Last time on BTWTUP, Team BW loses once again, this wasnt a suprise... Team FG won, you know, this time, in a test,

Wellcome! we have 6 votes, equal from last time, Bubble Wand and Green Rocky are safe with 0 votes

(throws a bone at em)

now, the bottom 2, speaking of 2, someone is safe with 2 votes, and that guest is... Chalk! sans got 4 votes, but, with the lose token, sans gets 8 votes, now, its time to say good bye! after freezing me alive,

(throws a bone at Chalk)

(Sans gets send to the TSB)

now, Team FG won, they get 2 bones each member not eliminated, lets do the next thing, and guess what? its time to merge! with points! everyone gets 30 points, the many votes you have, lower your score, such as green rocky getting 1 vote, he gets 29 points now, but, combining the scores of the challenges, highers the-

Gaster Blaster: i am back,

-scores, oh, hi gaster blaster, dont you like that its merging time?

Gaster Blaster: yup! its a stage on some higher level,

anyways, the lose tokens make you lose 15 points, but, if you brought any other power up, how much they cost, give you points,

now, show the scores,

Flower Grassy: 59
Green Rocky: 58

Bubble Wand: 58

CBoP: 58

Lizy: 56

Chalk: 50

Baseball Cap: 43

Flower tree: 41

Wubby: 38

the ppl with the lowest scores of the 3, are UFE, Vote who you want to be eliminated, Baseball Cap, Flower Tree, or Wubby? but, we have rejoining too, vote between-

Lurantis: .........

Moneybag: Vote for me! or ill eat you!

green starry: .........

(green Starry Dabs)

Sans: vote for me! or ill Freeze you!

vote who to rejoin out of these, voting ends on the 1st of may

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