• 64th - Bracelety
  • 63rd - Snowball

Episode 1


Hosts: Announcer, Firey Speaker Box, Flower Speaker Box, Puffball Speaker Box, Four, X, and Gamey

Contests: Form teams

  • Pick 8 teams of 8 - Last team to do so loses
  • Name teams - Last team to do so loses
  • Pick team positions - Last team to do so loses

Captains: 8-Ball, Clock, Loser, Flower, Remote, TV, Roboty, Needle


Contest One - Team Loser is UFE


Contest Two- Team 8-Ball is UFE


Contest Three- Team A.D.P is UFE

Team Coin-cube, Team 8-Ball, and Team A.D.P are Up For Elimination

Reason for winning/losing (Contest 2 only)

  • Team Coin-cube! (1st) The name was a mix of Bracelety (from the old name Team Ice Cube), Loser (who is a cube)
  • Beautifulliance (2nd) A mix of Flower and Pencil's Alliance.
  • Life R.A.N.T. (3rd) A name with the same goal as Death P.A.C.T.
  • Speech (4th) Naily suggest "The Nailers" and Fanny makes a speech about how the team can't have the name based on one person.
  • Wuh wuhh (5th) Woody trying to translate Rocky's suggestion.
  • Team ADP (6th) Since most of Blocky's alliance like killing, their name is Team Actual Death Pact.
  • Conversation (7th) The team arguing.
  • Team 8-Ball (8th) Could not think of a team name.

Episode Two

Cake at Stake

Prize: Cake

Special prize: Cake cake


Bracelety and Snowball are eliminated

Reason for elimination

  • Bracelety - Bracelety's Icy worshipping has gotten old, especially after a first season.
  • Snowball - Snowball is a mean character. Although he was helpful in BFB 13, his actions throughout the series has triggered his elimination. However, Bracelety received many more votes and SB and Loser's votes were very close.


Host: Four

Challenge: Return X's basket

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