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Season 4a: Battle for BFDI

Season 4b: Battle for BFB

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Country of origin

United States

Original Run

November 3, 2017 - April 9, 2021

Preceded by


Succeeded by

BFDI:The Power of Two

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Battle for BFB, formerly known as Battle for BFDI, is Battle for Dream Island's fourth season. It was premiered on November 3, 2017 in international, with the release of Getting Teardrop to Talk. Unlike the previous seasons, there are 64 contestants. The hosts are Four and X that are from X Finds Out His Value, and there are four newbies who appeared in this season from the April Fools video, and their names are Foldy, Liy, Loser, and Stapy. The JSMS rated this show a SY6+ (suitable for youths 6+) in Episodes 1-10. It shifts to AS+ (approval suggested) in 11-34.


Unlike [IDFB], Battle for BFB goes back to the traditional format of challenges and eliminations, similar to the [first] and [second] seasons. The elimination style changed to a choice of saving rather than eliminating in [BFB 17].

The art style is more simplified and animated more loosely, which in turn allowed the running time of the first episode to be nearly half an hour-long, and later episodes to be able to be made within a shorter time frame.

Many unexplained plot changes have happened to let new characters join the cast and for old characters to return.

The premiere episode, "Getting Teardrop to Talk", introduces the fourth season's cast as well as the new hosts, Four and X from the 2008 jacknjellify video, "X Finds Out His Value".

Although the release of IDFB confirmed the end of BFDIA, the release of BFB does not confirm the end of IDFB. Since all of the characters are present (except for Evil Leafy and Nonexisty, including the ones that were originally trapped in the Locker of Losers, this might mean that IDFB is not canceled and BFB takes place sometime in the future. However, it is highly possible, as stated by Cary in his BFB 1 reaction video.

BFB 16 changed everything, Battle for BFDI was renamed to Battle for BFB because 40 contestants switched to TPOT. and was split into 2 shows and in BFB 18. four decided to put eliminated contestants into BRB.


TV Rating[]

TV Y7 (Some episodes) TV Y7 FV (Most episodes) TV PG (Some episodes)



Remaining contestants[]


Remaining contestants[]

Eliminated Contestants[]


  • Getting Teardrop to Talk (S4 Ep1)
  • Lick Your Way to Freedom (S4 Ep2)
  • Why Would You Do This on a Swingset (S4 Ep3)
  • Today’s A Very Special Episode (S4 Ep4)
  • Fortune Ben (S4 Ep5 P1)
  • Four Goes Too Far (S4 Ep5 P2)
  • The Liar Ball You Don’t Want (S4 Ep6)
  • Questions Answered (S4 Ep8)
  • This Episode is About Basketball (S4 Ep9)
  • Enter the Exit (S4 Ep10)
  • Get Your Way to 600 Steps (S4 Ep11)
  • What Do You Think of Roleplay? (S4 Ep12)
  • Return of the Rocket Ship (S4 Ep13)
  • Don’t Straight Down (S4 Ep14)
  • The Four is Lava (S4 Ep15)
  • The Escape from Four (S4 Ep16)
  • X Marks the Spot (S4 Ep17)
  • Take the Tower (S4 Ep18)
  • How Loe Can You Grow? (S4 Ep19)
  • A Taste of Space (S4 Ep20)
  • Let’s Raid the Warehouse (S4 Ep21)
  • Who Stole Donut's Diary? (S4 Ep22)
  • Fashion For Your Face! (S4 Ep23)
  • The Game Has Changed (S4 Ep24)
  • The Tweested Temple (S4 Ep25)
  • The Hidden Contestant (S4 Ep26)
  • Uprooting Everything (S4 Ep27)
  • B.F.B. = Back From Beginning (S4 Ep28)
  • SOS (Save Our Show) (S4 Ep29)
  • Chapter Complete (S4 Ep30)



  • Evil Leafy and Nonexisty are the only recommended characters from The Reveal to not appear in this season as a contestant. However, a lot of fans say that Nonexisty appears in every episode, and Evil Leafy made cameos as an RC.
    • All of the official announcers (Excluding Firey Speaker Box and the Announcer) have also not made an appearance in the show yet either.
  • Battle for BFDI is one of the only animated Object Shows to have more than 50 contestants, with 64 contestants.
  • This show introduces four new contestants, those being Foldy, Stapy, Liy and Loser.
    • Foldy, Stapy and Liy were all created in a joke video Michael created before the release of BFDI 25.
      • In this short there was another character called Hello Kevin who has only appeared as mere RCs in BFB.
    • Loser is based off of a part in BFDI 8 where the Announcer talks the winning team and the losing team.
      • Another character from this scene has also been formed as RCs in the episodes, known as 'Winner'. It appeared in TPOT.
  • The arrangement of X’s feet and Four in the intro spell “BFB”.
  • There are currently 30 episodes.
  • The first and last words of the season were the same, similar to how the first and last words of BFDI were also the same.