Last time on BTWTUP, Green Rocky got eliminated, the challenge was to cross the river, baseball Cap won, the rest are UFE, oh and-

(new cake at stake song)

the Scoreboard is gone, we are free of it now but we look on, to the moment that we see, the next bone for you, a step closer to the prize on by Bones at Stake,

everyone, you guys were UFE, now, lets do the bones at stake thing, everyone aint got a vote, except for lizy and Flower tree

(throws bones to Flower Grassy, Bubble Wand, and CBoP,)

down to the bottom 2, we have 4 votes, one of you is going home

Lizy got 1 vote, but it became a 2 vote, don't worry, Flower Tree is out with 3

(throws bone at lizy)

don't worry... ill bet that its warm in that TSB, plus, you 2 will see eachother, ever, again,

(teleports flower tree inside the TSB)

yeah, welcome to the final 5, where 6 ppl will be in, since a rejoin would happen, ever, but anyways, no extra reward for the person not UFE, nu uh, challenge is to stay on the beam, what are you guys gonna do? strategy in the comments, till 11th of May

its done earlier, so... i guess we can have the results,

(Lizy and Flower Grassy try to get eachother off, lizy fails for not having arms, Bubble Wand Pushes off Flower Grassy, both CBoP and Baseball Cap try to dodge the hits, but ends up crashing into eachother, having both falling down later on,)

Bubble Wand is the only object standing! now, lizy got a lose token, twice in a row, a new record of BTWTUP history, or not, now, vote between these characters, Baseball Cap, Flower Grassy, Lizy, or CBoP

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