Last time at Episode 1, The Show begins, the challenge was to make the best music, Team FG got the most scores, now, Team BW are UFE, thanks to sans's 2/20

Intro (elimination): dadadadadada Bones At Stake!

welcome to Elimination place, there are 11 votes, wow! thats more then BFDI got at the first elimination, you will get a bone, if your safe, everyone got a vote, except for Bubble Wand and... Sans? anyways, you keep the lose token, the lose tokens only activate if you got a vote, its possible to have 2 or more lose tokens,

(throws bones at Bubble Wand and Sans)

Green Rocky is safe with 1 vote, tied with Moneybag, which also got 1 vote,

(throws bones at green Rocky and Moneybag)

down to Chalk and Lurantis, Chalk got 3 votes, bye Lurantis with 6 votes, your out,

(throws bone at chalk, and Lurantis is send to the TSB, also known as Tiny Space Chamber, for some reason, Lurantis can breathe in that space, due to budget cuts)

now, since Team FG won last challenge, they get 2 bones per member, the challenge is to make the best cake, you got the time untill the 25th of april

Sans and Green starry didnt do the challenge, thats 4 VS 6, ill give the ratings for each cake, the best cake gets 5 Bones, oh, and you can have max 10 points, now, the scores!

green rocky's cake (scores):

ill give it an 7/10, since you made it with your arms,

Flower Grassy's cake (scores):

a nice cake, ill give it a 7/10

Flower tree's cake (scores):

i am not really a fan of chocolate chips, but ill give it a 6/10

Wubby's cake (scores):

i guess cookies make it up for a dec 8/10

Baseball cap's cake (scores):

9/10 for the design of the cake,

CBoP's cake (scores):

10/10, nice cake,

Lizy's cake (scores):

i suppose that a 7/10 wont harm,

Moneybag's cake (scores):

well, it tastes good, 9/10

Chalk's cake (scores):

7/10 wont harm

Bubble Wand's cake (Scores):

8/10 for the layers

now, the scores combined,

Team FG: 47/60

Team BW: 31/40

now, if we use Google Calculate to equal it, we get 78.33% for team FG, and 77.50% for team BW,

so, Team BW is UFE, CBoP got the 5 bones as prize, while Flower Tree got the lose token, now, vote who you want to be eliminated, bubble Wand, Chalk, green rocky, Moneybag, and Sans, voting ends on 26th of April

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