Battle for Animal Island is a DeviantART showcase with the 20 original BFDI contestants as animals. It's by Sugar-CreatorofSFDI.

The animals

Firey = fire skink

Leafy = leaf-tailed gecko

Bubble = bottlenose dolphin

Flower = bumblebee

Spongy = hippopotamus

Rocky = Galapagos tortoise

Ice Cube = emperor penguin

Pencil = scarlet macaw

Tennis Ball = sable antelope

Blocky = spotted hyena

Pen = hyacinth macaw

Eraser = marine iguana

Match = blue-yellow macaw

Snowball = polar bear

Coiny = golden eagle

Golf Ball = leopard

Teardrop = mute swan

Needle = vampire bat

Pin = white rhinoceros

Woody = impala

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