Host: BattleReviews (Aka me)

Co-Host: Gaster Blaster


  • Green Rocky (team BW) (Credits to CutieSunflower) (1st) (WINNER) Inventory: 15 Bones, Headphones,
  • Flower Grassy (Team FG) (Credits to CutieSunflower) (5th) Inventory: 11 Bones, Revenge token, Eraser Token,
  • Sans (Team BW) (MrYokaiAndWatch902) (11th) Inventory: 2 Bones,
  • Wubby the Baby Wubbox (Team FG) (Wubbass) (10th) Inventory: 6 Bones
  • Lurantis (Team BW) (The Lurantis) (13th)
  • Baseball Cap (Team FG) (Nemolee.exe) (4th) inventory: 16 Bones,
  • The Computer Brothers Of Paine (team FG) (NahuelFire39) (3rd) Inventory: 35 Bones
  • Moneybag (Team BW) (ScrapperNSaranctha) (9th) Inventory: 2 bones
  • Bubble Wand (Team BW) (BrownFamily1108) (2nd) (RUNNER UP) Inventory: 22 bones
  • Chalk (Team BW) (RedJohnny) (8th) Inventory: Win Token, 2 Bones
  • Flower Tree (team FG) (Credits to CutieSunflower) (7th) Inventory: 2 bones
  • Lizy (Team FG) (NahuelFire39) (6th) inventory: 19 Bones, Headphones,
  • Green Starry (Team FG) (GreenStarryOfficial) (12th) inventory: 4 Bones

Rules: Do not Vandalize

Note: all these items got 1 time use

Win Token: halves votes Cost: 3 Bones

Revenge Token: Halves votes, and you will give it to another contestant, Cost: 6 Bones

Yoyle Token: Makes you metal, Cost: 2 Bones

Eraser Token: gives you a choice to erase 1 token used by another Person Cost: 8 Bones

Lose Token: the contestant is forced to use it, it will double the votes, and cannot use any other token BUT the Eraser token (you get this did the worst in the challenge,),

Cheat Token: you will have something which can be used for cheating, Cost: 20 Bones

Feather Token: you will fall to the ground slower, and you will be lightier, usefull in some cases, Cost: 4 Bones

GumBalls: you can chew it, and create bubbles (which you can stand on) with it, Cost: 7 Bones

Bubble Transformer: makes you fragile, the wind can push you into any direction, you got the ability to float, Cost: 5 Bones

Headphones: you can use it to listen to music, Cost: 1 bone

Non-slip Shoes so ha!: prevents you from slipping, can be used in contests, Cost: 3 Bones


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Sans 512
-10- Green Rocky
Flower Grassy New Bodie
Baseball Cap-0
The Computers Brothers of Paine
Bubble Wand 2018 Pose
Another Chalk new posey
Flower Tree Posey
Green Starry
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