Last Time on BTWTUP, chalk gets eliminated, the challenge was to defeat poisonous bugs, flower grassy won, but green rocky lost, now, he ended up in the bottom 3, along with flower tree and Baseball cap, ow, back on BTWTUP

There's a new stage, time to see, who goes to space, inside the TSB, At Bones At Stake,

yeah, we have 3 votes, Baseball Cap, you dont even have a vote at all, are you going to be the new pencil from BFDI or what?

(throws bone at baseball cap)

down to the bottom 2 Person, and the new person UFE, who is going to the TSB? ....... Flower tree is safe with 1 vote, and green rocky got 2, doubling it, 4,

(throws a bone at Flower tree)

bye Green Rocky, go to the TSB

(teleport green Rocky inside the TSB)

now, lets go for the next challenge... oh, and there are no Points now! Say goodbye to the points! 2 bones for the ppl not UFE, The Challenge is to cross the river, and there are no bridges nearby which could get you around, or anything, you gotta build that all yourself! do whatever, if you cross that canal, best strategy gets immunity, do the challenge till the 10th of May,

for just today, we already have everyone doing the challenge, so... lets do it on 8th of may, anyways... lets see the results,

Baseball Cap had the best strategy, so he gets 5 bones, and immunity, Bubble Wand is 2nd, Flower tree is 3rd, the rest are swimmers, CBoP are 4th, 5th is Flower grassy and Lizy is last! here is your lose token, vote who you want to be eliminated, Flower Grassy, CBoP, Lizy, Flower tree, and Bubble Wand, voting ends on the 9th of May, if you have a token, or buy one, use it, unless you have a lose token, but you could still use the eraser token,

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