last time on BTWTUP, RIP Flower tree, eliminated by ppl, now, to the challenge, Bubble Wand won, and got 5 bones, lizy got a lose token again, now, back to BTWTUP

The scoreboard is gone! we are free of it now but we look on, to the moment that we see, the next bone for you? a step closer to the prize on by Bones At Stake

we got 5 votes, lets see whos safe... Baseball cap and CBoP are safe with no vote at all

(throws bone)

down to flower Grassy and Lizy... the eliminated is.... lizy, with 5 votes, that means flower Grassy doesnt have a vote, but actually, lizy got a lose token, and got 10! a new record of votes in BTWTUP history! bye Lizy, hi Flower Grassy

(throws bone at flower grassy, Teleports Lizy inside the TSB)

now, for the challenge, there are 10 giant Chocolate balls, they are 10 meters high per chocolate ball, you gotta make it to the end,

Ace Book (requested by Laclale): Where is End?

well, at the end of the course, its 100 meters long, anyways, best strategy gets immunity! and 5 bones, do it on the 12th of May,

everyone did it early so... lets go early! CBoP was 1st, Bubble Wand is 2nd, baseball cap is 3rd, 4th = Flower grassy, never use hands to break a 10 meter tall chocolate ball, 10 time, it takes too long, so... here is the lose token, now, we will be having rejoin auditions again!

Lurantis: .....

Green Starry: plz, GIVE ME A CHANCE

Sans: Vote for me! or ill freeze you!

Wubby: i got eliminated for not being active much, idc if i get a vote...

Moneybags: You have two choices. Vote me, or get to see how damaged my liver is, that is when you're INSIDE ME!


Green Rocky: I'm sorry if I didn't do well in challenges. I just have a bad weakness since I have no arms, but once I rejoin, I will try to do my best.

Flower Tree: Plz vote me so I can interact with Flower Grassy again!

Lizy: Please guys... Give me a chance?

and vote who you want to eliminate: Flower Grassy, baseball Cap, or Bubble Wand?

and vote who you want to rejoin, in the comments, too, if you want, between Green Starry, green Rocky, Lurantis, Sans, Wubby, Moneybags, Chalk, Flower Tree, And Lizy, Voting ends on 11th of May

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