)

Golf Ball: And how will he try?

TV: Nothing will be tried. I guarantee.

(In the Red team)

Tennis Racket: Everyone stuck me out! And no ... I locked them in the closet.

(Picture of the Red team in the closet, they are tied up and have their mouths covered)

Golf Ball: Well, it gathered a bit, and it was still 5 minutes.

Tennis Ball: Already ?!

Golf Ball: Do not worry! We win this.

(5 minutes later)

Annoucer: Stop time! The Blue team wins with a ratio of 423: 50. Reds, we see each other at the ceremony.


Annoucer: Before we start, I would like to say something.

Tennis Racket: Yes?

Annoucer: Because you are here alone, you should not be eliminated, but I would like to show you someone.

(The entire Red team leaves)

Tennis Racket: So what?

Gelatin: She got out of the building and I had to sleep in the cold -14 degrees.

Crayons: She broke all the colored pencils and locked me in the closet!

Pencil: She broke my stylus!

Apple: I've seen ugly things.

Annoucer: Tennis Racket, you are kicked out of the program!

Tennis Racket: You will not do anything to me!

(He comes up with two fibroids and throws out the Tennis Racket)

Annoucer: I have enough, the next episode after a long break!

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