Last time on BTWTUP, Moneybags gets eliminated again, The Challenge was an obstacle course, everyone made it, except for chalk, Flower Tree, Lizy, And Green rocky, 2 of those are UFE, together with baseball cap, now... Back on BTWTUP,

Hello! we still got 4 votes, Flower Tree, would you like to use your Eraser Token?

Flower tree: Sure!

ok! your lose token is gone, now, your eraser token will be gone! too

(teleports the tokens away)

baseball cap is safe with no vote

(throws bone at baseball cap)

Down to Flower tree and Chalk... Flower tree is safe with 1 vote, chalk is out with 3, Bye Chalk! even a win token could not even save you

(throws bone at Flower Tree

(chalk gets teleported into the TSB)

and now! here are 2 bones for the ppl not UFE, funnily enough, we got 7 Contestants in the game, and its the 7th episode! that means were doing something very special! but first, update the score board

CBoP: 86

Green Rocky: 80

Bubble Wand: 78

Lizy: 74

Flower Grassy: 73

Baseball Cap: 59

Flower Tree: 51

now, our challenge is something which is very bad, poisonous bugs are coming everywhere, there are 1000 bugs, being 1st gives you 5 bones, you gotta destroy the bugs, and...

1st: 18 Points

2nd: 16 Points

3rd: 14 Points

4th: 12 Points

5th: 10 Points

6th: 8 Points

7th: 6 Points

you got till the 8th of May to do the challenge

because the answers were earlier, again, its time to do it now, so... who killed most of the bugs?

Baseball Cap: 100

CBoP: 100

Bubble Wand: 250

Green Rocky: 50

Lizy: 250

Flower Tree: 75

Flower Grassy: 375

sorry baseball Cap and CBoP, Flower Grassy ruined your strategy to burn down all the bugs,

now, lizy and Bubble wand, 2nd and 3rd, and yes, using the random name picker

(it lands on lizy)

this time, your not the lucky person, bubble wand,

now, 4th and 5th

(it lands on baseball cap)

now, its decided, Flower Grassy got 5 Bones, while Green Rocky gets the Lose token,

CBoP: 96 (a huge LightningMcQueen fan, if they wanted this much points)

Bubble Wand: 92

Flower Grassy: 91

Lizy: 90

Green Rocky: 86

Baseball Cap: 71

Flower Tree: 59

For the first time of BTWTUP history, someone escaped form the danger zone, now, vote who you want to be eliminated, Green Rocky, baseball Cap, or Flower tree, Voting ends on 8th of may, do you like it? 8 Ball, if your reading this?

8 Ball: i dont have a favorite number, except its some important number,

anyways, if you happen to have tokens, use it before the day, unless you got a lose token, then, you hope to get enough bones, to buy an eraser token, to erase that unlucky token

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