Last time on BTWTUP, Baseball Cap was eliminated with 32 votes, now bein the record amount of votes get, and he now got a vote now! now, its up to the finale, aka back to the final 3, aka back to BTWTUP!

were having the new BAS theme today!

Its time to see, Who gets the prize, we dont know, how high it is in size! but we must know, What the Prize is! at Bones at Staaaaaaake!

we received 9 votes, lets go with 3rd place, CBoP, you only got 2 voters, you are not the person with the prize,

2nd Place... is Bubble Wand with 3 votes,

green rocky is 1st with 4, hmmm, 2-3-4 pattern? wow, anyways....

your prize is Cutiesunflower island (Credits for cutieSunflower for using it as a prize), now, go enjoy your life there, with the rest of the cast

(frees ppl from the TSB)

Now, for the next part, if you want to be in the 2nd season, aka the reboot, go sign up here below, you will have the time till 15th of May, forgot to mention, if your character made it to 1st-5th place, that character wont join the next season, but can join other seasons,

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