last time on BTWTUP, Lizy got eliminated, the challenge was to break the 10 chocolate balls, flower grassy lost while CBoP won, now, the 2 and bubble wand are UFE, a rejoin will happen, now, back to BTWTUP

The scoreboard is gone, we are free of it now but we look on, to the moment that we see, the next one for you, a step closer to the prize on by bones at stake

we received 5 votes, Baseball cap got none, so he is safe

(throws bone at him)

down to the bottom 2... the last person safe is... Bubble Wand, with 1 vote, flower grassy got 4, doubling it, 16, this breaks the record of 10,

(throws bone at Bubble Wand, teleports Flower Grassy inside the TSB)

Flower tree: Flower Grassy!

Flower Grassy: Flower Tree!

(teleports inside)

seems like you 2 missed eachother, but now! its time for the rejoin!

(teleports outside)

we received 5 votes, nobody got a vote, except for Green Rocky And Moneybags

(teleports Flower tree, Lurantis, Green Starry, Wubby, Sans, and lizy back into the TSB)

down to the bottom 2, Moneybags, or Green Rocky?

(shows scoreboard)

Moneybags got 2 votes, Green Rocky got 3,

(teleports Moneybags back in)

congrats Green Rocky, you are now in the final 5, you get a bone for coming in, next, the challenge, it contains the following challenges: an Obstacle course, the tile thingy, see episode 5 for more info, and episode 6, the chocolate ball challenge, and finally, the river cross challenge! get your results in at 13th of may, if you made a mistake in 1 challenge, that will say how far you are, so... its as following up here, so... get the results in at the 13th of may

And the Challenge is done Earlier! now, lets go for the results, we are doing this on episode order

(everyone skips a turn at the 1st challenge, except baseball cap, which ends fast, as he cannot make the 1st tile, baseball Cap is now 4th, giving him the 3rd lose token)

(Green Rocky goes inside the Pit, and gets 3rd)

(in the 3rd challenge, Bubble Wand goes ahead, by a meter)

(CBoP were faster, and won the challenge overall, Bubble Wand Became 2nd)

ok then, its decided, vote for these to be eliminated, Green Rocky, Baseball Cap, or... Bubble Wand, vote in till the 12th of may

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