Last time on BTWTUP, Flower grassy is eliminated, and there is good news out of that, now, he can meet flower tree, Greem rocky rejoined, the challenge was the 4 challenge challenge, Green Rocky, Bubble Wand, and Baseball Cap are now UFE!

The ScoreBoard is gone! we are free of it now but we look on, to the moment that we see, the next bone for you, a step closer to the prize on by bones at stake,

we got 6 votes, Green rocky, your safe with 1 vote,

(throws bone at Green Rocky)

Down to Bubble Wand and Baseball Cap, the person going is...

(shows votes)

Bubble Wand is safe with 2 votes, Baseball Cap got 3, having the 3 lose tokens, he gets 24 Votes! the highest number of votes in BTWTUP HISTORY!!!

(throws bone to bubble Wand)

bye Baseball Cap

(teleports baseball Cap inside the TSB)

ok, we got to the final 3, vote who you want to win, CBoP, Green Rocky, or Bubble Wand, Voting ends on 13th of may, tokens can still be used

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