Annoucer:Hello And Welcome to the new Show called:Battle for Ancient castle!(Yeah i know about that error in name :(

Episodes/Elimination Ceremonies.

Episode 1: Meeting and First Challenge!

Annoucer:Hello! Meet all contestants!












-Ice Cube









-Golf Ball

-Tennis Ball.

Blocky-Did we done? It's boring here!

Golf BallI- Agree!

Annoucer Ok! First challenge is... race challenge! the first two choose Teams!

One Hour Later

Annoucer- Beep! Time up! let's check who was first!

Flower and Ice Cube.

Here the Flower team!

Mystique Objects                                                      

Flower,Coiny,Nickel,Donut,Firey,Tennis Ball and Blocky,Teardrop

             Ice Guys

Ice Cube,Leafy,Pen,Needle,Eraser,Golf Ball,David

Annoucer-The rest of You will create team:

             Team No-Name


Annoucer-First challenge is a Test!

SnowBall-Oh no God no! Don't Even Try!

                                          Two hours Later...

Annoucer:Beep! Time up! here the results!

Mistique Objects points: 60/100

Ice Guys points:59/100

Team No-Name points: 12/100

Annoucer-Vote!Vote! Vote in comment for someone from Team No-Name!

SnowBall,Spongy,Woody,Pencil,Match,Bubble,Ruby or Dora!  

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